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  1. I think most amateurs stall and flip at the bottom because they try to move the club too much in the horizontal plane with their arms. They are trying to swing the club around their body with their arms instead of their pivot. This results in the lead hand moving out towards the ball in the downswing which leaves the club face open to the path late. The body stall is a reaction to the player having to stand the shaft up and rotate the face closed to find the ball at impact, (the body stops to allow time for this). How much body rotation a player needs in order to play golf well would depen
  2. I think the underlying reason why most people have a torso that stalls is because they are moving their lead hand towards the ball from the top which leaves the clubface wide open. The result is that the player has to stand the handle up at impact and roll the club face to find the ball and the body has to stall to accommodate this. In order for body rotation to work in the swing, the club face, shaft, hands, have to be in a position to accommodate. You watch a golf swing and it looks like it is an around the body game and it is to an extent, but I think most amateurs try to move the club t
  3. It's a bit of an exaggeration but feel like in your downswing, you are dropping the clubhead on the ground to the right of your trail foot, (if you are a right handed player). You can't do it if your shoulders are open too soon.
  4. Your arms can be short if you roll the club inside on the takeaway. Doing this can pin the trail elbow against your side instead of having it come off of your chest. (I know this all to well!)
  5. I used to add an extra wrap under my right hand for that same reason. For the past 3 years I have used the Golf Pride CP2 Pro grip which has a reduced taper and I love it. I don't bother with the extra wrap on my right hand anymore. The grips stay soft and seem to retain their tack for a long time.
  6. The Swing Plane Perfector is the Cadillac version though I believe Tour Striker makes a similar item and I've seen one called The Swing Plate. I've also seen people turn a range bucket upside down and place the rod through the holes in the bucket like the photo below.
  7. Thanks! It never gets old, I still drive super slow into the driveway so I can admire it each time! My chipping and pitching has seen a bit of a resurgence. The rest of my swing on the other hand is trashy....but things could be worse. If only I had room for a driving range.....
  8. Happy for the rain lately and the cooler temperatures for the coming few days. Disease pressure has been pretty low though I do see some hint of what may be dollar spot, (very minor), so I will react accordingly as well as apply some nitrogen via Urea spray hopefully after I get the rest of the lawn cut tonight. (I'm hoping the clouds in the picture are all talk....). My short game and putting are seeing the benefit of this gem but the rest of my game is a bit of a mess right now.
  9. I think getting back to scratch would be easier than starting at say a 3 index never having been a scratch. I say this because I am in the same boat as you, there are situations on the course that you are able to handle better having played off of scratch since you have some experience to help carry you through them. Once you've been a scratch and your handicap rises for whatever reason, you always tend to expect to be better, (because you have been).
  10. Yes, agree. You should also pay attention to your playing partner's putts and chips around the hole as well. Never miss a chance to get some clues. Good players do this but often higher handicaps are off in their own world.
  11. On short putts sure, this forces you to keep your head still and make a good stroke however, not watching the ball takes away the excellent opportunity to get a read on your next putt if you happen to miss. You should always watch the ball if you miss the putt so that you know what the putt does coming back...since you can control line, you want to pay attention to every opportunity to get a good read for future scenarios.
  12. Thanks Rich, So the sling of the arms is a result of the arms staying up while the middle turns out of the way? Lately I seem to be getting the best results when I feel like I am leaving my arms / hands alone for a moment while my belt buckle rotates, (hopefully I explained that well enough). When I get it right I don't feel like I have to manipulate my arms and hands at all, they just flow through impact.
  13. Chalk that up to the first time I've been mistaken for Rory! Trust me, I'm shorter and fatter and have all sorts of issues! The one in the picture is called 'The Swing Plane Perfector' and can be found online. It's fairly expensive but looks to be pretty compact and well made. There are others as well but I think it is a great looking tool and I intend to get something like it.
  14. I think plane is the important part here. I wonder if more people worked on swing plane and path, if they would improve faster. Learning and associating a feel with where the clubhead is supposed to be in space. I really like the idea of the swing plane perfector and DTL video checkups. I might be wrong, but learning to move the clubhead on the intended plane and path through impact kind of makes shallowing take care of itself doesn't it? I think old school swing advice like 'swing to first base', has created a bunch of dumped under players who move to right side bend too early.
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