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  1. We're u able to return the shoes ? That is my problem with ordering shoes online.. I don't known how they will fit
  2. I think it's worse in my area as everyone is coming here to play golf I have to book 2 weeks out to get a time and even at that I can't get on some courses
  3. My toe strikes are caused by early extension.. just picked up a new drill the other day to help
  4. Curious to see what the end results are
  5. I second 3rd and 4th this lol Fit for golf has changed my life this year... I have a bad back... i started the fit for golf stretching in the spring.. most days I have no back pain and my golf game has improved leaps and bounds.. due to better mobility
  6. I hit a fairly high ball and a 7 iron for me stops pretty well.. the ball I play makes a big difference as well.. I stopped playing junk I find.. mixed with my stock of z stars.. this year I went to only pro v... I find it makes a difference as I have some idea as to what the ball will do as long as i put a decent swing on it Where I play makes a difference as well.. if the greens are hard as a rock.. I don't expect as much stopping power
  7. I stopped hitting the range daily this year.. I now spend my time on the chipping and putting area... Shocking how my scores have dropped.. played 9 holes the other day and had 14 putts..
  8. I picked up a cheap one and when it splits.. I will buy another.. I read up a fair bit on bags and they all seem to split
  9. You all need to come to the okanagan if u want baked fairways.. played national a few weeks ago and 18 was dirt in some spots
  10. I used to have the same problem... it's tough to slow it down.. I worked with a impact bag at home...i had to really exaggerate the slow take away.. I still get a little quick and as soon as I do it's a hook
  11. I switched to woods this year and never plan to look back... I love my new 7 wood and the best part of it.. no more hooks I picked up the new cobra rad with the rails...i have no issues getting out of anything
  12. I was talking to a friend today from the coast and he is not planning on coming up this way to golf this summer.. said he is enjoying the smoke free days down there while they last
  13. Everyone is out playing golf there.. get it in before the smoke gets down that way
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