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  1. April 2022! (And yes Patrick Reed is my pick to win the Masters this year)
  2. Screenshot this post Tiger Woods will be back in competition sometime between this December and March 2022 and will win a tournament next year.
  3. Stacy Lewis is definitely an overachiever, she was diagnosed with scoliosis while in college and has won 13 times on the LPGA tour (2 majors), has reached number 1, and has been POY twice. Very inspiring player/person.
  4. Finau has 3 straight runner up finishes in his last 3 starts (Farmers, Saudi Arabia, Riv), does anyone know what the record is for most consecutive runner up finishes?
  5. I hope Bruce and Fatrick Cheat end up in a playoff and Fatrick wins wearing red and black.
  6. Who's ready for an 1.5 hours of commercials and 2 hours of Tiger talk on NBC tomorrow?
  7. Yeah honestly if let's say a 15 year old kid is a scratch without putting in too much work to get to that, they could be a plus handicap if they put in the 8 hours a day for 3-4 years. Maybe this means a future on tour.
  8. A lot of times when watching golf you hear announcers say thing's like Jim Furyk is a grinder or Phil Mickelson is one of the most naturally talented players ever. Which category would you rather fall into if you played, someone who just plugs away and has to work a bit harder and grind more to succeed (not saying that guys like Phil don't work hard) or be more like a Phil Mickelson?
  9. AMEN! I hope someone says they hope tiger is doing well, but I'm just here to play some godd*** golf.
  10. I think GC needs to focus on the golf and ease up on the Tiger story a bit till we get more information. Obviously everyone hopes Tiger is doing well and want him to get back to a normal life/maybe play golf eventually. But give the man and his family some privacy. I get it he's had an awful accident and is the reason why purses are so big, but life goes on. Let him recover in peace and when the time comes we'll know more about his future and what it entails. With respect to Tiger, NBC/GC please focus on the golf this weekend (not happening).
  11. Some pictures from google. Looks very cool, see a little bit of Augusta.
  12. I know I've been all over the place in this thread about whether or not Tiger will play again, but here is a little snippet. Knowing Tiger he will go above and beyond with his treatment and exhaust all avenues before hanging it up. https://www.outkick.com/tiger-woods-reportedly-doesnt-want-career-to-end-like-this/
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