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  1. Sorry you got no feedback. I've only played Presidio twice in the summer so had no opportunity to experience the mud. That said I had heard bad things before. Seems like casual mud is currently the order of the day. The courses in and around Santa Rosa are very playable, but very sort at the moment. The "clean" of LCP is probably the most important thing right now...
  2. Hi, I am not a member but have played both courses at Castlewood many times. Do you know if you are playing the Hill or Valley?
  3. I have put a star sidewinder on my driver and am not disappointed. It is fantastic. My irons are classic golf pride victories. Grip rite Swing rite!
  4. You carry 14 ball-whacking implements which you may use at your discretion, why not be able to carry 5 or more marques of balls? As an alternative, how about a limit of 30 balls to be carried, of any variety? That'd be a good rule for me, it'd lighten my bag about a third. Besides, isn't it argued that mixing and matching balls is horrible for consistency?
  5. Amazing, I have close to that exact set of Spalding Irons, I think down to the triangle code.
  6. So what I'm hearing is after 13 years Callaway got around to inventing the Wilson Staff Fybrid...
  7. I played the 9 on Saturday and while it's ok, I feel like they basically did a Palo Alto Muni and made Baylands North. The greens at the moment are entirely too firm; on hole 7 I hit a solid 9 iron that hit middle, hopped 4 feet up in the air, and shot off the back. I'm not sure what the expectation is with the face of the hoover dam fronting short right, but maybe it will soften up a little. Is it better than what was there? Yes, in that the grass is all one kind and mostly uniform in coverage, riding a cart over the grass will no longer be spine-shattering, and the greens are very smooth and fast. The mounding and contours add intrigue. Far more importantly, it drains much better than the swamp it used to be. But beyond that, it's still just a golf course and now it's an expensive golf course, which makes me sad because of my sentimental attachments to what it was. I'll play it again when the other 9 reopens and who knows when after that. It's how it went on the South Course as well.
  8. It's funny, but quite by accident I have acquired iron sets by decade: 1952 Spalding Robert T Jones Stainless 1962 Wilson Staff Dynapower Turfriders 1972 Hogan Apex 1982 Hogan Radial, 1987 Wilson Tour Blades, 1988 Hogan Redlines 1999 Hogan Apex 2003 Apex 2011 Wilson FG62 Going forward I want to add some Macgregor irons to that mix, but that's already too many sets for my current living situation.
  9. The Presidio Golf Course is a golf course, you, me, or anyone can call, get a time, pay ~$100 and play golf like any other public course. The Presidio and Concordia Club is effectively a clubhouse building across the parking lot, operating as your typical private golf club. They have playing rights and access to the Presidio Golf Course (with some tee time reservation priority as noted above)
  10. Hey, Anyone know anything about Ben Sayers B63 woods? I came across them in a thrift shop... they have a weird serrated sole plate, a 2X wood and 4 wood with TT rocket shafts. I left them as I don't need more old woods at this time, but I'd return for them if requested by anyone. They'd need refinishing, naturally...
  11. I was looking at attending (I'm 45 minutes away) but got some sticker shock when I saw the prices. $75 per day might be reasonable, I don't know, but too much for me. Thats 1-2 whole rounds right there.
  12. I hope someone chimes in for you. My situation is similar; I lived in the east and now live in the north bay. Crystal is a course that's good enough I've heard of it but not good enough I ever made the trek to play it. I'd be curious to hear about it.
  13. I realized I did not include a photo if what you all probably care more about; the clubs! Here you go:
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