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  1. The probability while golfing like this, without extra lessons, extra training and so on?
  2. I think you are asking the wrong question. No brain, nerve system and muscle can decide this in 2 milliseconds. Yet we can influence our downswing and our movements. Training the feeling of the UD early in our swing can ingrain this in our system, so that when we start our swing at normal speed UD will happen and improve our swing. Do the right question is: what can we do to make the right sequence happen in our golfswing. The answer I think should be: training the right moves at a slower speed. Following a training program like NTC can improve a lot of 2 millisecond downswings
  3. @bortass Monte has a new video series on early extension. Worth checking out, i think adresses your problem.
  4. Still, starting with a sound setup and solid backswing gets your body into the position to perform the swing. These two can be taught with positions and a mirror. Things happening in transition and during downswing are indeed motions that create positions, not the other way around.
  5. I think long Irons are too hard for mid to high handicapped players. They are just a bad choice compared to hybrids and woods. Anyone with a swingspeed (driver) below 95mph should ditch 4i-5i and stronger imho.
  6. I think any player can benefit, as it is a complete and simple fundamental approach to the swing. Helped me big time (7hcp). And very cheap
  7. Let's hope a beautiful green field is lying underneath that white carpet. Still loving this thread
  8. Maybe take a look at the ben Hogan website. Good Irons good price. Nice new driver, must be like a kid in a candystore
  9. @BigTerp1524 Nice topic. Loving the change already. I can see many similarities with met swingchanges at the moment. I agree with @TheDeanAbides that getting setup and the backswing positions right, is key for a great swing. Monte Scheinblum has a separate lesson pack in his app for this, worth looking at. keep up the good work. Put in a lot of hours and it will pay off
  10. I mean through impact. The big fault of early extension is a high handle through impact. There's a lot of vids on YouTube about it, bit dont het lost in them all. This is an older video explaining it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvgeb0Q8rsI
  11. Even practice this without ball at home
  12. Consistent toe hits, probably high handle through impact/ early extension. Matches the story of your ballflight. Got to get swinging instead of hitting. Try to move your hips into a sitting position and move the arms out. Just like the Olympic jammer throw (big heavy Cannonball on a rope). Get the hands down on impact. Work on this. It goes hand in hand with a proper cast B. Low hands low hands low hands Typing on phone, dont know how to remove the hidden box
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