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  1. Very much agree. I went there last weekend, took some videos of my swing as well as got a report of all my Trackman data. Great way to fit yourself for clubs or tinker with the ones you have, as well as see what's going on in your swing and what you can work on. Highly recommend
  2. I personally don't put a lot of weight on second place finishes (Finau and Fowler critics don't either). Go ahead and win the event if you're the best player I have no problem with anyone saying Jack is better than Tiger, but to be more convinced I'd really like to see more wins based on how many more starts he had compared to Tiger As far as Major Championships go, I understand that 18 > 15. Let's not forget that Jack has played in 164 majors to Tiger's 86. 18/164 = 11% win rate and 15/86 = 17.4% win rate Tiger Woods = better at winning
  3. Can you explain the tee time process? I'm debating joining there but have heard from two guys I played with that there is some sort of lottery system for tee times. I'm from a smaller area so this is new to me. Would you ever not be able to get out on a weekend before 10am?
  4. Caring what your swing looks like on the course is Step #1 in becoming a mental midget during tournament play
  5. Best Round - 69 Best Course - Didn't go anywhere special but did play a few DMV courses that I've been wanting to play Best Hole - My brother just started playing seriously this year at age 30 and I saw him make his first birdie. Huge fist pump Best Golf shot - Nothing comes to mind, probably a chip-in or long putt Best Golf purchase - SIM 3 wood. You know right after you hit a ball, by the time you look up and start tracking the ball it has already gone X distance and is X height. Depending on what club I'm hitting I expect the ball to be in a certa
  6. A quick Google search tells me the gambling apps/sites should be up and running in VA sometime in January. It's taken so long that I forced myself to forget about it. Hopefully in time for NFL playoffs
  7. Being good at golf is pretty expensive. Someone has to pay for all the practice, training, travel, and so on. If you are good enough to go to a D1 school, they are paying for it and you just have to hold up your end of the bargain by maintaining a 3.0 GPA. However, if you are good enough at age 16-18 to get a sponsor to pay for you (Akshay Bhatia has Callaway among others) then why would you waste time going to class and doing all that ancillary stuff associated with school? He's proven he's capable of playing on Tour, he had a top-10 finish last year and will earn well into 5 figures this wee
  8. I called TaylorMade customer service regarding loft/lie adjustments and the head weight for these putters. I was told that they are choosing not to disclose the head weight. Sketchy, but ok. As for the loft and lie adjustments, they are not offered through this program because the orders go directly to China to be made and TM does not want to be responsible for any bending adjustments done by entities that are not TM. In other words, they are outsourcing some custom work to workers in another country, yet don't trust those workers to do other basic golf club work Yes, I'm aware thi
  9. Two guys I work with are members at Chevy Chase (meaning we work at the same company. I am a peasant there). They are much older than me but I talk golf with them all the time and felt I was dangerously close to getting an invite before Covid hit. Who knows when I'll see them again, and even then I'd have to start the schmooze all over I don't mind the lists. I like seeing if I've played any of them. It's no different than looking at a list of the best sports cars or best restaurants. Not in my wheelhouse, but it's fun to dream sometimes. Would have liked more photos though
  10. This is definitely cool, but them not being transparent about the head weight or giving us sole weight options seems pretty strange. Those things are more important to me than the paint-fill on the bottom of the club. Hopefully they update the site with that info and let us customize the weight
  11. I've had some poor club work done in the past few years, enough to make me decide last winter that I wanted to start doing most of it myself at home. I learned a lot here on WRX and Youtube, plus have a friend I can call if needed. There are a lot of tips and tricks I picked up along the way. I can do all the basics like grips, cut shafts, install/remove heads, adapters, ferrules, etc. Only a few household tools and supplies are required, and overall it's a good hobby for a golf nerd like me I made some mistakes early on but learned from them and am now at the point where I'm confident in
  12. These were given to me as a tee gift at a tournament. 9 sleeves, brand new, no logos. Anyone want them? $35 shipped
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