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  1. There are a handful of players in the field, maybe 10, whom I've never heard of before this week. It's interesting that all of them are at the very bottom of the leaderboard. Makes you wonder if the right guys are getting in to this field and where in that process things went wrong
  2. Credit card companies are the same way. Visa is charging your local store a processing fee based on the total amount the card swiped, not the just the item price. Businesses can deduct processing fees from the sales tax portion when they remit the tax they collected back to the state If you received a 1099, add the additional fees from the sales tax portion as an expense against your 1099 earnings. It probably won't do anything unless you are right on some sort of threshold I have been a casual eBay seller for years but am moving away from their platform due to the larg
  3. Wow the guy is still active on the site, says he was on 58 minutes ago. I wonder if he's nervous at all or if he thinks he's more than likely all clear. Would love to hear his thoughts. Judging by his two posts I get the feeling he is a regular member of the site who just made a new username I'm under the impression that you lose all protection from PayPal when you ship to an unverified address I would gather up all the info you have on him and present it to your local authorities. They can figure out who it is in less than 15 minutes, it's just a matter of them actuall
  4. Yes, exactly. Firm conditions reward the player who plays the most precise shots. Soft conditions are much more forgiving, which brings inferior golfers into the mix. That's the general idea behind a Major Championship, identifying who the best player is. Good on the USGA and R&A for knowing that and applying it
  5. Smaller driver heads won't reduce the distance or accuracy of a purely struck shot, but they certainly do reduce distance and accuracy on a shot that is mishit I'm not advocating for smaller clubheads, but it's obvious that smaller clubheads would help identify the better ballstrikers
  6. Can confirm he's playing the X7's, they just zoomed in on him posing after his approach into #1
  7. As follows: 1. Consult a highly detailed book showing every slope of the green 2. When its your turn, take several seconds to line up the line you drew on the ball with the direction you intend to putt 3. Take your stance, while your caddy stands directly behind you 4. Caddy observes your putters' aim and the line on the ball, verbally tells you to aim one or both of them left or right of where you currently are. Adjust feet/putter until you both agree 5. Step off and take a few seconds to re-adjust the line on the ball based on what your caddy told you. Caddie
  8. 64 (-8) for Akshay in the first round of the AT&T @ Pebble Beach. Very impressive, bogey free
  9. To me it's just become a part of the game. Its a device that's available to everyone, and getting a yardage doesn't help hit the ball, it's just information When we watch golf on TV we see the players yardage on the screen. Either the network had access to course GPS data or the on course reporter lasered it before the player got to his ball. It's public information. They still have to figure out how to get the ball in the hole I agree with anyone who says this won't speed up play. I didn't see it advertised as that so not sure where that idea came from. It should speed
  10. You are saying a laser makes caddying easier (I mostly disagree). You implied that a lazy caddie doesn't have to walk the course as much mon-wed and would still get obscure yardages during competition because of a laser. Doesn't that mean a hard working caddie like yourself will now have more time to assist their player in other ways? No more worrying about walking off obscure yardages on mon-weds, the laser will take care of it. You can now focus on a different part of the game, right? Could actually be a benefit overall depending on what you choose to do with the extra time
  11. I don't see a laser evening the playing field for caddies. Giving the player a good number to the flag or covering a bunker is day 1 stuff. If that's all that mattered, everyone would be hiring "El Tucan" and paying him $5K after a win like Kuchar did. Many more nuances to the player/caddie partnership than just yardages after a bad tee shot. Plus, who's trying to hit their ball the number the laser gave them? A lot more to factor in after getting that number The best caddies will continue to be the best with or without a laser and I'm having a hard time seeing an underprepared cad
  12. Rangefinders are a cool device that a lot of golfers like to use. Plenty of people at all skill levels find them really helpful. Some professionals will use them, others might not bother Maybe the PGA of America just wants to give players the option? I don't think they wake up every day trying to figure out how to make rounds go faster for the folks on WRX. Pace of play is important to keep in check, but 18 holes of competitive golf with 100+ players is always going to take 4-5 hours depending on the conditions Altering the sport to save 10 minutes per round would be pr
  13. This is why The 270 shot meant something and had consequences. It's almost as if the course was designed for a shot of that length
  14. @sanjaygolf He must have beaten your team a few times huh? Don't worry, statistically it's happened to almost all of us
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