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  1. Odd question, but does anyone have a picture of a T20 raw (before it patinas) and a chrome one? Picked up my set from the builder today and I am 99.9% sure that they're chrome when I ordered a raw set. Really disappointed, but it's hard to tell from the pictures online.
  2. Likewise looking for some feedback on the XC 6X - I'm looking for something that will prevent the odd smother hook that I hit via having a lower torque than the Motore X F3, while maintaining similar butt and mid stiffness. Anyone play the XC 6X and have any issues working the ball either way?
  3. Anyone know what the surcharge is for the ocean course as part of the stay and play packages? Does it vary by time of the year?
  4. I know the club isn't that popular but just wanted to see if there are any out there
  5. Thinking of playing a spinnier ball and trying B1 setting. Hoping that'll do the trick.
  6. I've lately had some of the best driving rounds of my life but have been fighting a bit of a no spin shot that falls out of the sky for some of my worse shots. These shots aren't too horrible but am hoping that a simple driver tweak could fix it. I'm hoping for some suggestions that can help me maintain the accuracy of my draw flight that I've worked to get, while perhaps adding some spin/height. Current Setup: - Titleist TSi3 9* at C1 surefit setting with weight in the H1 setting (I was fit for this setting during a fitting a few months ago) - AOA ~4 or 5* up and a swin
  7. Been playing the two ball triple track for the last few weeks and absolutely love it - the microhinge insert feels great and provides for a true roll. My lag putting hasn't been good before, but now it feels like I'm much more consistent with my distance control. That being said... I absolutely hate this grip on it. I want a grip that's the same size, shape and weighting but cant do with the bright blue and red. Anyone have any ideas on similar (albeit more stealthy looking) grips for these?
  8. Anyone playing the 125 S hard stepped? I'm coming from Oban 125X's and am looking for something a little easier to swing and am hoping that the 125 S hard stepped might be the winner. As far as the bend profile, I've played Modus 120X (not TX) before and liked them, but just want a little less spin. Driver swing speed ~110-112mph for reference. Should I just go 125 TX and call it a day
  9. Anyone who plays the rogue white regular x (not tx) have a driving iron shaft suggestion? I love the feel of the rogue white in my fairway wood (80x) and want to throw something similar in my driving iron. Also if I'm in 80x for my 3 wood would anyone suggest 60x or 70x in a driver - might want to play around with that as well
  10. Kizner has been playing it for a few months. Anyone know what that shaft is in that UDI that Fleetwood has? Is it an MMT?
  11. Interestingly enough I am going through the same issue - low handicap player whose AOA is super positive due to crummy mechanics that causes me to get stuck and flip at the ball. Likewise I have found that the "feeling" of hitting down on the ball (AOA is still ~2 or 3 degrees up as opposed to 5 or 6 up) with drive like an iron has absolutely saved my game. I am now able to hit lower bullet drives that really at the end of the day I love. I don't mind that the ball flight is a little low and that I'm not maximizing carry - I'd rather be on the planet than max carry. Something I've
  12. Would very much know what a good driving iron shaft would be if I want to lower ball flight but maintain softer handle feel of Ventus Blue and Motore X F3. As an aside, I'm shocked how well I hit the F3, I'm usually a low/low type guy, but the F3 is really hitting the spot for me.
  13. Revisiting this - was actually fit into a Motore X F3 instead of an F1 from about a year ago. F3 was never considered when I was fit a year ago as I needed to knock down height, but after swing changes the F3 ends up being more accurate around the face and has more ballspeed and clubhead speed. Very interesting! Has anyone actually played the F3 and noticed that it's a fairly stout performer? I really enjoyed being able to turn the ball over with consistency with the F3 fitting.
  14. Is this a fairly stout shaft? I assume it's able to be worked up and down right? I'm not familiar with the aldila lineup at all, so any other info about it would be great!
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