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  1. Ha! Thanks! I haven't thought about lights, but maybe a construction light of some sort is in order?
  2. Nice, sounds like a lot of work. What are you preventing against with the fungicide this time of year? I haven't put any down yet but wondering if I should. I mowed again last night and the bare spots from cutworm damage are starting to slowly fill in. I raked the areas a couple weeks ago to try to encourage some lateral growth. In the end, they aren't much worse than aeration holes, so probably left alone they will do just fine. I'm going to ride out the rest of this month at 0.156" before dropping the height again in May. Here is last night's practice view after mowing in two directio
  3. I feel like I'm adding steep to the shaft if that makes sense. I want my right shoulder to move towards the target line before it moves down. This is how it feels to me. It feels like my shaft is moving over my backswing plane. Now, take it with a grain of salt because I tend to roll the shaft inside on my backswing so need to feel it steeper on the way to the ball. I like to feel like I'm hitting a cut but in reality it just makes my path more neutral.
  4. So if he found a more left path, would you worry about the early heel lift? I lift my heel early as well but struggled being dumped under and shallow. When I have a steeper downswing, my path improves and ball striking also improves but I still end up with early heel lift. It's not a huge problem if the ball behaves.
  5. Just curious, what makes this guy not be a hook monster with that early heel lift? If @Three_Jack had a path more left would the heel be a problem?
  6. A little chip around before the prime Masters coverage today. A special flag for Masters Sunday.
  7. Ambition struck me last night and I scrounged all of the dry sand I could find to top-dress the green before the rain that is expected this weekend. I wanted to put more down but the rest of my pile wasn't dry enough. Next time I will fan it in the opposite direction, (perpendicular to this application), to hopefully catch the spots up that were under applied....or maybe I'm thinking too much... I also spread some seed before I brushed the sand in to hopefully help speed up the thin spots though I think they are doing okay on their own with regular growth, (they aren't any worse
  8. A couple years ago I was following Justin Thomas at a practice round for the Canadian Open at Hamilton Country Club. On an uphill par 3, the gallery ropes were close to the tee deck and he hit a screamer, straight right over my head, the hardest foul ball I've ever seen and I've seen lots of shanks. He made a comment like, "That right there folks is how you hit a shank", before reaching down to tip the tee up straight and hit the same club to the middle of the green.
  9. Change the orientation of the club in your hands. Grip it so that the face is still open slightly when you release.
  10. When I am swinging bad, it's because I try to do the 'around' portion too much with my arms. What is helpful to me is to think that the arms provide the vertical element while the body, (shoulder feel for me), provides the horizontal element. Basically, you don't swing the club around with your arms, you move it around with the body.
  11. There's no better therapy than 'pints and putts' in your own yard.....speaking from experience, I highly recommend it!
  12. Golf courses were spared from closing which makes me happy. The green has been great, I have worked from home for the last year and spend some time each afternoon chipping and putting while I wait for my girls to get off of the school bus. It's really paying off, it's amazing how comfortable you get with your wedges even if you only hit a few shots each day.
  13. Thanks. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not a Covid denier, just frustrated living in rural Ontario and continually being shut down in various ways due to a problem that largely exists in the larger cities. Enough about that though, we can't change it anyway, we can only try to make the best of it. Luckily, golf courses were spared during this latest stay at home order and are allowed to stay open which means that not much will really change for me, so...happy happy! Thanks for following the thread.
  14. a pull means the face is left at impact and the draw means that the face is closed to that path. My guess is that when you move the club forward, you are actually shifting your path a bit out to in to try to reach the ball, (you are coming over the top instead of staying behind and inside). If you want to hit the fade, play the ball in your normal position, aim the clubface where you want the ball to start, set up left and swing further left than where the face is pointing, (assuming you are a righty).
  15. Yeah...she's a good puppers though! I'll scratch some seed in there with some peat moss and it will bounce back in no time, (hopefully with that bare spot beside the bunker as well).
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