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  1. It was decent. Did not expect that ending.
  2. Let's call the tournament in Abu Dhabi a major since Rickie and Westwood have won that!
  3. Does Phil only own black, navy blue, or grey shirts? Literally doesn't wear any other colors
  4. Kramer leading!!! Did I hear that right??
  5. Get Jimmy off the live broadcast especially during the US Open/Open Championship. He should only be on Golf Channel during "Live From" and those videos on the Masters Youtube channel.
  6. I was listening to the Rick Shiels podcast a couple days ago, and there was an interesting discussion about pro golfers not shouting fore. There's one guy who does it more then others, but he's not the only one. Is the tour telling guys not to do it, because in the case of Bryson it seems like he's trying to hit it over fans and isn't even looking where the ball is going (1st video). In the second video I think Phil is the one who yells fore not Bryson. Is the tour telling guys not to yell it or what?? Bryson isn't the only one who does it. I know when I go play my local muni on Saturday/Sunday I always yell fore if my ball is going offline towards. Maybe the tour should fine guys who hit a fan without yelling fore.
  7. Yes this! But also a Jimmy Roberts essay cuts away at least 3-5 minutes from the golf. NBC tries to do so much extra with there coverage but it honestly kinda blows. CBS is so much better. The only thing I hate about CBS is too many commercials.
  8. Bryson will never contend at The Open (or Augusta for that matter) with his current game. He doesn't play that well in the wind (no top 50 finishes in the Open), and his short game isn't that great (lacks creativity). Hideki was actually 46th in driving distance at Augusta, and the last 3 winners of the Open (Spieth, Molinari,Lowry) all hit it about 295-300 but are solid ball strikers and/or have better short games then Bryson.
  9. How many hours of golf do you usually get once the fluff is cut out?
  10. Actually I think you are right. I wish the PGA Tour would stop cramming the Fedex Cup down the viewers throat. Think back to the 2018 Tour Championship, I don't even remember who won the Fedex Cup that year. What I do remember is this
  11. I'm team Brooks all the way! Bryson is a nutcase and one of my least favorite players. Bryson can learn a thing or 2 from Patrick Reed!
  12. I agree with everything you said except for the fact that the Travelers is a joke. For some odd reason, the Travelers always attracts a pretty solid field (probably because it's not that hard of a course). This week they've got 4 players from the top 10 (Dustin, Brooks, Bryson, and Reed) as well Phil who's the PGA Champion. The SOF is also 464 which is higher then events like the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the Farmers Insurance Open. So all in all it's a pretty solid event.
  13. I know that, but the "PGA Tour" had to rearrange the entire schedule because of this. I'm sure the PGA Tour was told about the move to May prior to the announcement.
  14. Right! Cramming all the majors in 4 months seems so rushed. I think moving the PGA to labor day weekend with a Monday finish would be pretty sweet. That way we would get a late summer/early autumn major, and it would spread out the 4 majors. I think all 4 majors are played within 100 days and that's just stupid IMO.
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