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  1. Looks like a white F9 and a Tensei orange - odd cause he plays his driver much shorter than standard. That has to be one heavy clubhead!
  2. Playing the max right now and have fallen in love with the upright + open + higher back weight. The club has become "workable" in that I can play either a draw or fade should I desire to.
  3. Billy hoffman at westwood cc. He's completely changed my game from 120 and in for the best and I can't recommend him enough.
  4. Very much agreed, I'm spinning it a bit more than the standard setting with the upright setting but I feel safer swinging driver. Something that's been a long time coming :)
  5. I actually tried this today - changed the adapter to 3* open, -1.5* loft, 58.75* lie angle. I didn't have any extra weights for the clubhead or anything like that, but this adapter set up completely eliminated my "big right miss". I'm a handle dragger that hits these annoying push shots that end up flying off the map should I miss slightly heel side (which is my common miss). With the upright angle but lower loft I could release as hard as I wanted with very little fear of the big right miss. This was a game changing piece of advice, thanks.
  6. All - I have checked the forums and don't see terribly much related to short drivers (i.e. under ~44"). I was able to put my three wood shaft into my driver today and threw a bit of high density lead tape on the bottom. The end result was my SIM 8* with a Motore F1 7X at 43.5". I have been struggling with my 45" set up with hitting it towards the heel inconsistently and was amazed by what happened with the strike consistency with the shorter shaft. Every ball was in the middle of the face, low, penetrating flight. I lost about 5-10 yards of carry, but was pleasantly surprised. My question is
  7. I'm experiencing the same thing with my SIM 8*. It's a bomber's head but if i don't put my absolute est swing on it the ball starts straight and tails off right more than I would like. If anyone's found a fix that would be great. Very hesitant to add loft to the face.
  8. Seconding the "no" response. You may find better results achieving more depth which could potentially make you look or feel a little "flatter" on the backswing.
  9. City, Sate? Reston, VAHandicap? 1.5Current driver and shaft? Taylormade SIM 8.0 w/Ventus Black 6XWhat would you improve with your current setup? Want to see if I can pick up a little speed if possible via counterbalance with hopefully minimal dispersion loss.What Tensei AV RAW shaft do you want to test? Raw Orange 6XDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and quality photos? Definitely yes.
  10. Seconding Twisted Dunes, super fun course and it's fairly links style. I've played it twice and enjoyed it tremendously both times
  11. I own both the motore f1 and ventus black. If you're a good ball striker with your driver, motore is the way to go as it's true to the marketing where you get about 2 or 3mph clubhead speed boost with it. I was a bit wild with it but can see myself using it from time to time on courses where I dont need to be accurate. The ventus black is just better for me, it's lower spinning but more forgiving on all strikes. I don't even see a distance difference at the end of the day since I can flight the ventus black down and let it roll out significantly.
  12. +1 with the Tensei Pro Orange 95X. I have it in the 790 UDI 2 iron and the thing is awesome! You don't have to swing it that hard to get the ball coming out hot, a solid strike will travel for days for me and I'm able to flight it just enough from the deck as well.
  13. I've been playing with the SIM 8* in standard settings for a few months now and am looking for some advice related to it. I love the club - the look, feel and sound are perfect. However, I've made some big changes to my swing where instead of swinging 4-5* up with my AOA I'm more level. As a consequence, I'm seeing the ball tail off to the right way too much and it's something I want to avoid. In addition, when I start swinging more from teh inside, it becomes very blocky. Should I make the club more upright at this point? Move the weight to the heel a bit? Any advice would be well received.
  14. Interested in switching to either the BX or BXS. Currently I play the TP5X but don't love the lack of spin around the greens. I'm about 112-115 mph with driver for refrence. I've played the BX a few times, but didn't love the excessive height on my drives. Do you think that the BXS will launch a fraction lower in addition to the additional spin around the greens?
  15. Regarding TP5 vs TP5X, I'm wondering who is best fit for a TP5 vs. a TP5X. In your opinion is the TP5 going to fly a little straighter with most clubs in the bag due to it being a bit spinnier? I'm currently playing the TP5X but am looking for some more green side spin but don't want to give up much with my longer clubs. Natural ball flight is a draw that sometimes draws a little too much with a closed club face for reference.
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