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  1. Looking for a grip that is similar in size and weight to Scotty Matador midsize. I want to do a refinish on a never compromise putter but love the feel of the matadors but not really wanting to put that on there. If there's nothing close then I can just do the matador. Any ideas out there?
  2. Late to the party but tht HMB are a little softer when you pure it and carry roughly 6-9 yards further for me in the 7i. I seem to spin a hair more as well. Overall beautiful irons and if you're thinking about getting new ones would recommend it
  3. I typically can't wear Nikes cause of wide feet and don't have an issue with the pumas. I have had 3 pair all fit great. Like I said that's my favorite shoe and my girlfriend hates it cause I have 4 pairs of other shoes I don't wear now
  4. Pumas shoes are amazing. They will run you $120-150 and honestly the life you get and the comfort it should be alot more.
  5. Ahotrain

    P2 grips

    Anyone else gaming P2 grips on their putters? I have been using the aware for a few months now and I love it. I even bought a few more to start converting a few other putters to P2. If you havent tried them yet absolutely worth a try
  6. Logan makes some high quality stuff. Whoever gets this guy will love it. GLWS
  7. Just started the single length journey. 2 rounds in I'm enjoying the irons. Low ball flight with 4 and 5 as well but gw has given me the most trouble so far
  8. Lived in GA and NC my whole life, not sure there's getting used to August lol but I'll look those up for sure appreciate the help guys
  9. We'll probably be playing early rounds. August in the Carolinas is a killer. If you had to choose one course that is one we can't miss out on what would it be?
  10. I'm sure this topic is somewhere for MB but an updated one can't hurt. Going to MB in August for about 5 days. Looking for about 4 courses in the area that are must hit tracks. Would prefer to keep it under a $100 a round. Any locals or people familiar with the area show me the way
  11. What's your current shaft? In one set s300 and the other is dynamic gold I'd check out a lighter steel shaft. I love the Nippon 120s but you could go even softer/lighter with 105s or the 950s. So with the lighter shaft I should get a higher launch?
  12. What's your current shaft? In one set s300 and the other is dynamic gold
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