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  1. That sucks to hear man.. But, it may be prudent to have your order in now... Supply chain issues will only get worse as far as I can tell.. GL!
  2. I've heard and seen an unusually high number of turkeys this year... making all sorts of crazy noises... some were even birds...
  3. Surely, Big John did this already..
  4. Are you currently gaming a NP3? I am a long time #9 head guy.. You may want to look at mallet putters with short slant necks...
  5. Budget/Preference/Playability.... All subjective for each and every individual. If you're enjoying the round, it really doesn't matter. Play Well!
  6. I think you made a wise decision.. Toronto, is a fantastic city (416- Born and Raised..).. but best to be enjoyed outside of any pandemic restrictions.. If you visit next summer there will much more fun to be had.. and we have some fantastic courses available for public play!
  7. It's all golf brother.. get the ball into the hole ... madness..
  8. ^Yes. I dropped a bill on Morikawa and only got him at +1600... BUT I got Mac Hughes at +15000!!! LFG MAC!
  9. After playing some rounds now, I definitely noticed a difference in "feel" from my px 5.5.. I've also noticed that the face carries a small amount of transfer from the ball (attached pic).. what I realized today is that the milling on the face is much deeper (noticeable to the touch) on the Triple Black x 9.5.... really loving this thing
  10. So our fall conditions are somewhat in the same temp range.. During the last weeks of play here (in Toronto, Canada) we will often have frost delays in the morning and when this happens I throw on a pair of fitted fleece pants (often found available in outdoors stores) when I am riding. They are breathable and light. Warmer days I will normally wear a very thin cotton based long underwear with my regular golf pants on top. For upper body I always wear a long sleeve wicking base layer, possibly a dry-fit golf shirt on top, then either a fleece full-zip up or thin cashmere sweater. Then have my goretex golf jacket on top. A toque or beenie, is a must along with a warm pair of winter gloves (mitten style) and a warm muffler/neck gator) I wear heat-tech socks from Uniqlo with my water proof(ed) golf shoes. And I have some friends who wear 2 gloves, during fall/winter play. GL and play well!
  11. I have 3 rounds in with my Triple Black x 9.5.. another 3 rounds coming this weekend..
  12. Post up your pic bud.. lots of knowledgeable ppl on this board.
  13. I played with a few college golfers this season who were very fast and they were using 3i ( I think, it could have been 2i) to play to those yardages... not sure why some are bagging on the OP, but some people are just fast and have incredible length.. Par 5's, I'm grabbing 3w and they grab irons..
  14. I live in Toronto... just fyi... I am sure you have some great fitters in AZ.. and I know that [email protected] has made quite a name for himself online.. but if you're coming here anytime after Nov.. brace yourself!
  15. I'm not certain but if we do see an OTR, H20, than I'd expect an OTR, 9.5 release for 2023.... purely speculative..
  16. He's young, has boat loads of cash, hot wife, highly marketable.... hard to sympathize with the guy.. I mean.... he's living a great life! Imagine if he finds his groove and wins a major?.... GWRX go...
  17. Max had a good twitter account, but he's not moving any needles... The criteria was listed in that article so the players themselves should have a good idea where they stand.. "According to his reporting, the "Impact Score" is based largely on a player's digital footprint, including search volume, Nielsen Brand ratings, Q rating and overall social media and digital impact. Here's the complete list, as far as we know: Popularity in Google searches Nielsen Brand Exposure rating (“rounds 3 and 4,” a PGA Tour spokesperson wrote in an email to SI.com) Q-Rating MVP Index rating, which “calibrates the value of the engagement a player drives across social and digital channels” Meltwater Mentions (a social-media monitoring tool)"
  18. I like the feel as well.. also found that I like the red dotted sight lines. px 5.5 is on the bench and likely not coming off.. lol
  19. It's slightly larger if anything.. the Face seems almost identical but the fangs on the px 5.5, definitely seem a bit longer... I haven't actually measured them both, but I notice it when I put the Face's back to back. Hang should be identical.
  20. When I compared to my px 5.5, the size difference was minor, but noticeable..
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