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  1. Wow there is some serious Titleist love. I have massively resisted the urge to demo them. Going to stick to my Mavrik Subs since they didnt get used much last year due to COVID.
  2. You can hit some absolute missiles with these. Great off the tee. horrible chipping and putting though. They feel heavy/dead and don’t spin loads on chips. last version of platinum range was a nice ball. Great value
  3. What club are you a member at ? looks impressive - ours at Worksop is laughable. Looks like a 70s soviet primary school. Luckily the course is brilliant
  4. The old No Return late into the back 9 when you have a great score going - usually because of 1 or 7 errant tee shots
  5. @RolandofGilead yes I have tried the smoke black but really hated it. It actually felt less stout than the yellow and I was really inconsistent with it. Not sure if it’s because I was using the stock offerings from titleist. the Handcrafted version from the original lineup play much stouter than the mass produced ones. They give much better feedback and less vibration too. I really think smoke yellow 6.5 could be the one for you though if you like that counterbalanced feel. Helps you swing within yourself at 80% too rather than the OG black where you are like - I MUST mu
  6. From what I have seen, none of the new heads are as low spin as the sub zero models have been previously. The MAX LS is 'lower spin' not low spin (if that makes sense). Basically stating that its less spin than the Max. I think the Speed is supposed to be the lowest spinning head out the 3 and what the pros seem to be playing (albeit with a weight forward). I actually like callaway but companies that hold back models i find really frustrating.
  7. @RolandofGilead im in the same wheelhouse as yourself in regards to swing speed. If you are talking about the Original HZRUDUS yellow i did game a 6.5 but in the 63g (?) version. Found it pretty stout feeling in all honesty and struggle to close the face up at impact. Really low spin and launch but a bit of action in the tip. I have tried the black in 6.0 and 6.5 and once again - little to no feel. The smoke lineup is completely different though. Just more feels throughout and the Yellow Smoke is much more friendly. Very similar launch characteristics and spin too. I f
  8. Man cannot wait to give this a spank. Not sure if the shaft matches the head though. The revolting colour scheme clash will hopefully put my playing partners off their game.
  9. Moving down to a 45.25 playing length. Looking forward to seeing the results. Any shorter i just feel the drop off for distance would be too much. I dont see the point unless you are uncomfortable with a 3 wood / driving iron / hybrid
  10. Patrick would make a fantastic lawyer based on how he bends and perceives rulings. If I was ever charged of murder - Patrick is my guy.
  11. @pb_n_joe your description of what the PX U feels like is actually spot on. I went for it in the end as the standard PX 6.0 is just too heavy when I want to really feel like im swinging fast. But performance wise like you mentioned - low/mid launch and spin which is what I was wanting. It just feels a bit meh. I cant describe it. It is more lively than the standard PX but horrendous vibrations on poor shots and it feels like it cracks into place rather than smoothly bends. Love the Callaway head though. Such a nice, clean profile and feels like an iron.
  12. Personally the MP20 MMC are the most blade like in their appearance at address. Side by side with the MP20 MB they are incredibly similar. as mentioned the T100 are another alternative but they are definitely a little thicker in their appearance and definitely sole. They are however pretty compact heal to toe. Maybe the Blueprints or i-blade from Ping could be a good option too. Also potentially the new Callaways. Literally is a true blade with added forgiveness
  13. The stock shaft offerings are absolutely the most premium I think we have seen in a driver line up? Do we have any confirmation that this is the case? I just find it incredible you can just get a $275 shaft (Fujikura Motore X) that hasn't been specially created for the product. If these are indeed the 'full retail' shafts that you can purchase on the aftermarket - then Cobra have done an amazing job in securing them for the line-up and I am also assuming the driver will be moderately priced. You cannot go wrong from a value perspective looking at the initial testing fr
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