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  1. I preferred verrado over estreĺla... When I was there in Feb Picked up a great deal online somewhere.. was able to play both courses for 100
  2. Shushwap


    Sagebrush was open in 2020.. played tobiano in September and the starter mentioned he played there the week before.. I was in my local golf shop today and the young girl behind the counter said she played a university tournament there in 2020.. Curious to see if they open it to public play in 2021
  3. Curious to see what others have to say.. as I have been thinking of doing the same
  4. My f9 5 wood is hands down my fav club in my bag
  5. Someone with some common sense... well said
  6. Current srixon bogo is a great deal right now
  7. You use those for your clubs... just hang them all over the cart lol
  8. 2 rounds in with the Arccos.. I find it doesn't pick up all my shots.. putter seems to be the worst for picking up hits... first time I have ever tried anything like this.. hopefully I can figure out the bugs as I go along.. i do like it so far.. It was free with my clubs.. can't beat the price
  9. Planemate first and putt out a close second
  10. I wanted the Er5 but the sam putt lab numbers said the er7 was a better fit for me
  11. That's awesome... Glad it worked as I can't use it... now I am curious if it's a one shot deal
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