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  1. Good man! Wilson Staff are so massively underrated especially in the iron department
  2. I have the blades but the V6’s are truly an outstanding iron. Like you mention feel is great and love the traditional lofts. They are still one of the top CB’s out there
  3. Had them in the bag for awhile now, actually prefer the long irons over the short ones. Might just swap the PW for a vokey. Otherwise they are incredible, forgiving, feel great, and I have had some great scores with them in the bag
  4. I’m a big fan of the Apex MB’s from a feel perspective
  5. Much prefer the model it’s replacing to be honest based on looks alone but I will certainly test them when they are out
  6. craz-e

    P7MB vs Z945

    Srixon blades are notoriously easy to hit, very forgiving with a larger/thicker blade size. If you have tried the P7MB’s and they were the stand out performers and you have no issues dropping some serious $$$ on them, go and see a decent club fitter and treat yourself!
  7. Mizuno MP68’s. My first set of blades they helped me a great deal in scoring and enjoyment of the game
  8. I will be giving this a go in the near future. Not a fan of my WS tour PW, just a little too rounded. Will try a 46* Vokey
  9. Peoples golf will look after you
  10. I should really be on some sort of blade commission! Recently converted two friends to a more rewarding side of the game, playing with a set of blades that make your soul tingle. Both were eureka moments for the guys. One ended up with a set of MP20’s after watching him pure shot after shot. The other messaged me today, I let him have a taste of the blade magic last night with my own W/S’s and that was enough to get him hooked, he ended up with a set of Z-Forged, but was also tempted by the Apex MB’s. In his own words he said “he has never felt like he has had so much control over the ball
  11. Yes an 8802 style putter. Thought I was a mallet guy but after trying one of these putting never felt so natural. Now rotate between a newer 8882 or Del Mar putter
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