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  1. @pb_n_joe your description of what the PX U feels like is actually spot on. I went for it in the end as the standard PX 6.0 is just too heavy when I want to really feel like im swinging fast. But performance wise like you mentioned - low/mid launch and spin which is what I was wanting. It just feels a bit meh. I cant describe it. It is more lively than the standard PX but horrendous vibrations on poor shots and it feels like it cracks into place rather than smoothly bends. Love the Callaway head though. Such a nice, clean profile and feels like an iron.
  2. Personally the MP20 MMC are the most blade like in their appearance at address. Side by side with the MP20 MB they are incredibly similar. as mentioned the T100 are another alternative but they are definitely a little thicker in their appearance and definitely sole. They are however pretty compact heal to toe. Maybe the Blueprints or i-blade from Ping could be a good option too. Also potentially the new Callaways. Literally is a true blade with added forgiveness
  3. The stock shaft offerings are absolutely the most premium I think we have seen in a driver line up? Do we have any confirmation that this is the case? I just find it incredible you can just get a $275 shaft (Fujikura Motore X) that hasn't been specially created for the product. If these are indeed the 'full retail' shafts that you can purchase on the aftermarket - then Cobra have done an amazing job in securing them for the line-up and I am also assuming the driver will be moderately priced. You cannot go wrong from a value perspective looking at the initial testing fr
  4. Just wondering if anybody had tried the Project X U in the new Callaway X Forged UT and how it compares to something like the PXI? struggling to find much information about its launch characteristics and spec. Will be trying it soon but I don’t want the shaft to be one of those floppier steel hybrid shafts. Looking at something low launching but lighter.
  5. Big Titleist fan but with the shocking mid-term releases and holding back models think I will be skipping the new line. Mavrik much better than the TS lineup anyways. a new weighting system will be a welcome change however.
  6. The lad needs a Valium or 12. He’s like your neighbours new dog. Means well but won’t stop yapping.
  7. Im a left hand low guy too and struggle with long range putting. Especially on slow greens. just extending the stroke and counting 1 (pull putter back) and 2 (swing to ball and extend) really helped me. Tempo is key for LHL in order to get the strike right as you do sacrifice feel in my opinion
  8. Like the idea of that. surely a new model will be released soon though ?
  9. It’s the other way for me. recently got fit into an X flex for the Sub zero and I was telling the fitter I didn’t want an X ! tried them in the past but I always felt I had to swing harder for the shaft to work. Finally got over this and it’s working a treat. It still feels like more work and that I’m swinging slower since there’s less torque but I’m much more consistent looking at perhaps getting an X in my 3 wood now too....
  10. Looking to replace the Apex hybrid in my bag With a driving iron with a steel shaft (thinking C-taper lite or pxi) i really struggle to flight clubs down so loft wise I would be looking around the 18 degree mark. I don’t want a massive sole or oversized head (crossover / u510 are far too large) I do want something that is low launching and forgiving though. Iv hit the U500 and P790 and like them both. They are a bit tough to hit from a tight lie but are not that forgiving I hit the old Callaway driving iron (apex). Looked a bit clunky but performed good. The current X forged UT looks great
  11. So I have recently bought a Mavrik 10.5 with the Aldila Rogue White x-stiff shaft. It is a weapon and the dispersion is really strong However - out on the course it seems to be flying really really high and I feel as if I’m losing distance due to literally no roll. thinking of going for a 9 degree head.... before I pull the trigger though what are typical the spin and launch differences between a 10.5 and a 9 head would I see massive differences?
  12. Exactly like that!!! Did you find my broken club ?? terrible day - it still hurts
  13. The Pro DHY has to be my favourite club of all time. Nice aldila blue shaft in it and was an absolute monster and well ahead of its time in terms of club design and performance characteristics the club face shattered for me though a few years back and it put me off getting a replacement though
  14. Really solid ball and like the TXG video - it kills the spin on irons like nothing else and I think this is the biggest selling point. I think it feels amazing of the putter as well - actually prefer it to the Pro V1. Driver.... meh not my favourite performance. It doesnt seem to fly off the face with the woods.
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