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  1. I made 2 trips to see a putting specialist this year and it was the best thing... the 4.5 hour drive each way was well worth it... Best advice is to see a putting specialist before u spend a bunch of time ingraining bad habits.. nothing worse then puting in the work only to find its all been a waste of time I plan to make the trip a few more times next year.. once we dig out of winter
  2. I picked up 4 dozen bxs for 40% off last month at golf town
  3. I would bet txg took a little flack over this as they were promoting it... Hopefully it eventually arrives and works as advertised
  4. They have updated there Facebook.. According to the post we are still going to see the units this year lol.. I was one of the early sucker that pre ordered. Hopefully it shows before spring
  5. I picked up a set of wilson teen clubs for my daughter a few years ago... https://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/complete-sets/teen/profile-sgi-teen-complete-golf-club-set-carry
  6. Go to a fitter that can blow grips on and off.. u should always try out clubs with the proper soze grip and weight as it will thrown off swing.. for me swing weight makes a huge difference... Txg did a video on this... i just watched it the other day
  7. This right here.. I struggle with rotation and hit a crap ton of pulls and hooks.. my path is usually in to out.. Lack of rotation leads to flipping and a closed face
  8. I went from junior to teen clubs for my daughter.. I plan to upgrade her to womens clubs in the spring.. she is 13 and 5,6
  9. I try to sing in my head or something goofy to take my mind of what I'm doing...played mens night last night.. I was up by 1 and I put it in the drink.. I used to get all in my head and sewer the next shot.. Started singing I got sunshine in my head.. came out with a bogey and took the money as buddy took a bogey as well.. As my buddy always says to me.. u could be scratch if u just cleaned out between the ears lol
  10. Interesting.. I need to pass that on to a few people
  11. $2 driveway marker and some time on the range can cure a slice I used to have a nasty slice.. now it's a slight draw
  12. Ok thanx... Let me know if they get back to you... Curious if there is any room left this year... I may remove one from our party and hopefully have a better chance at getting on
  13. The smoke has eased off a fair bit in the last few days.. Hopefully it stays that way.. Let us know what u think of the track.. Still hoping I will get the call before the snow flies.. How many people did u book for.. I wonder if that's why I am getting the slow roll I booked for 3
  14. Interesting... as I emailed them a week ago and the response I received was they have had significant interest and they would respond soon I talked to a guy the other day that played there a week ago and he was not impressed and stated he wouldn't go back.. I would still like to see it with my own eyes
  15. Head to the putting green and do the ladder drill.. if u truly want to become a better putter u have to put in the time on the practice green.. I have a putting Matt at home as well and nothing substitutes a real green for pace Started working with a putting coach this year and he told me I have to hit the practice green for a min of 20 min 3 times a week
  16. I will be down in Feb.. looks like I may need to rob the kids college fund
  17. I would play Fairview over nkmip.. I was out to nkmip early in the year and it was ok... Shannon over bear and quail.. not for me.. not a fan of Shannon.. playing quail in the am and Hyde mountain on Monday Trying to get out to sagebrush.. Sent out a email to them today Tower is nice.. I would play it over harvest any day of the week Played gallaghers last week for the first time and it was not in the greatest shape.. save your money
  18. There were to many to list that were off lol A big one for me was aim..i was consistently aiming left.. I thought I was pulling most of my putts.. I now look at the hole first and draw a mental line back to the putter... the last lesson I had with a local coach had me using the line on the ball.. problem there is I would line it up .. then I would second guess myself when putting.. This guy doesn't like the line on the ball set up as it can cast doubt as it did with me.. as he said I need to have confidence in my read and pace.... i don't stand there fiddling with aim seconds before I putt as I used to. Another one.. is I feel get a little wristy on longer putts and I tend to pull them.. With longer putts I now do a few practice strokes looking down at my hands to make sure I am making a proper stroke and not closing the face Pace is another one we have been working on.. Especially short putts with a lot of break..i was always trying to die them in..one thing he preached is there is no break inside 3 feet Now it's make it or blow 6 feet past.. This is my current drill.. being confident enough in my aim to have enough pace.. then working on the 6 foot return putts when I do miss There were many other things as in stance..ball position Played 9 yesterday and had 15 putts.. I plan to go back again and see him again next year... I just wish it wasn't a 5 hour drive
  19. When I started working with my coach on a trackman I had a massive out to in path.. He said he wasn't overly concerned if it was in to out or vice versa.. as long as it was under 2 either way... I put a ton of work into path and now consistently have a in to out path.. I prefer to see the slight draw over the fade
  20. I started working with a putting coach this year and it has transformed my game... it's the best investment I have ever made.. I have taking putting lessons from a few pga coaches and it was ok.. seeing an actual putting coach is a night and day difference
  21. Winter and early spring here can get cool at night.. the cold does seem to harden up the grips No issues leaving them in there all summer in the hot temps.. even this year when we sat in the 100,s I agree on hiding them from the wife... once fall hits they all look used when they come in the house lol
  22. G410 4 iron showed up after 3 months...i was expecting late Sept... thinking about ordering a g425 5 wood... as long as it arrives before my Phoenix trip in Feb
  23. $2 driveway markers from home depot.. greatest train ing aid I have ever used.. it fixed my over the top... no more slicing.. I now play a baby draw I like my Orange whip as well as the putt out
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