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  1. I don't farm....unless you count the chickens and tomatoes...I just live in the middle of it and wouldn't trade it for anything!
  2. Beauty night here tonight and not many of them left for this season. We have had a couple early frost events, (check out the corn in the background, and the dead crabgrass to the left of the green), and the sweetcorn across the road was shipped to the canner earlier this week, as evident by the husks littering the ditch. Fall is awesome! Today was lawn day and everything is cut and equipment put away. I like to admire my work afterwards while I enjoy a pint and have introduced myself to several good local craft beers in the process. Some lessons learned in this adventure are that I need t
  3. Do you have a park nearby? Lay a towel down and hit to it. It won't be the same as watching a ball check and roll out on the green, but you will be able to work on trajectory carry distance at least.
  4. His book is a good read if you can find it for a decent price, (it's out of print). I found it on Amazon for $8.00 once but now it is $65, though you can buy a Kindle version for $13.00.https://www.amazon.com/s?k=george+knudson+natural+golf&crid=MREQENLBTTNR&sprefix=george+knudson%2Caps%2C181&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_14
  5. A lot of the old school players had an inside and over delivery. When I say 'over', I mean they returned it over top of the plane that they took it away on. It's possible to do this and still strike the ball from an inside path.
  6. I have 3 standard size cups that are the 4" practice green depth. I thought about a small hole, but you can do the same thing by placing tees in the ground.
  7. The benefit of working from home is a quick nip out for some practice after a lunch time mow. Cut height is now around 7/32" and I am able to putt though it is still slow because I'm not at final height. Topdressing yesterday helped and I have decided just to continue lowering the height and to let the cutworm damage grow in slowly over time. Probably an overseed in the spring. Bad news is that there is a frost warning tonight...
  8. So good! 12 years ago my now wife and I eloped and got married in Newfoundland. It was supposed to be at Humber Valley Resort, (another amazing course), but unfortunately it went bankrupt while we were on the ferry. The good news is that we met the owner at the gates and I got to play it with my friend who I invited as my witness, as the only two players on the course, (it hadn't been cut for a couple days), because he felt bad about our story. In the end...the bankrupt / elopement story actually makes for a funny memory and we still laugh about it. Anyway...on our drive back to Ontario
  9. If you can find it online, there is a Shell Wonderful World Of Golf that he played at Cape Breton Highlands where he put on a display of ball striking. I love watching his swing! Also, there is cool....and there is George Knudson Cool! Harry Higgs has nothing on this deep V!!! Golf needs more 5 button shirts. Also...when he finished second in the Masters in 1969, he wore his sunglasses in the Butler Cabin interview....total Bad*SS move!
  10. His method if followed is a very good way to 'de-clutter' your mind. It is very easy to think about too much during the swing, and focusing on a particular position, or feel, often slows us down and has an impact on our timing. I really like his stuff and read his book frequently. This video,..ignore the cheesy production value, is full of gold I think. Golf, like any sport is best played as a reaction...for instance, a batter doesn't think about mechanics when he is swinging, but rather reacts to the moving ball...a hockey player shooting a one timer reacts to a moving puck. Where golf i
  11. Today it occurred to me, (not sure why it took so long), that the bare spots from the cutworm damage could possibly be repaired like ball marks to help speed the process of filling in. I fixed a bunch and it looks better but it will take a month of Sundays to complete. Here is a before and after picture of one area as well as a video to show how I went about things. The seat cushion was to rest my knees on so I didn't wear holes in the grass. Before After repair The process
  12. I don't agree with this. Any halfway decent putter will score much better hitting 13-14 greens than missing greens. Frustration because birdie putts aren't falling is much better than frustration because you couldn't make 4 -5 footers to get up and down for par after missing greens. Shooting bogey free rounds is rare, even somewhat rare for touring pros, so breaking 70 on a par 72 for most people is going to require 4-5 birdies minimum. You are much more likely to break 70 by two putting for par a lot of times vs trying to get up and down for par, and, to make the 4-5 birdies, you need to
  13. Such a great post here! At my best I was a +2 though our course was shortish and I was lucky enough to win our club championship 4 times. Now with two small kids and only playing once or twice per week, my index is around 2 and what has kept me there is an overwhelming belief that my game is always better than what is shown. I was a +2 once and I will get there again,...bottom line, if you don't believe you are better, you won't get better. The advice about being rock solid from 6 feet is absolutely it and...learn to love your wedges and the challenge of getting up and down. I can't reme
  14. Tonight I lowered the height of cut of the green to a hair under 0.25" and I raised the height of cut of the collar and approach to 0.875" after the scalp at 0.75" last week. The cutworm damage is healing, (slower than I would like), and some of the seed I spread over the past couple weeks is trying it's best to germinate. The weather for the past week has been cool, overcast and damp and if it cooperates on the weekend, the green and approach will both get another round of topdressing. I'll be looking to lower the height of cut again next week to get closer to putting height. The cut heig
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