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  1. 1) Nike Polos: Light Grey Victory, Blue Nike Golf, will include free Miler Dry Fit Tee Condition: Very good, worn only handful of times Size: Medium Price: $40 2) Greyson + Travis Matthews Polos: Shutterfly BNWT, Slate Grey, Black Travis Matthews Condition: Very good, worn only handful of times. Butterfly one is new Size: Medium Price: $old 3) Rhone Jogger Condition: Very good, worn only handful of times Size: 34" Price: $old
  2. 1) MP20 HMB 4 Iron head only Condition: 9.5/10 Standard length loft lie Price: $125 Can install PX LZ 6.0 shaft + grip for an extra $20
  3. 1) Taylormade Custom MyHiToe 54-10 Chrome finish Condition: 9.5/10 Shaft: Project X LZ 6.0 Length: 35.25” Grip: New GP MCC +4 Align Midsize Price: $old 2) Dynamic Gold AMT Tour White S300 0.355” shaft pulls 4-PW Condition: 9.5/10 Length: 4 iron is 37 1/8” , plays standard length Price: $old 3) Lamkin utx cord midsize pulls 8X Condition: like new, clean pulls, one has a little tape inside Price: $old
  4. 1) Diamana D+ LTD 70X Driver Shaft Condition: 9.5/10 Length: 44.0" tip to grip. Untipped. Adapter: Mizuno ST190/200 aligned to STD (can remove if requested) Grip: Tour Velvet 360 std Price: $old 2) Tensei Pro Blue 70TX Driver Shaft Condition: 9.5/10 Length: 43 15/16" tip to grip. Untipped. Adapter: Mizuno ST190/200 sligned to +1 Price: $old Note: I know the blue is more widely used in a fairway so I can trim down to 3w length with exact tipping.
  5. 1) Mavrik Subzero 9.0 Head w/ headcover Condition: 9.75/10, looks new other than slight brush marks on sole Weight: 197g Price: $old 2) Rhône Element Pocket Tees Condition: like new Colors: dark grey, navy, and grey Size: Large Price: $old for all 3 (these retail for $58/each)
  6. 1) 2017 P790 Irons 5-PW Condition: 8.5/10 Shafts: KBS Tour 120 Stiff Standard length loft lie Built and Pured by Cool Clubs Price: $525 2) Taylormade Custom MyHiToe 54-10 Chrome finish Condition: 9.5/10 Shaft: Project X LZ 6.0 Length: 35.25” Loft: 54.5* Lie: 64* Price: $125 (head only $100) 3) Rhône Delta Polos Condition: 9/10 like new Size: Medium Colors: Navy, white, grey, teal Price: all 4 for $old I gained 15 lbs while working from home and snacking all day. These retail for $88/each new.
  7. 1) Tensei Pro Orange V3 60TX Condition: 9/10 Length: 44” tip to grip plays 45”, untipped, (has 3/4” extension pressfit on butt end, I can remove before shipping to have it play 44.25”) Adapter: TM 1.5 degree, fits all modern TM heads Grip: Pure DTX std (44g to help with weight balance) Note: the V3 is the same exact shaft as the current commercial version but minus the MR70 and W graphics. Price: $150 2) Ping Tour 75X Shaft Condition: 9/10 Length: 43.5” tip to grip, plays 44.75” Adapter: G410 Grip: GP Tour Velvet 360 Std Price: $old
  8. 1) Tensei PRO Blue 80TX Hybrid Shaft Condition: 9.5/10 Adapter: Titleist, aligned to "1" setting Length: 39.25" tip to grip, plays 40" (std 4h length) Grip: Brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 std Price: $85 2) Ernest Sports ES14 Launch Monitor Works perfectly. Gives ball speed, club speed, launch angle, spin, carry distance, total distance, smash factor. Gives very accurate carry distances from my time using it. Just have to calibrate the system to some of your known shots and adjust settings as needed to dial in your numbers. Really helped me with knowing my pitch (inside 100 yard) dista
  9. 1) Garmin G80 Condition: 9.5/10 Like new Comes in original box with all accessories Works as an on-course GPS and also a launch monitor. Has games you can play for target practice and also allows you to play a virtual round at any course. Price: $385
  10. 1) TS2 3W 15* head Condition: 9.5/10 Head Weight: 209g w/ std weight Price: $old 2) TS2 7W 21* Condition: 9.5/10 Head Weight: 224g Shaft: Hzrdus Smoke 80g 6.5 Price: $old 3) Odyssey Stroke Lab Bird of Prey Condition: 9.9/10 Length: 35" Price: $200 4) Ping Tour 75 Stiff Driver Shaft Condition: 10/10 new Length: 44.25" tip to grip, will play 45.25" Adapter: G410 Grip: GP TV 360 Price: $old (pretty hard to find in a 75S driver length)
  11. 1) G410 LST 10.5 Degree Head Condition: 9/10 Weight: 200g (I added 2g of lead tape to the underside of the weight which can be removed to make it 198g) Price: $old 2) Tensei PRO Orange 70TX Shaft Condition: 9/10 there is a tiny bit of run off epoxy showing <1mm (hardly noticeable but for full disclosure) Length: 44” tip to grip plays 45” to 45.25”, no tipping Grip: Your choice of Tour Velvet 360, MCC +4 Align, MCC +4, or MCC Align (all std) Adapter: Ping G410 Price: $185 3) Titleist 917 F3 13.5 3W Head Condition: 8/10 Comes with OEM headcover Price: $old
  12. 1) Evnroll ER2B *Paint fill has been stripped except the white sight line. Can leave it murdered out or can add your own custom paint fill for cheap. Condition: 9/10, tiny scratch and light brush marks on sole otherwise perfect. Length: 34" Grip: Evnroll Black Pistol Grip Headcover: Yes, newer version without the stupid ball marker that you lose on your first round Price: $old 2) Odyssey Stroke Lab 10 Slant Neck Condition: 9.9/10 absolutely mint Length: 34" Grip: Winn AVS Black Std +5 wrap Headcover: Yes Price: $200 3) Callaway Super Hybrid 20 Degree Condition: 9/10 light brush marks
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