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  1. Today... 6 birdies, 6 bogeys, 1 double, 74.
  2. I have to get over the mental hurdle. When I realize I’m getting close I can feel the nerves. Yesterday I was -3 on 17th tee and finished bogey bogey for a 71. Just got tight and left a lag putt way short on 17 and then a chip way short on 18. Two weeks ago I birdied five of first ten holes, and was -3 on the 11th tee. Finished with a 72. Best ever on a Par 72 course is 70.
  3. Yes. Used it today to shoot -1, 71. So it’s working!
  4. Ten finger grip. I used interlock when I played as a kid. Took 17 years off. When i came back in my 30s, found that i kept instinctively going to a ten finger grip. It felt much more natural. Been nearly three years and can’t imagine I’ll go back. As for overlap, it has always felt alien to me.
  5. 100 is an easy 54 or a very full swing with 58. Prefer the 54. Use the rtx 4 mid grind 58 for pretty much all shots 90 yards and in, except long bunker shots.
  6. 2020 BXS is a phenomenal ball. I switched from 2019 Z star (88 compression) and it’s made a marked improvement on my game. Long off the tee and deadly with scoring clubs. Best ball I’ve ever used for greenside shots. Tiger plays BXS when TaylorMade is his club company. Jason Day immediately switched from TP5 to BXS when he became a free agent.
  7. I was a 14 when i came back to golf in mid 2018, after 17 years off. Was about a 7 by mid 2019, 4 by mid 2020, and I’m now about a 2.5 and trending down. Have had 5 of last 8 rounds at 75 or better. Decently accurate with driver and fairway metals, struggle with incosistent strikes with long and mid irons, very good with short irons and wedges, great chipper and pitcher, streaky putter who is generally good at 3 putt avoidance. The number one thing I’ve improved is avoiding big misses off the tee and I’m much smarter about missing in the right places. I now won’t hit driver if
  8. Bridgestone Tour BXS. Best ball I’ve ever played. For me it offers the best qualities of the two balls I gamed last year: Z Star and Z Star XV. Short irons and short game like the Z Star, long game like the Z Star XV.
  9. Shane lowry won the 2019 Open with srixon ball and clubs.
  10. Hoping this soon makes it way to PGA Superstore online, where I have a hefty amount of store credit. Currently they have the B3G1 promotion for Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway. Nothing yet for Bridgestone. I'm down to my final sleeve of Tour BXS!
  11. Srixon Z Star XV. That BOGO sale is amazing.
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