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  1. NTC has taught me so much since I started using it. It not only improved my golf game, but it really made me understand the basics of a sound swing. With the knowledge I acquired watching and during practice, I am able to film and correct my l myself. Must note that the understanding part comes over time and is still growing. For years I never knew the importance of recentering. Performing a little 'bump' and swing it on video, has given me insight on stability through my swing. I highly recommend these videos. Watch them, rewatch them, practice a lot, film your swing, talk about it with your local instructor and gain knowledge. You will improve!
  2. Mmm not sure about the space between his legs. This could be camera angle dependent, take a look at the toes for example. Tigers trousers disguise his legs a little bit. But still a little more sitting position after the transition would work wonders. Also not sure why, but I've got the munchies for Doritos right now.
  3. What @TheDeanAbides above states and dont forget the bump. It's bump dump and turn.
  4. The post was not about which club and how far, more about playing a different strategy and with that learning how to play longer more riskier shots.
  5. What is causing the blow up holes in general? We all have them, we all hate them and they all ruin our scorecards I personally don't think it's concentration of tiredness. I think its an overestimation of our abilities and therefore choosing a risky strategy. There are so many elder guys and women on our courses just hitting 100-150 yards straight, never missing a fairway and without the blowup holes. They just don't end up in trouble. Do I think we should play like them? No, I think we should still try those higher reward shots, it is all practice and experience gained. We want to get to a another level, a level where we can hit a green from 180 yards out with an iron from the rough. In a competition: choose wisely, take the drop or chip back to the fairway.
  6. I think arm to 8 is past parallel, because your spine is tilted during a swing.
  7. That's what I was trying to point out. @bortass you are on a journey and slowly improving. I think sticking with NTC, doing the drills (even at home without ball) will get you there. I see what NTC is doing for me and I've improved a lot over the year. Not noticable per week or month, but my swing from a year ago is very different from now.
  8. Good point. Hit it with confidence. Although I'd rather fade it 5 yards shorter, but then...context , Arccos can sort this out. Someone already played a round using only Arccos' caddy advice?
  9. Been sticking with the NTC program for over a year now and finally I can see the results. My transition has become so much better and all EE is gone. Slices are a thing of the past. I told myself that following NTC was something that will take 2-3 years to fully implement and I still think I have a good amount of practice ahead of me. But the program is already showing good results. My advice: stick with it. I also took it to my local pro and he said he could work with it and make a good combination with his views. He got me in to a good set up and back swing positions. From there I practiced transition and cast A a lot. Turned out to be a good combination.
  10. I think every player should practice easy swings instead of full swings. Speed will come with good technique. Practicing 3/4 to easy full shots which do need cast A and B ( if sticking with NTC) is the way to go. I don't think partial swings will mess up distance control. They will ingrain good technique better. But I agree: find a relaxed swing, consistency is key. Half shots are a different kind, they only need cast B.
  11. I think there is a difference between changing your swing mid round and playing a round trying to swing your new swing. Changing mid round is a not preferable, It almost always leads to changing a swing on a shot result per shot. Find your miss and work on that. Not per shot, but 20-30 shots showing the same miss.
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