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  1. I am surprised the MC doesn't get more love, I recently tested it for the first time and was very impressed with performance and feel
  2. Would love a set of those myself, they are just pure blade porn
  3. Never a truer statement my friend, but temptation always gets the better of me and makes me want to try and normally the buy the latest (not necessarily the greatest!)
  4. Titleist 718 CB Mizuno MP62 Wilson Staff V6
  5. I have spent a lot of money chopping and changing drivers but I have never found one as consistent for my swing as the SIM
  6. Just be good to see Rory winning again!
  7. I certainly am. I have gone through a few sets of blades but nothing can replace the FG59‘s. I just hit them better. I have no idea why! Next contender might be the Callaway APEX MB's
  8. As far as I can remember these were cast but still felt great. Only got to hit them a couple of times back in the day but I always enjoyed hitting them
  9. I am always on the look out for another set on the bay
  10. So recently decided to go back to my W/S FG59’s. The newer W/S tour blades have been sold and moved on already. I can just hit the FG59’s a lot better and they feel more solid. Another failed attempt to move on!
  11. Multiple brands! Vokey and Taylormade
  12. Out of those two I would pick the Wilson Staff's. Just my own personal preference for looks and feel
  13. 945 Still wins for me from a look at address standpoint, much prefer that sharper toe.
  14. I have always been impressed with the Callaway MB's, great size and feel
  15. Over here in Australia I have been told around 6 weeks!
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