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  1. looking for a Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70TX (Must be TX)
  2. 5 pairs Shorts - All size 34 (All are Polo Golf except the white pair is J Crew) Will trade everything for a dozen of the 2021 PROV1 (or PROV1x) 5 pairs $55 TBC Rope Hat - $35 - Just not for me +$5 Shipping west of the Mississippi
  3. Well assuming the TM number is correct at 43.5" what would that give me for the playing length in the G410
  4. Thanks for the info. I am also concerned about the potential for different depths in the adaptors... Its good to know that I would already have ~.25" to play with though
  5. I am looking at trying a new shaft (Rogue 130 White TX) but it is coming from a Taylormade driver and going into my 9* G410 LST. It played right at 44.5" in the TM driver and is 43.5" from grip to tip of the TM adaptor. What can I expect the playing length to be in my G410? I dont want it to be any shorter than 44.5"...
  6. Not trying to make an accusation but is there an easy way to tell that this is the real deal 130 vs the stock one? I am interested in the shaft only
  7. The stock 919T PW is 46* and I have read/ heard that Mizuno doesnt make tour exclusive models. With Brooks going 52/56/60 it is as simple as him bending 2* weak on all his irons?
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