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  1. I am left handed played to a 4 had first knee done when 58. I had my left knee done 3 years ago worked out before to get as strong as possible .Played golf in about 4 months. Back playing like before surgery in 6-7 months. I did lose distance at first then distance did come back. I thought I would get a few years out of right knee. I had other knee replaced 2 years ago this December 18th. Progressed faster than 1st one for first month then slowed down. Life and work got priorities over golf. Started playing more in September good results and broke 80 for first time 3 weeks ago. Just remember e
  2. Ping G400 I liked better than max numbers also better.
  3. I have gone to open at pebble since 92. In 2000 watched Tiger in practice round with my Mom. I will be there Thursday to Saturday. I know weekend will be crazy. Should be fun. Go Tiger. Scott
  4. Payment sent for Nippon 105R 4-pw pulls with grips. Thanks, Scott
  5. I just turned 61 I have played since I was 11. I have had a few breaks of a couple of years from work and family. When kids finished with sports started playing again late 30’s. My lowest handicap was 3.2. I had left knee replaced 2 years ago. After I recovered had one of my best years ever handicap 4.5. Last year had other knee replaced . Little longer recovery getting better now. My distance in younger days was maybe not the longest but not the shortest. Last 5 years that has changed, A good drive is 250 total. I have accepted it and have started carrying more hybrids. Working with a 6 iron
  6. I am sorry to hear that. He hit the best shot I have ever seen in person. He was playing the PGA at Rivera in the 90’s. Hit his drive right of trees on the 11th. His ball landed on a maintenance road that was dirt that was as hard as cement. He could have taken a drop but would have been in thick rough so he decided to hit off the road. He hit a wooden three wood over the trees with a slight fade. I can still see it . Coolest shot I ever witnessed. Scott
  7. I play as a single a lot. I will skip holes come back and play them latter. That has not happened to me. I think I would say sorry and drive off not giving him a opportunity to rant. Like some people have said some people are jerks. Scott
  8. Went to LA open in 1975. I was a Junior in HS.My sister was going to UCLA. My mom and myself went to visit.She bought tickets for the weekend. Some reason Nicklaus didn’t play, would have been something to see in his prime. We fallowed Palmer mostly.It was great his drives were something to see. He was as long as most.Also watched Sam Snead what a swing. Watched Johnny Miller also. Saw Doug Sanders at the range one day all green shirt,pants,shoes and glove other day was violet. Watched Hubert Green also quiet a ball striker. On one hole Arnie was talking to someone by us and said see you later
  9. I am a 4. Shot 71 hitting 17 greens. Was on fringe on green I missed which I used a putter and didn't get up and down. Had 2 birdies.Have shot lower before but that was a day it seemed Iike I couldn't miss. I played the blue tees . I was 59 at that time. Shows you can have your best ball striking round ever at a older age. I also played in a Ryder Cup format at my home course at end of year. Last day was singles my opponent was a 6 handicap playing Adams MB2. I thought I could be in some trouble. I closed him out on 17 I was 4 under,he was a good 6. Scott
  10. I had my left knee done last September. Hit golf balls after 8 weeks. Played before thanksgiving. But it took a good 8 months until I felt comfortable going at it full speed. I was 58 and I play to a 4. Keep up with your bike work and stretching. Don't get discouraged when progress slows once you are getting close to the range of motion you want on new knee. I had my other knee done 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to no knee pain in 2018. Keep up the work. Scott
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