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  1. Putting an MMT in a 19* head, playing length 40.5". What would you recommend I tip? The Mitsubishi site says 0" for 2 hybrid and 0.5" for 3 hybrid. Maybe 0.5" or 1"? My swing speed is 110-115 and will be hitting this hybrid like an iron mostly
  2. They wrote us a letter More info here: https://www.rte.ie/sport/golf/2021/0608/1226987-premier-golf-league-bid-will-never-stop/ Doesn't sound like they are going to fold easily. Will be interesting to see what happens
  3. KBS Tour Prototype Hybrid 95 S+ flex with Titleist Adapter. Golf Pride MCC Black/Blue Grip. Measures 39.5" from end of grip to end of adapter Great condition, used less than 1 month $115 shipped OBO No trades
  4. Do one of you guys practice at Laurel Hill a lot? I get out there to hit balls and use the chipping green maybe once a week and usually see a guy there practicing who has a GolfWRX bag and hat. Left handed. I'll say hello next time
  5. On a course where the scoring is extremely low, it's safe to say bad shots aren't being penalized much. People can get away with par from anywhere, which brings more players into the mix To me, a more interesting event is one that tests the players and identifies the best at all facets of the game. I like to see wayward shots penalized and precise shots rewarded Do you ever notice how on difficult courses, the best players tend to rise to the top? The leaderboard is mostly high ranked players and only 1 or 2 lesser known guys. That's not a coincidence There
  6. I didn't play today but I did practice for about two hours. Utilized the short game area for some chipping and bunker shots, then hit a full bucket of iron shots and then a half bucket of drivers, before ending my session on the putting green with both lag putts and 4 footers It was a really great practice session, weather was perfect, I felt relaxed but focused, and really was striking everything well Even though I didn't play on the course, I entered a 73 into the system for my handicap (1 or 2 below my average round). I couldn't get a tee time, but I figure this is a
  7. I would think getting all the players signed would be the first step before securing the courses, dates, etc. You aren't going to build anything without hiring workers first. Design, hire, build/promote But in the least shocking news ever, roughly 0 players have come out saying they will do it According to the Shipnuck article, the "Super" league is funded and run by Saudis and all the events would be taking place in the Middle East (LOL). Where as the "Premiere" Tour is funded by Europeans/Americans (owners of existing sports franchises, etc.) and would be taking plac
  8. Haha you aren't wrong, but I just can't get over the fact that there are what seems to be 2 separate PGA Tours. The 15 events at elite courses that every top player plays, and then the other 35 events that pale in comparison (is this just in my head? can someone post ratings numbers or media hits or something for the Corales Puntacana? Can 2 people tell me who won that event last year without looking it up?). These other events dilute the entire schedule in my opinion There is a huge amount of prize money given out that the top 20 aren't even competing for, yet they are the ones wh
  9. The original proposal was: - 18 global events (10 in USA, 3 in Europe, 3 in Asia, 1 in Australia, 1 in Middle East). Meaning it would primarily be a U.S. based Tour - 48 players per event. Stroke play with a team component (12 teams of 4, with each team having 1 "principal" or captain who can choose before the round which of his teams 2 scores he will keep for that round. Adds a layer of team drama. Imagine if a player is not selected and he goes and shoots 62). All players play every round and all scores count toward the Individual champion for the event. The team comp
  10. Another layer to this is you must have a handicap index of 1.4 or lower to sign up. Reverse sandbagging
  11. There are 50 events in the PGA Tour season. How many of those events feature the best players on the Tour? Maybe 15? That is so incredibly inefficient The best players will play in 20-25 events this year (including majors, etc) but I get the sense that they only really care about 7-10 of them "Testing a bunch of new clubs at this event to prep for next week" "My sponsor made me play here" "Just playing this lame event as a warm-up for the next major" - PGA Tour players, probably I don't want the PGL to take off, but thank god they are coming in hot and at
  12. Graphite Design AD DI 95X hybrid shaft with updated graphics, 40" tip to grip, standard tipping, pristine condition
  13. The tournament you're all referring to is called the PGA Professional Championship. Please edit the thread title. This isn't a tournament for guys who work at the Club level, it's a tournament for people who maintain certain status as a PGA Professional within the PGA of America organization. A variety of pros can become eligible, including those at the Club level Omar Uresti gained the status he needed to play in this event by having been a PGA Tour member for 20+ years and then maintaining PGA of America membership status afterward. It's almost as if the PGA of America is giving
  14. !!! I saw that too. Was looking forward to seeing him try to make some noise on the weekend, but too many bogeys today and now he won't get a chance to It seems like he plays aggressively, so is prone to either runs of birdies or bogeys/others. He plays a lot of qualifiers where only the top few guys get through, so going for birdie all the time and shooting low is the only way of making it. Wondering if that style of play isn't great in Tour conditions
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