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  1. Been playing with this feeling with swings without a ball in my living room. It was (for me) only a little adjustment to get 95 percent of the weight on my lead leg at the end of the swing. Let's hope I keep a positive AoA with my drive, because it feels like I hit the ball early in my swing arc (because of the weight shift). Will go to the DR soon and try to make a video analysis. I think training a feeling and confirming it with video is one of the best forms of training. Ballflight and contact will come later in the training and improve over time when everything settles in naturally.
  2. Wow thanks for the quick and thorough reply. Loving the pictures as a comparison. I've got something to work on. I'm gonna give it a go. Since starting this first change (using the left leg as a power source) I gained a lot of consistency and an extra 5 to 10 yards.
  3. Two videos of my swing. Been working on using my left leg as a power unit during the downswing. It also shallowed my former steep AoA. Any comments and tips are greatly appreciated
  4. Been following this thread again, but haven't commented in a while. It seems like you are back on track. Let's hope that it stays for golf as well as your personal life. I think the ntc drill and the lessons are the most important factor for the improvement seen in golf. Keep practicing. I recently found my swing again and am shooting low 80s again. It was due to practice practice and some more practice. Got rid of swing thoughts and am left with a swing feeling. Keep on the sunny side !
  5. I also had many thoughts and promises (next time I will remember this ...), But now I stopped. I have one feeling that I want to feel during my practice swing, after that it's bombs away. And after a few golf rounds I end up on the range telling me how to swing totally forgetting that feeling.. golf...
  6. Thoughts are with you and your family. Maybe golf can act as a distraction. Good luck with the drills. Let's hope they will give you more consistency in your swing.
  7. I think the mobile version is much cleaner, just like the overall look. I think this new look definitely is a step up since the last forum.
  8. sounds like typical early extension misses and flipping of the wrists. although I would expect more of a push fade/ block right then a normal fade with the driver.
  9. I think you made the right move going back to the cb's. They are made to help you. Now try to focus on the lessons and really try to ingrain the new swing. This means not only at the driving range, but also at home, under the shower, in the living room, in the garden or maybe even on your roof. Practice the new moves, get muscle memory. This will help get you to the next level.
  10. Didn't you know? For Ben Hogan to appear, you have to say his name three times into a corn cob and walk around the green for 1 minute. After this the field of dreams will do it's magic. Great picture and still a great project. I'm impressed.
  11. Wow sounds like a good pro. Good luck with the 18. Usually after a lesson the rounds play like sh*t... But sounds like he gave you a nice few starters to build from. Good luck.
  12. What kind of apron are you going to make? Just the normal grass lying around cut a little bit lower?
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