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  1. You need to review the overseed schedule to analyze the best options...
  2. Just going to say it. This is a BS narrative promoted by those with an agenda who are not afraid to lie to push it. Unfortunately, it's become trendy, pop culture to believe this nonsense. Don't buy into it. It must be utterly cryt doon at every opportunity.
  3. Agree with the others, hitting balls at the range is not playing golf. This cannot be debated.
  4. Oops. 18.3c - If you found the original ball, the provisional must be abandoned. This is definitely one of those rules "gotchas."
  5. I'm a member at Pungent Municipal. Do you think that could qualify me for Epic membership?
  6. If you are headed to Austin From PHX, it would seem Albuquerque is out of the way. ?
  7. Imagining the monthly "Window Assessment" letter I would be getting if I were a member. LOL
  8. It wasn't but a few years ago, the price point for this list was $50.
  9. Another recommendation for the Saguaro course at We-Ko-Pa. Best daily fee course in the PHX area IMO.
  10. Saw the oddest thing this morning. Went out for a bike ride and passed by the Superstition Springs GC on the canal bank. Passing the 14th green, I noticed the group of dudes on the green all wearing tank tops. "that's kind of casual..." I thought to myself. I then pass the 15th tee, group of guys wearing tank tops. (?) 16th tee, fairway, green, 17th tee... every group wearing tank tops. ?? Some sort of Bubba tournament happening, I guess... LOL
  11. First, I'll try to fill in some blanks... Most of the blanks seem to be small developments probably done "in-house" without any name architect. El Conquistador. The 9-hole course at the hotel, later named Pusch Ridge, existed long before the two 18-hole courses were built. I don't have any attribution for that one. A development called Canada Hills opened in '82 with 18 holes, a second 18 added in '85, the courses were called Sunrise and Sunset. Not sure when the El Con took them over and renamed them. They are both Hardin/Nash. Golf Club at Dove Valley - same as Ritz Carlton ? (duplicate?) Moon Valley may be our only Dick Wilson course. Quarry Pines - my notes say Gilmore/Graves (?) Robson Ranch - my notes say Brad Bartell (?) Saddlebrook Ranch - my notes say Tom Schroeder (?) Scottsdale National - Original course by Dick Bailey. 2nd course no idea Starfire aka Scottsdale Country Club - Original 18 by Lawrence M. Hughes ~1954. 9-holes east of Hayden added in '86 by Seay/Palmer. Haven't been out there forever but I understand they redeveloped part of the original course to a 9-hole executive? Ventana Canyon both courses Tom Fazio We-Ko-Pa Cholla is Scott Miller
  12. No idea really. New ownership with a different idea and a lot of money I suppose. I looked at my notes and see that it had another name, Paradise Village GC when it opened, then Mummy Mountain GC, then Anasazi GC, then Stonecreek after the redo.
  13. May have missed it if it was posted somewhere else, but anyway, received this email from the Verde River Golf Club: "LAST CHANCE TO PLAY BEFORE WE GO PRIVATE! Verde River Golf & Social Club Goes Fully Private After Overseeding. First off, we would like thank each one of you for making the golf course at Verde River Golf & Social Club what it is today. Whether you've come out to play once or many times, we appreciate your support throughout the past 5 years. When the course re-opens from overseeding this fall, Verde River Golf & Social Club will no longer be accepting daily fee play. Of course, we will continue to have guests of Golf Members, reciprocal play from other private clubs, and occasional events, but we have achieved the goal we’ve all shared together: to become a fully private golf club. We hope you can experience our course one more time before we close for overseeding on October 11th. The course is in great shape. With all of the recent rain, conditions are very healthy and ready for play."
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