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  1. Had the chance to swing both and they are beauties. The TSi2 was my ticket.. I simply can't miss with this thing. The alignment aide in person, is super clean. I cannot wait to get this thing in hand so I can stare at it all through winter...
  2. Lobster rolls, Miso Cod and Korean BBQ
  3. 3 more days and I get to see these for myself. Need some good weather to roll up from that Gulf Coast, tho..
  4. dropkicked

    Bad look

    Hi, Rebel here... Long pants in colder spring weather brings out the long colorful argyles.. Chilly spring/summer mornings brings out the shorts and long socks (Sylish Argyles, in my ode to Payne.. Also great to see the millennial's adopting this trend. ) In mid summer heat it's shorts with lo-pros, all day every day.. Never thought to look at another mans legs... so that's good.
  5. TT, was outed a few times that I could tell. Jay Coffin, did a great job.
  6. Dam, that Tsi3 fwy looks so sweet.. I'm interested to see if it unseats my 917f3. Cannot wait for my fitting.. just need 10*C or higher! lol
  7. 10 lbs in 2 weeks.. guys tripping out on whey protein
  8. Great to hear this. I am also coming from a 917 D3 -8.5*. Still 10 more days away from my fitting and I am hoping for a warm spell.. lol Thanks for posting and sharing.
  9. Spot on.. It would actually cost more once you tack on the brokerage fees of the various shippers.
  10. I feel your pain brother.. Just hoping a stock shaft offering works for me.. 2 more weeks and I'll have a chance to test for myself. Thanks for sharing the info,
  11. Ok, you're right I was slightly harsh,
  12. Add fan's into the mix and he won't win again.. Buddy seemed to twitch and reset if a leave fell from a tree..:) Having fan's in attendance really does change the environment and I can see why many of these journeymen (who are all incredible golfers) fail to succeed.
  13. When BAD Plays well.. When the Big Cat steps out of his car in the parking lot !
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