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  1. I thought Perez said there was only one pair of the 4s made and it was for him.
  2. 1) Diamana D Limited 70TX Condition: new 10/10 Length: 43 7/8” plays 44 7/8” Taylormade Adapter set to std Grip: Z-Cord std, +2 bottom hand Price: $250
  3. I upload pictures first from my phone then write up on my computer. All up now.
  4. 1) SIM Max 9.0 Head Condition: 9/10 Weight: 193g Price: $250 2) Ventus Blue 6X Driver Shaft Condition: 9/10 Length: 43.75" tip to grip, plays 44.75", untipped Taylormade Adapter aligned 2 clicks lower Grip: MCC+4 Align Price: $old 3) T20 53-10 Head Condition: 8.5/10 Price: $70 (currently has Hi-Rev 125 stiff shaft but will pull it if sold)
  5. 1) Ventus Black Condition: Brand new 10/10 Length: 44” tip to grip, plays 45” No tipping Grip: Tour Velvet +4 Midsize Taylormade adapter aligned std down Price: $old 2) PXG XF Gen2 10.5 head (one of the highest MOI heads ever) Condition: 9/10 Weight: 197g Comes with newer magnetic headcover that sticks to cart and golf clubs and 1 PXG adapter Price: $old
  6. 1) Desert Vibes Brand new Price: $old 2) Galactic New without plastic Price: $old
  7. 1) ST200 9.5 Head Condition: 9/10 everything is super clean except a light mark on face near the heel Weight: 198g (if you want heavier you can easily hide some lead tape under the rear weight) Price: $185 Also have following shafts with Mizuno adapters if you’re interested. All around 45”. PO 70TX PW 70TX Ventus Black 7X
  8. 1) JPX921 Combo Set Heads Only 4-6 Hot Metal Pro 7-PW Forged Condition: easily 9/10 Weight: see photo for head weight Lie: standard Lofts: p-46 9-41 8-36 7-31 6-27 5-23 4-19 Price: $old 2) Lamkin Z5 Standard size clean pulls Total 7 Condition: like new Price: $old
  9. 1) JPX921 Forged Heads 5-GW Condition: 9.5/10 mint Stock loft and lie Head weights: 250g, 255g, 265g, 273g, 281g, 288g, 292g Selling heads only but currently shafted with Modus 120X. If interested message me. Price: $750 heads only 2) Modus 105X 5-GW Condition: 9.5/10 mint Plays to standard length. Raw: 36.5", 36", 35 3/8", 34 7/8", 34 3/8", 34", 34" Price: $140
  10. 1) KBS Tour 120 Stiff Black Nickel 4-PW shaft pulls Condition: 9/10 4 iron length: 36.75" raw, should play 1/4" under standard length so 38.25" in most heads Wasn’t able to save the ferrule on the 5 iron. Forgot to photograph the 8i but it is a 7 shaft set of 4-PW. Price: $90 2) Mizuno T20 48 Degree Wedge Condition: 9/10 Standard loft lie length Tour issue S400 with Zgrip cord Price: $90
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