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  1. Oliver has started opening already... salmon arm and talking rock tend to get a little more snow and usually open later then most in the valley
  2. Have a look at the srixon q star tour.. I have a friend that is in the mid 90 swing speed and he likes that ball
  3. It's called the 90 90... u can look it up on YouTube as well... I am currently working on the off season phase 1...a..b..c I have substituted some of the exercises that I can not do
  4. I think they are just out of stock as they seem to come and go when I have looked at stock
  5. I started the 90 90 stretch along with others about 3 weeks ago.. my hip and lower back pain is the best it has been in years
  6. The difference is night and day in flexibility.. I actually look forward to the workouts as I like to see the difference from week to week In a few more weeks I am going to start up with the speed sticks and see how that works with the extra flexibility... I tried it last year and I just kept blowing out the back
  7. I started the fit for golf app about 3 weeks ago My back has not felt this good in years... I do the program 3 days a week at the gym.. i start with a hour of light cardio... bad knees.. Then I move into my program on the app.. that takes me around 2 hours
  8. Getting fit for woods this spring and a 7 wood is going in the bag
  9. Change the ball.. I play with a high spin wedge player and he has changed to a lower spin ball.. it's night and day
  10. You ever thought about a 7 wood.. I am looking to fill that same yardage 200 to 215 I plan to get fit for a 7 wood in may... I hate hybrids as they are hook machines for me
  11. Shushwap

    4 wood

    In have the f9 5 wood cranked down.. it's the straightest club in my bag... I just need to find a driver I can hit as well
  12. I need to stop slacking and dig out my varispeed Putting Matt and my putt out.. Lord knows I need the practice
  13. Founders is the nicer of the two The picture is the 18th at the victory course
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