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  1. Hi All, User Bigarch gave me this idea to post my question here, and Jiggered already answered in the other thread. George Sayers Putter, says rustless and hand forged in Scotland on the sole. Haven't heard anything about this brand before today. Head is an 8802 style. Never seen one and google is of no help. Any information is much appreciated. Has a 3502 and a bird stamped in the flange. TIA
  2. Hello All, Haven't heard anything about this brand before today. Head is an 8802 style. Never seen one and google is of no help. Any information is much appreciated. TIA
  3. Well I know that, but the shaft steps are obviously unique. Dynamic gold shafts have their own unique step pattern, as do KBS tour, which look somewhat similar, but still unique to their own model and brand. I’m looking for a club maker with thousands of shafts who may know what this step pattern I listed is. I’ve searched the web and compared against the numerous shafts I have (probably 400+) and can’t find a match. did you read the whole post? I listed out the steps and distance between each step, and also noted what each photo represents
  4. Also, the photos are in order as follows; 1) whole shaft, 2) 2 2” steps, 3) 1.5” and 3 1” steps, 4) 2.75” and 2 1” (with a little bit of a 1” near the bottom of the photo) thanks
  5. I have a set of irons with no shaft labels, no silk screen, and I have no way to blow a grip off without cutting them, and they are Iomic's that I do not want to have to pay to replace one. The shafts in question remind me of an XP, but they are not. They have that large space where the XP shaft label goes, but lack the short steps right near that area. I also thought DG Pro, but not those either. Step pattern from tip goes, 2" 2", 1.5" 1", 1", 1", 2.75" (where I would expect a shaft label) 1", 1" Any help is much appreciated.
  6. No problem. Just trying to do my part seeing as I have a set in hand. Will help people to know what to look for when looking for a new set. Any other people who notice differences, please chime in. Thanks
  7. I saw your thread about the eBay guys selling PXG just by googling fake PXG 0311 XF. Amazing no one on eBay shut the listings down. I'm glad mine didn't sell. I want no part of the counterfeit market. Mine do not have SN's I wasn't aware that all clubs from PXG will always have an SN. I remember there being certain models of clubs from manufacturers like Callaway, who on random models didn't use serial numbers, so I didn't think it was all that suspicious.
  8. Real modus shaft on bottom in these three photos. The color is slightly off between the real and fake.The lines next to NS Pro are much closer than on the fakesFont is narrower on the fake shafts2nd photo font issues again2nd photo Made in Japan is correctly under the Flex3rd photo Made in Japan is under the Nippon sign incorrectlyThat's as much as I have on these. Hopefully this can help someone else out there questioning authentic PXG's. Thanks All
  9. I worked in golf retail for a long time and am pretty good at spotting fake clubs. I was out of the business full time right around the time PXG came out, so I have to say I'm not the best at knowing exactly what to look for on these clubs. I picked up at set with one of the local shops I work with (I run my own side business helping some local shops move trade ins) and listed them on eBay. Luckily, a person who had purchased a few (real) sugar daddy wedges from me started asking me about why I was selling fake clubs. I had no clue I was and removed them after he pointed one thing out which ma
  10. Real set, notice font on hosel, straight edges on the top of the M, the A is completely off in the OP The plastic wrap on the head is not right also. The real wrap is likely done by a machine. The one in the OP looks poor. See a new P790 I have
  11. Scottys use a serial number etched on the shaft. High end shaft manufacturers laser etch serial numbers on shafts as well. Below are two SCs I have right now, two different font styles, but def legit. The 7 in the OP is curved and the real one should be straight as in the lower club in my photo. Also the font stays the same width throughout each number where the OPs doesn’t.
  12. Didn't read comments, fake from the first photo of the serial number. The real font looks nothing like that. Hopefully you can get a refund
  13. Regardless, why wouldn't you go through a different retailer to buy the full club at $399 vs the head only at $399. Buy the club, sell the shaft. If this guy is buying components separate, he's likely ordering a tip as well, which would be included if you bought the full club (if you didn't mind paying to have a shaft pulled from the tip)
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