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  1. Yank here, unfamiliar with the metric system. How far is a centi-liter anyway?
  2. I assume you are playing this comp in a club or league? This person should be outed and made a pariah.
  3. Lot of driving but that's a good line-up!
  4. I like Ambiente and Talking Stick North is one of my favorites, so maybe my suggestions won't be helpful.
  5. It might be a challenge to suggest worthwhile courses that you haven't played not knowing what you have played.
  6. Well, just to tie it all together, this just popped up on my favorite food blog: "Maggiore to open Mexican restaurant Valley restauranteur Joey Maggiore, whose family is best known for their Tomaso's, The Sicilian Baker, and Hash Kitchen, will step away from his Italian roots to open a Mexican restaurant called The Mexicano this summer. It will take over the former Salty Sow near Cactus and Tatum in Phoenix. It was one of the last projects Maggiore and his father, Tomaso, worked on before the elder Maggiore died earlier this year."
  7. Arizona Grand is a "golf course shaped object."
  8. Following along with interest. The Rock Spring web site says it is only one of two Raynor courses open to the public. Which is the other?
  9. You should enable the lightening of his assets with civil litigation.
  10. Unfamiliar with the resort, I checked it out a bit. This, would attract me: On the other hand, If this were the view I was greeted with when I pulled into the parking lot, I would probably turn around and drive off.
  11. Exciting stuff for you guys! I was interested in who is leading the restoration and with some searching, discovered that it is Jim Urbina. I also found this great article about the discovery of some of the original drawings a few years back that are guiding the project: https://golf.com/travel/seth-raynor-map-found-midland-hills/
  12. Welcome to GolfWRX. Good luck with your quest. Might I suggest your access ho-ing skills could use a bit of refinement
  13. And then what? Wouldn't it be wise to consider the normal rates or are you just thinking to join for one year?
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