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  1. Do still have swing caddie SC300? And what’s your price? If I read it right 370-400? thanks brent
  2. So I just completed a 5 lesson pack at GolfTec that included a swing analysis and a TechFit. The techfit was 1 hour and I wanted to do irons. I was kinda wanting Ping so that’s where we started and end, Ping I210 was the best with modus 3 105 shafts lofts and lies all set and spec out. Ping I210 125 per club, GOLFTEC did not care where I purchased from, so I purchased from my local club because they had a loyalty program for every dollar spent, big benefit for me. Then I decided I wanted to do a driver fit used one of my lesson for that no prob, my fitter dialed the driver in to a Ping G400 wi
  3. It worked out perfect couldn’t be happier, it was a factory up grade and built.
  4. I did a fitting and we’ve got the shaft Aldila XTorsion S60. I decided I liked the older Ping G head better, so I purchased one with a stock shaft Ping specs say total length is 45 3/4. My fitter agreed I could go Down to 44 3/4 length. So we ordered the XTorsion shaft at 44 3/4 all good. Now with the shaft installed and the club being grounded as you would if you were going to hit it, it measures out to 44. So is it normal to have the length play shorter then what I thought we ordered? So far I have two rounds on the set up and love it, in fact I’m glad it’s playing to 44, I just have more co
  5. So this is one of my first post here, new to the forum. I did mine a little backwards I’ve ordered the shaft first, Aldila X Torsion Copper 60, then purchased the Ping G 10.5 wihich is new the shaft should be hear in 7 to 10 days. I was fitted and according to the numbers that shaft was the best, I tried a ton of combs even with the 400, and 400 max but I liked the previous G sersies better. So after the fitting I went to purchase the driver and was asked by the sales guy why the XTorsion , so I said that’s what I was fit for, so he said try this shaft a Ping Tour 80 regular, I was surprised i
  6. Did u have those things Pured? And if so any improvement or differance over not pured.
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