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  1. Hey smashdn, I played RSG in March of 2019. This meant the 'other' was pretty reduced, but you could see pretty well where it would be. Here are some photos: The upside down approach to 7: The approach to 8: The Tee to green at 11 And the green and surrounds at 17: You'll have to be the judge as to the widths, but to me they seem somewhat similar. I don't know if the fairways were narrowed at all and the rough brought in to match the new fairways. A course that used to be loc
  2. Wilson FG Tour v2 and FG 62 (I play them as a combo set) And then I have Hogan Apex blades from 99 and 03, both exceptional.
  3. Santa Rosa, sometimes make it down to the East Bay @kdphan @Golferguy209
  4. I'll raise with I'm done with carts altogether. I truly believe they slow down play instead of speeding it up, especially for higher handicap players. I have played in groups with players like that the last two days. 2 guys in the cart leap frogging each other with 20-70 yard duffs and tops, generally 45 degrees off of each other on opposite sides of the fairway. Both drive to one ball, hit it, both drive to the other ball, hit it, rinse and repeat. If there needs to be a search, both players become tied to the search because that's where the bag and cart is. At least when walking,
  5. Wilson Staff FG tour line would be excellent. V2/4/6 for the better player, M3 or F5 for the player needing a bit more forgiveness.
  6. 19 on a par 4 1- OB right 3- Same spot 5- water left 7- 50 yard duff to 140 8- Airmailed the green OB 10- front bunker 11- skull OB 13- back bunker 14- off the front of green (but missing front bunker at least) 15- fluffed chip 16- bladed chip 17-18-19 3-putt
  7. Out of curiosity, how are the pros doing this week? All I can see is the leader bogeyed it. Unfortunately I can't find any published hole averages for the Ladie's Euro Tour.
  8. Seems like 1 meter would be "close to the player's line of play" since you could probably reliably line someone up from that position. If they wanted to make a rule requiring the player to align himself, why couldn't they just say "from the time the player begins taking his stance, the player's caddie shall not provide advice or direction with regard to the player's alignment."
  9. Is the caddie looking at the yardage book or watching the player taking his stance? And does the player have to re-take his stance in a situation described in that Clarification? If not, there will be long thread... EDIT: What is the caddie doing there in the first place? Looks like a rookie level blunder. The caddie is the player's wife I believe, and therefore probably not a caddie by profession. Probably invited to walk along, have fun and wear a silly bib. My least favorite rule. If for no other rea
  10. Hi there, If you can post pictures to show us exactly what you're dealing with it would go a long way to helping; but for example if you desire a new shaft those are readily available on ebay, as are authentic leather tapes and cloth grip wrappings. You can probably do this work yourself!
  11. 190 (for mortals) and 220-30 for pros simply means hammer a long iron/hybrid and hope it comes down in the vicinity of the green. Certainly a reasonable demand, but a rather straightforward one. I'm reminded of a line from "The Great Gumball Rally": "55 miles an hour is unsafe. It's fast enough to kill ya, but its slow enough to make ya THINK you're safe!" And so is 145 yards. When you are in the range where you're thinking about quadrants of the green, of how close to the flag you can hit. I can go for the back right pin on 12 at Augusta because I've "only got a 9
  12. I was once 270 out on a par 5. My 5 wood is a consistent 215 total. The group on the green was looking for a ball off the back. I hit my shot, which carried the usual 200. It landed on the cart path and shot forward 30-40 yards before rolling out and hitting a tree to stop about 20-30 yards from the green, up the left rough. I got "the chat" from the group in front about how I 'hit into them' and needed to be more careful. I apologized profusely because I needed to defuse the situation, but sometimes you can't win. A 215 yard club fluked 250 and was still 20 yards short and that pu
  13. So this gives me a potential design idea, a mallet like we have here with two threaded rods welded to the back of the face, making a |< sort of shape, onto which nuts would thread. By adding nuts and changing the exact location of the nuts couldn't you tweak the toe-hang/moi to a particular stroke? Once in position epoxy the nuts in place and away you go. Seems like there could be potential?
  14. I want to point out the irony, that after a weekend of wrx criticizing the course for being boring, uninteresting, and with lots of room and without significant trouble, the tournament was incredibly exciting and hinged upon a pair of contenders finding significant trouble on 17. (although Bryson had arguably already de-contendered himself by then) The course to me was no better or worse than any of a handful of interchangeable northeastern CC's (Winged Foot, Oak Hill, Baltusrol, Oakmont, Congressional, etc.) just different.
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