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  1. How does that old saying go... Caviar dreams on a beer budget lol Its a bit of a drive out.. Worth it for the price though... I can only play so many lower end courses... Its a treat to play out that way a few times a month...
  2. Ks is not at the top of my must play list.. These days I have to take what I can get.. Still better then sitting at home.. The water there eats up a ton of balls I would assume.. It took 2 from me 42 on the front and 38 back.. It's usually one of the last to close up here and the first to open I may pick up a 10 pack for black mountain next year and split it with a few friends.. Trying to keep the costs down.. I just can't bring myself to pay the 110 to 150 these courses want I will load up on pre. Paid rounds at Shuswap courses over the next 6 weeks if they come up again.. I would much rather pay 65 at talking rock.. Salmon arm and national and take the drive
  3. Bm is not to bad.. Playing Kelowna springs this afternoon as it's the only place I could get a Tee time at the last minute.. Was going to try Bm.. Friend is driving in from salmon arm area.. Needed something a little closer.. Welcome to my life...tee times are impossible to get up here
  4. Looks as though u can pick up a test kit from Costco for 119
  5. I would play founders over victory at verrado
  6. It took me awhile to get the hang of my Visio Matt.. I couldn't keep it between the tees.. It was like pinball lol Great investment to work on things at home or the practice green
  7. Use a chair with out the ball.. I have heard of people using a stand bag as well.. I am currently using the smart ball... The difference in feel is amazing.. I have always had a lack of rotation and ee...
  8. That's what keeps us buying all this new crap year after year.. Last year's product was good but this new gear is a must have.. So I guess that makes the 3 year old products junk.. That's just great... now I need to throw away all my gear and start over
  9. All we can do is hope Canada follows the US with testing I would think by the new year that they will I want to get down for a race in March as well... So they need to drop this testing
  10. U need to be a US citizen from the looks of it I did find CVs does them from 139 Thsts a little better.. Still adds up for 3 people A friend just returned from Phoenix and was able to get a free test.. He had family in the area though.. Not sure if they helped.. I have another friend that heads down in a few weeks.. Going to see how he makes out
  11. 150 canadian in my area for rapid test.. 250 us per person in Phoenix Times that by 3 people and I'm staying home
  12. I was planning on a trip in Feb.. with the current testing fees.. I won't be going... I can't justify $1500 in testing for a week holiday
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