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  1. I have played 3 rounds with the Z82, and this is now the perfect rangefinder. Everything I didn’t love about the z80 has been improved. Love the jolt feature, and especially love that the actual distance AND slope is displayed on the same screen as this wasn’t the case before. My biggest frustration with the Z80 was it always took too long to wake up. I had to hit the button as I’m getting out of the cart so it was ready by the time I got to the ball. Now it wakes up immediately. I played 18 this morning on a full charge and it was at 70% when I was done. Having the wind always on the screen i
  2. I don’t think so. He told me to do it through Garmin Express on the computer.
  3. The update seemed to solve the issue. I fully charged and when messing with the settings it would go down slowly now. Also one thing I’ve noticed in comparison to the Z80 which I owned as well, the Z82 seems to “wake up” much faster than the previous version. That is a welcomed change as that always drove me nuts.
  4. Mine just came in as well. My battery went from 75% to 0% in mins. Called Garmin and they had me update the software which i did and it’s recharging now but seemed to be doing the same thing. Also wouldn’t connect to the app.
  5. I had the z80 and just bought the S82 watch days ago. All the issues I didn’t like about the original version seemed to be fixed so I’m wondering if I should send back the watch and go for the Z82.
  6. Anyone know what this was all about ? Contact Due to urgent maintenance, the access to Stats will be suspended from 05/07/19 to 5/12/19 5:00 PM PST. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. You can still use the app but the session data won’t be saved during this period. For US, Canada, Europe and Australia [email protected]
  7. I took my SC300 on the course tonight and seemed to be getting better numbers than at the range. Also, pretty much makes this launch monitor pointless if I can’t get correct numbers on the range.
  8. I just got the Garmin Z80 which has both combined. I love it.
  9. > @Stuart_G said: > > @Shawn15p said: > > So I went back and looked and my AP1s had True Temper XP 95 S300 > > > > And P790s have Dynamic Gold 105 S300 > > > > I guess that could be the reason .... > > > > It's possible it could be part of the reason - the XP's are both lighter and a higher launching design. But w/o the more detailed numbers it's impossible to say exactly where the distance is being lost or why. > > Which sim software was used? Some of them (e.g. TruGolf e6) are able to report more detailed numbers b
  10. > > > @Lodestone said: > > when you changed sets did you have an issue you were trying to solve? No just wanted new clubs. I’ve hit my clubs the same distance all my life, so hitting a 9 iron 135 is something that is hard to get used to.
  11. > @Stuart_G said: > > @uglande said: > > 1) Are you using the same shafts? > > Good question. > > And if you've been on TM - more numbers would be helpful - how has the club head speed changed between the two sets? and same question for dynamic loft/spin loft, launch angle, ball speeds, etc... Has impact quality changed? (use foot powder spray). > > > So I went back and looked and my AP1s had True Temper XP 95 S300 And P790s have Dynamic Gold 105 S300 I guess that could be the reason .... About the trackman, I will specify.
  12. > @Lodestone said: > How far do you hit your driver, and your longest club down from the driver? > Driver carry 260-270 3 wood carry 240-250 2 H 220-230
  13. Need some help or advice with gaps/distance loss on new irons. So I bought the TM P790s in the winter and now have played about 7 rounds with them and have gone to the range a lot. I have been on trackman and just bought a SC300. When I bought them it seemed everyone was saying if anything they would go longer than normal with the standard lofts. I am having the opposite issues and also about 15 yard gaps between a lot of my clubs. Also i upgraded last year to the Vokey SM7s from much older Vokeys and noticed a significant distance drop off. Any idea what could be the reason for this ?
  14. > @swish16 said: > Holy **** that's not bad at all... What's that all include then Unlimited greens fees, pool access, restaurant, and driving range
  15. $99 a month. Then there is a one time fee for the range, locker room, handicap ect.
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