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  1. Miso Soup or Salmon Sashimi Salad Marinated & Grilled Black Cod or Prawn Tempura Wagyu Beef Sliders or Chicken Karaage Roasted Green Tea Pudding or Black Sesame Ice Cream ......
  2. I played 3 rounds over the weekend so I missed most of the Masters, but everywhere I turned either had the final round on TV, or had TV's with many eyes on the match. I can't see how viewership was down, other than the possiblity that most of the east coast is finally able to golf. Congrats to "decki"!! He's a worthy champion.
  3. So the below is directly from Scotty's site regarding the Special Select line....
  4. TSi2.. fitted in fall of 2020 and made my first swings 3 weeks ago.. Love it
  5. That's ridiculous.. I buy some high end MF towels for detailing my cars and even they aren't that outrageous.
  6. Scotty's site host, definitely had some issues today... I've got a 1.5gb fiber connection and while I was able to add the cover to my cart the checkout was quite slow. Happy I was able to complete it, even though it was much slower than normal.
  7. This is directly from scotty's site for the special select line.. "a solid milled putter head for amazing feel"
  8. @OP, find yourself a Titlest Thursday fitting somewhere near you. It's free and would at the very least give you more data.. Perhaps an option would be looking for a gently used set of 718 AP2's or T100's?
  9. Mr Clean magic eraser, should help to get the dirt off.
  10. I was told they would ship out on the 26th. So without any delays, we should be getting calls by tomorrow.
  11. Hybrid and 3w. But I love both and they will never leave my bag..
  12. They could've made it work with the Canadian Open.... Raptors should have had home games. Maple Leaf square can house and isolate all of the visiting teams. They could take over the King Eddy and have escorts with the team buses.. Fly into Billy Bishop ... so many options but they weren't thinking.
  13. If in good shape I will give them to whomever needs a pair.
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