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  1. Even though I said Anser 2 above, if it was an option I would say Pal all day. I love this shape. I'm disappointed it never really caught on. Ping has never really made a modern Pal, and no other manufacturers ever emulate this shape. Something about those huge bumpers really promote stability for me, in a very small head. I still have some old ones I rotate into the bag at least once a season.
  2. I somehow missed this thread after a revived a similar thread talking about pitching wedges. My PW is 45 degrees, but goes 145-50. I carry a 50 degree that goes 124 which is a massive gap between that and my set PW. The problem with set pitching wedges on distance irons (I play 919 Hot Metal Pros) is they go way too far to transition into a traditional blade wedge setup. I'm going to pick up a 46 degree wedge, likely a Vokey, which I'm hoping will go about 135 to fill that gap. I go from a 5 wood to a 4 hybrid, so I have extra room at the bottom of the bag for more wedges.
  3. Interesting. What is your gapping between your PW and the 50 degree Jaws?
  4. What kind if irons do you play? Are they blades, or forged cavity backs?
  5. I find with modern distance irons, the PW goes too far. I play JPX 919 pros, and my PW flies close to 150. I have an MD3 50 degree wedge which carries 125. So I need a 46 degree non-set wedge to go about 135.
  6. I beg to differ. That thing is stunning!
  7. Anser 2 for me. I prefer the sharper lines as most have said. Also, the longer length heel to toe is the major decider for me. For some reason I'm able to square the face much better with that added length. I tend to close the face too much with an Anser or hit it off the toe too much, and end up pulling a lot of putts. Also, the tri-sole option as MattM97 mentioned, is a huge plus.
  8. This is easily the best looking putter I've ever seen, especially with that little shine spot in the cavity. What does the face look like?
  9. I was curious about the toe flow based on the shaping, so that's really helpful. Thanks for the info!
  10. Any info on these putters? I can't seem to find anything about them regarding feel or comparables. Were they not that popular? With the plumbers neck, do they play similar to a Newport?
  11. This may have already been mentioned, but apparently this will be seeded on the Japanese LPGA Tour first with an Asian market released expected before North America. It's not supposed to be released in the US until early 2021. This was mentioned by Jonathan Wall on the Fully Equipped podcast.
  12. Never ever ditch an MD3 wedge...
  13. For a company that revolutionized putters by making a simple, clean, effective putter, they’ve completely abandoned that ethos. I just want them to make something clean and simple. I don’t need the two tone colour of the Heppler with the flimsy adjustable shaft.
  14. Ping hasn’t made a good putter in years. Most of their recent putters are ugly or feel awful and it’s ruining their legacy as a legendary putter company. They need to sell their PLD putters at retail. It’s telling that almost no Ping staffer plays a retail Ping.
  15. It doesn't confirm anything. I was just pointing out that it wasn't the regular Mavrik he was hitting hooks with. As you point out it was the Sub Zero which he wasn't even fit into. I was just pointing out that I thought it was weird he switched into that. Especially after he said he hated anything sub zero
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