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  1. Don't play them myself but one of my playing partners does, very forgiving for a blade, plenty of real estate down at address, great feeling and a sole that works well if you have a decent negative angle of attack.
  2. Driver of choice for Bat Man
  3. My two favourites after trying most out there are the Titleist u500 and the Mizuno HMB
  4. My mate plays forged CB's and he has a huge head, struggles to find hats that fit
  5. 4 wedges, 3 different brands PW = Wilson Staff GW = Bettinardi SW = Taylormade LW = Taylormade
  6. Only ever played the wedges, they were spin machines and felt like butter
  7. P7MC should be a little less forgiving, spin more and go about 1/2 a club shorter on average, obviously this depends on the person swinging them. Both great irons though that feel awesome
  8. I would love a fitting like that! I’m gutted these aren’t really an option over here in Australia unless I want to try and fit myself
  9. I certainly do. As others have mentioned in this post SIM 2 seems to be a little more neutral and not as fade biased as OG SIM
  10. First testing on the range. Good time to test as considerable head win. Few shaft swaps seem to indicate SIM2 with the smoke green might give me the best results
  11. One of the best looking MB's out there at the moment for sure
  12. The heavy part excites me but not the part about the high leading edge in the C-grind
  13. Now that sounds like a great fitting
  14. 68's were my gateway to the world of blades. First blade set I owned and got me hooked. Hopefully they bring you the success and satisfaction they gave me!
  15. Haven't had the chance to hit the P7 MB's yes so let us know how they go
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