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  1. Pretty easy fix - try to hit "slinging draws" with your putter. Someone on here mentioned that is what Tiger talks about - it's true. You can practice this by doing the two tees gate drill, but put another tee about 4-5 inches closer to the hole with a third tee that's on the gate tee that's closest to you. Your objective is to not swing outside in and hit the third tee.
  2. Anyone play a cut and realize that the XC over cuts from time to time? I know it's a bit specific but want to try something that's got a little more stable tip to minimize curvature with my drives and figure the Ventus Black might be the way to go because of velocore, but wanted to check with you folks first. I just don't like how the XC kicks so much through impact which doesn't work when hitting pretty level with a slight leftward path.
  3. Thanks guys for the feedback - I think I'm going to play around with different shafts cause this is Golfwrx after all. Will likely try something a tad bit boardier to try and mitigate the right miss.
  4. Requesting a bit of Driver setup help. I am currently set up in a TSi3 9 degrees at C1 - 8.25 degrees and open with an untipped AD XC 6TX. I enjoy the feeling of the shaft, but am starting to notice that it exacerbates some of my misses due to the kick of the shaft. Would switching to something with less of a kick help mitigate misses? I am a low handicap and exclusively play a fade but am noticing that my misses of late are creeping toward the right rough instead of the right hand side of the fairway, all things considered. My good drives hover around 12 degrees of launch at 165 mph ball speed but my spin is around 2600 and it's a pull cut. I tend to try to hit down on driver as growing up I had quite the "ole swing" that Tiger always talks about, so to fix it I've worked the last few years on getting the arms in front of me instead of behind me. With inclement weather coming this fall and winter I need something that's a bit more point and shoot that will get through the wind a little bit better. Should I consider moving up to a 70 gram shaft, stay with 60 gram shaft but with less kick (suggestions are welcome!) or should I play around with the loft sleeve and close the face a bit? Thanks in advance!
  5. I saw some mentioning of a comparison between this and the AD XC from Graphite Design. Currently I'm playing the AD XC 6TX which seems to do well in producing the desired cut that I play, however as I'm gaining a little speed from training I am noticing that the lively handle and kick that is produced is causing my ball to spin a little too much and am in the market for something less lively. Anyone have any experience switching from something a tad softer to the PD? I'm not chasing distance but would like to tighten up accuracy - perhaps moving toward a 70g shaft might work. The PD looks like an awesome candidate!
  6. Anyone know if you can get on May River without having a hotel reservation? I’ll be in HH next week and have already played Harbour Town and would love to play May River. Unfortunately, I had already booked my hotel when I found out about May River.
  7. And just like that they're gone was looking to compare against the left dash, time to beg a Titleist rep to sell me a box or two.
  8. I play the 2i version of the ZX and love it. However, it's not as versatile as I would like for me as the height on my shots are quite high and with the soggy weather the east coast has been having it's not been rolling out much. I'd love for someone to suggest a shaft that might knock down the flight a bit from the AD DI 95X that I currently have in it. This is the perfect club for someone who is looking for some additional height off the tee/coming in on longer par 5's.
  9. Picked mine up from the Titleist rep today - specs in the signature. It sounds like Modus 120's were plentiful at launch but everything else is backordered.
  10. Seconding the AD DI hybrid shaft - I tend to like the softer handle and stiffer tip/mid shafts and the DI has been awesome for me! Working the ball up and down has never been so easy.
  11. I've noticed that compared to previous years the V1X does spin a little bit more off the driver, but I'm also noticing greater ball speeds. What stinks is I am a higher spin player with the irons and lower spin with the driver (odd combination - I know), and I like the greenside spin of the X but really throughout the bag I'd love to play the V1 but don't want to give up the driver ball speed.
  12. Golfdom - McLean, VA Have been playing my same Ping Anser 2 for 10+ years and am looking to breathe new life into it with an MC Smooth MC Smooth
  13. Just picked up a XC 6TX and hit it at the range (note that it was straight into 20 mph winds) and found it quite true to flex, if not a tiny bit softer than I had expected. I'm coming from a Motore X F3, so one could say I'm used to butt-soft shafts. Flight was nice, not too loo and couldn't judge spin to be more or less than the Motore. Will check again tomorrow when the wind isn't nearly as gusting. I was hitting it about 30 yards shorter than usual with both shafts due to the wind...
  14. This is great feedback! I've gone with the 6TX knowing I play a bit of a fade and absolutely hate the odd shot that just tails off too far right cause of a torque that's too high.
  15. Yep, I got the chromes.... sigh. My builder isnt answering my texts now so that's great. I'll have to speak to Mizzy about this haha
  16. Odd question, but does anyone have a picture of a T20 raw (before it patinas) and a chrome one? Picked up my set from the builder today and I am 99.9% sure that they're chrome when I ordered a raw set. Really disappointed, but it's hard to tell from the pictures online.
  17. Likewise looking for some feedback on the XC 6X - I'm looking for something that will prevent the odd smother hook that I hit via having a lower torque than the Motore X F3, while maintaining similar butt and mid stiffness. Anyone play the XC 6X and have any issues working the ball either way?
  18. Anyone know what the surcharge is for the ocean course as part of the stay and play packages? Does it vary by time of the year?
  19. Thinking of playing a spinnier ball and trying B1 setting. Hoping that'll do the trick.
  20. I've lately had some of the best driving rounds of my life but have been fighting a bit of a no spin shot that falls out of the sky for some of my worse shots. These shots aren't too horrible but am hoping that a simple driver tweak could fix it. I'm hoping for some suggestions that can help me maintain the accuracy of my draw flight that I've worked to get, while perhaps adding some spin/height. Current Setup: - Titleist TSi3 9* at C1 surefit setting with weight in the H1 setting (I was fit for this setting during a fitting a few months ago) - AOA ~4 or 5* up and a swing path in to out about 2-3* - Strike is middle on the face, slightly heel side and middle vertically as well - Face is usually closed to path a degree or two, due to me having a fairly strong grip (2 knuckles or so) I've noticed, in playing around with the settings, that I do well with the club at C1 or B1, and the weight in the heel. If I move the weight more toe side, my draws that start on the right hand side of the fairway never come back to the middle. I'd like the keep the weight close to the heel as a protection against a straight shot or block. What would help prevent the squirrely low spin shots that don't stay in the air? Would simply adding more loft while maintaining the open face work? I could try to mess with playing a weaker grip but would prefer not to. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
  21. Been playing the two ball triple track for the last few weeks and absolutely love it - the microhinge insert feels great and provides for a true roll. My lag putting hasn't been good before, but now it feels like I'm much more consistent with my distance control. That being said... I absolutely hate this grip on it. I want a grip that's the same size, shape and weighting but cant do with the bright blue and red. Anyone have any ideas on similar (albeit more stealthy looking) grips for these?
  22. Anyone playing the 125 S hard stepped? I'm coming from Oban 125X's and am looking for something a little easier to swing and am hoping that the 125 S hard stepped might be the winner. As far as the bend profile, I've played Modus 120X (not TX) before and liked them, but just want a little less spin. Driver swing speed ~110-112mph for reference. Should I just go 125 TX and call it a day
  23. Anyone who plays the rogue white regular x (not tx) have a driving iron shaft suggestion? I love the feel of the rogue white in my fairway wood (80x) and want to throw something similar in my driving iron. Also if I'm in 80x for my 3 wood would anyone suggest 60x or 70x in a driver - might want to play around with that as well
  24. Kizner has been playing it for a few months. Anyone know what that shaft is in that UDI that Fleetwood has? Is it an MMT?
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