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  1. I can now speak to the BGT Stability Tour Black putter shaft. I custom ordered an Odyssey White Hot OG #7 with 40 extra grams of head weight, Stability tour shaft, super stroke flatso 3 counter core grip with a 50 gram insert. I received is yesterday, went out on my course hit about 60 putts on 6 green. My initial impression was this thing is awesome. First I use lines on the ball and found that it rolled end over end much more consistently and stayed on line better. On short putts it was very consistent and stable, on longer putts I found it again very stable and easy to make a stroke with. That evening I put my Biomech putting sensor on the new putter to check face angles at impact and the results were better than with my old putter and it’s was easier to make more consistent putts that stayed on line, again rolled about 60 putts. At this point I’m very please and excited about putting this in the bag today for tournament play. Today I played in my local US Am Tour tournament event. I spent sometime on the putting green and could tell that ball rolled better and was fairly easy to putt with. The front nine was 12 putts and no three putts, I made 2, 12’ putts in a row, and 2 4’ putts in a row. I ended up with 18 putts on the back with one three putt, over all 30 putts, I would say not to bad. My season long putting avg is 32.6 over 70 rounds. At this point one round in and I’m sold, totally worth it. I found when I was doing my research it was extremely difficult to test putters with different shafts and set ups, so I went basically had to go out on a limb without testing this setup and buy it. My setup parameters were I wanted a putter with adjustable head weights, face balanced, and counter core grip for more adjustability. This setup met all my needs. If your on the fence about a tour stability shaft I don’t think you will be disappointed. I’m into my putter for $500 and your going to spend that on many high end putters with out the stability shaft. I hope this helps, any questions?
  2. This is a loaded conversation, putter set ups are very personal. There’s no right or wrong answer. I have had several paid for fittings they all have pointed me in the same direction to a face balanced putter. I have very little rotation on my stroke. They all have said the weight is a personal choice, based on feel. I feel I am an average putter, with some three putts but have a season putting stroke avg of 32.6 for the season (60 plus posted rounds) that’s down from last year at 34.2. my set is 32.5 length, 1 degree flat, overall weight north of 600 and head weight north of 400. I have the exact numbers but probably be crucified and judged if I share them. I would lean towards a putter that is fit to you, and has some options for customization with removable weights, counter core grip if thats what you need. Then you have options.
  3. I’m having a BGT Stability Tour shaft putter built with a Odyssey White Hot OG #7. So with the potential areas of improvement the shaft may provide. Does anyone track there season long putting avg. I have over 65 rounds posted and season long avg is 32.6. I believe I can get it down another 1.5 strokes with better lag putting and reduction in three putts. So with that said I would like to here if anyone has tracked there putting and what there numbers are.
  4. So hunter what putter head are you using? Are you a face balanced guy or toe hang? I wish there was a place to go try these shafts in verity of putters.
  5. Can you tell if it seems to more stable with off center strikes? Putting is all about face angle at impact. If the calms are true with the shaft being stiffer with less twisting and torque an offer center strike, which could equal a better face angle at impact.
  6. Is anyone using the Stability putter shafts? Any comments, toe hang, face balanced. It looks like they have few options a legacy stability and stability tour, carbon, polar, and black, and different price points. Looks like the carbon version maybe the most affordable.
  7. Just curious how people are have lofts and lies checked periodically? My ping I210 are two years old and doing great, but I am thinking about having my lofts and lies checked this winter just to make sure they are still in spec and have new grips put on.
  8. Is anyone getting the new full face in the raw version or with the chrome finish? Anyone doing the special grinds?
  9. I ordered a tsi 2 driver w/ HZRDUS black smoke rdx, 5 Wood with the same, two tsi hybrids with the Tensei shafts. Ordered about 3 weeks ago, already got the 5 Wood, and pick up the rest tomorrow. I would say pretty quick for me.
  10. Is anyone going to get a custom grind put on there wedges? S shape, heel-toe, relief. So with them all having the same bounce wouldn’t having one of the custom grinds give them some different bounces?
  11. Do still have swing caddie SC300? And what’s your price? If I read it right 370-400? thanks brent
  12. So I just completed a 5 lesson pack at GolfTec that included a swing analysis and a TechFit. The techfit was 1 hour and I wanted to do irons. I was kinda wanting Ping so that’s where we started and end, Ping I210 was the best with modus 3 105 shafts lofts and lies all set and spec out. Ping I210 125 per club, GOLFTEC did not care where I purchased from, so I purchased from my local club because they had a loyalty program for every dollar spent, big benefit for me. Then I decided I wanted to do a driver fit used one of my lesson for that no prob, my fitter dialed the driver in to a Ping G400 with a Aldila XTorsion shaft. So I asked him Asked if I could save some money and bye last years Ping G and order my shaft through Ping, he said no prob good idea. GOLFTEC ordered the shaft I went to a local golf shop bought my Ping G put them together no problem could not be happier. I went though the whole bag irons 4-paw,uw, 1200, driver 385 with shaft, 5w, 2hybrids off the rack 500, 2 ping glide wedges (last years version) 150, odyssey putter 200, that’s less than 2450 for the whole bag and most of it is custom. Two rounds on them could not be happier.
  13. It worked out perfect couldn’t be happier, it was a factory up grade and built.
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