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  1. Was there at end of January. Was incredibly impressed at the level of service. Consistently top notch. Courses were in great shape, except the new greens on red and blue are too firm, won't hold a ball. Its just that new bermuda problem, will grow out of it soon i hope. Food was all delicious. I would only stay on site. Too convenient with food, drink, and golf, and they take of the clubs. Just take a couple bottles of your own booze.
  2. Thanks will do. Currently site is “closed” which I didn’t know sites needed to close for a holiday weekend.
  3. Looking to reshaft my i500s and was thinking of getting something other than plain black ferrules. Anyone have a source for some interesting ferrules like BB&F? Couldn't find any collared on there.
  4. Agree with OK_Golf on all points above. Except I would also add that the Patriot is close to Broken Arrow as well. Didn’t even see the pool and tennis courts the two times I’ve been to the Golf Club though!
  5. Southern Hills is the highest. I hear around $100k initiation and not necessarily easy to be invited. The next tier is going to be $10-20k initiation and $700-1000 per month. Highest to lowest in my guesses would be Cedar Ridge, The Oaks, Tulsa Country Club, The Patriot, The Golf Club of OK, Indian Springs, Forest Ridge. CR, Oaks, TCC and the Patriot all have pool complexes of varying levels. I think Indian Springs and Forest Ridge do too but not totally sure. I know GC of OK does not. Speaking as a member of The Patriot, I think it would check all your boxes.
  6. Lefty here. I had two sets of 718 AP1s, both from legit sources (one top 100 fitter and other straight from Titleist). This was 1.5 years ago, done a lot of ho'ing since then, so this is from memory. That's how they both came wrapped. Their serial numbers appeared different from each other (one looked like yours). They also had different appearance to AMT shaft bands. They are left handed, thus exponentially decreasing chance of counterfeit. The APs counterfeits are pretty easy to spot, different text to the "Forged" print and "AP" print. They look sloppy with the lett
  7. Ah yes good call on the final sale being non returnable. Maybe luck, but I found them to be true to size and very consistent across the highland lines. I too love their highland shorts.
  8. Highland Golf Pants, Highland Tour Golf Pants, and Lightweight 5 pocket golf pants. I only have purchased the two Highland pants, but love them both.
  9. Bonobos is having a sale, with golf pants as low as $23. These are some of my favorite golf pants. All "Sale" and "Final Sale" items can have promo code EPICSALE used to drop prices further. I snagged a pair for $23.https://bonobos.com/shop/sale
  10. Man those irons are my dream set! Wish I had the extra cash right now for them!
  11. I was out on June 10. Switched irons to i500s. So far, so good!
  12. I got the NXT Lace and are finding them to be awesome. Would highly recommend.
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