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  1. Mizuno MMC (if you can find them) Wilson Staff CB Titleist t100 and t100s Callaway apex pro All worth a go
  2. Last time I was measured 105-110 driver swing speed. Prefer a softer ball so fluctuate between the Bridgestone Tour B RXS, Titleist AVX or Callaway Chrome soft Hcap is currently 4.6
  3. Clean! Looks good Odyssey/Toulon keep up the good work, some times less = more
  4. I agree about the Cobra MB's, have a set on order after a recent demo day
  5. Out of those if I was buying I would be picking the Pings, great looking head, feels great better than some forged offerings
  6. In true WRX style have a set of irons from every category, blades to game improvement
  7. Played a few holes earlier today with just the mini driver as an option off the tee. performed damn good did video some shots but unable to load on here
  8. Up until I recently I hadn’t hit anything that wowed up. I had a demo day earlier this week and was booked in for a driver fitting with Titleist. I arrived early as I wanted to hit a few other clubs. I tried the Ping i59 which was good but didn’t stand out in any shape or form, I then walked past the cobra set up and saw the MB’s. I had a quick chat with the rep and hit a few balls. These wowed me, and it’s been a long time since a set of irons did that to me. So by the end of the day new driver was ordered but couldn’t stop thinking about those irons, next day I ordered a set. Picture attached for my benefit so I can keep looking at it until they arrive
  9. Stunning irons, just ordered a set myself
  10. Titleist TSi2 gets my vote
  11. G’day blade lovers. Been a while since I have had anything worthy of posting in this thread, but today I had a demo day and was booked in to get a driver dialled in. Something slim and shiny caught my attention so had to do it justice and give it a whirl. It was the first time I had seen the new Cobra forged MB in the flesh, it is a stunning iron and performs as good as it looks. Although I hadn’t had the opportunity to warm up I didn’t have a hard time hitting these. I am pretty shallow with my irons and the sole width and design of these were as good as I have ever felt. It’s been a while since an iron has jumped out at me like these. I have since returned home and have started to see what clubs can now be sold to help fund the purchase of a set of these! and yes I did also get set up for a new driver
  12. Looking forward to that comparison
  13. I agree on the blade length, doesn't look right to me either
  14. It would be a numbers game for me, not looking for longer, I would pick on control and spin rate
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