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  1. Torrey playing easy so far! Could be a 65 out there.
  2. I say we make "The Match" a major. If Phil keeps winning those, he'll have more majors then Tiger maybe even Jack! Also I think it'd be really funny to say that Charles Barkley has won a major before Rickie Fowler!
  3. The Masters app in the United States. They give us 2 featured groups for the AM wave and 2 for the PM wave, coverage of holes 4-6, 11-13(Amen corner), 15/16, and can watch every shot of any player within a minute of it happening. They also give us 2 hours of on the range. Yes the broadcast times kinda suck, but this is more than enough to keep me occupied til the broadcast comes on. Also the Masters app completely sh!ts on the US Open app
  4. I think the Masters nails it year in and year out with the way the event is covered. Yes only getting 4 hours for the broadcast each day is irritating, but the app more then makes up for it. The other 3 majors can learn a lot from AGNC
  5. The only reason courses like Torrey Pines, Hazeltine, and Valhalla keep hosting Majors/Ryder Cups is because they bring in a ton revenue to the USGA and the PGA of America and are great venues for infrastructure . Between 2000-2029, these 3 courses will have hosted 9 Majors/Ryder Cups. Unfortunately selecting major venues is less about the quality of course and more about logistics/revenue. I'd would love to see Merion host more majors, but the USGA lost a ton of money taking the Open there in 2013. I unfortunately think we're gonna see Hazeltine and TP host more major events in the next coup
  6. Exactly! It's the arrow not the Indian.
  7. I personally think ESPN has better golf coverage then CBS,NBC, and Golf Channel. They did a great job at the PGA and SVP is the best in the business. I know they used to have the US Open and I wouldn't mind it if they showed all 4 majors.
  8. Paul Azinger looks like a constipated grandpa leaving an all you can eat Mexican buffet.
  9. That's the best part about Augusta! Every time they do anything it's kind of a big deal. The 2 things that draw the most eyeballs in the golf world are Tiger Woods and Augusta!
  10. What OEM has the most since 2012? It's gotta be either Titleist or straight up free agents. I know Titleist has guys like Spieth,Thomas, Scott, and Webb Simpson on the roster. Brooks isn't sponsored by anyone and neither were Reed or Molinari when they won in 2018. According to my research the major count by OEM's since 2012 is as follows: Taylormade: 8 Callaway: 4 Titelist: 10 Ping: 2 Srixon: 1 Cobra: 1 Wilson Staff: 1 Nike golf clubs: 2 (RIP) Not sponsored/Free agent: 6 (Brooks really inflates this one) *I'm including guys who
  11. Very cool seeing a guy like Bland on top, but if I were a betting man I'd take the over for 74 tomorrow.
  12. Torrey is so bland. Kiawah is 10x better as a major venue It was gonna be tough following up these 2 venues.
  13. Stupidest thing I've heard all day. It would take forever to finish rounds if they had OB all over the place, because everyone misses a crap ton of fairways at a US Open. I'm sure if they did that you'd be complaining about 6 hour rounds.
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