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  1. Great idea ... Wonder if I can fit a subbie somewhere in back of the cart
  2. Correct ... cacapon is a st park that is RTJ design .. it is great old school course design & its cheap $ bout 30 mins frm Winchester
  3. Rock harbor 36 holes Blue ridge summit Shenandoah Gc 27 holes Bowling green Cc 36 holes More within 15 min drive All decently priced & usually in good shape
  4. Yes Yep Uh huh Diabolical Think you hit them all Id also advise you to add a day & get to Nemacolin (for 36) or Omni Bedford Springs ... hell add 2 days
  5. ill take the over on that ... Sincerely, Mr HandiHead
  6. This is what most people who play golf dont get & drives me nuts A 15 that shoots 2 over 1,000,000 to 1 doc ...
  7. Seriously ... couldnt he do w a super lite PING Hoofer ... arent they supposed to be the best Im sure she would be appreciative
  8. Op looks like youre honestly just in a funk ... Club A up 6 strokes The differential w you A cap is about the same Offer to play at a 9 or better yet at your old 6 & take their $$ anyway Haters never beleive we amateurs can forget how to play golf
  9. Yea after watching few mins & seeing her, wifey just asked if she could carry mine so we could spend more time together Wth has westwood done!?
  10. Breaking news! PGATour out laws compasses Brysons caddie now attachment weather directional measurement instrument to Staff Bag
  11. Gotcha ... i had that same exact scenario w light weight graphites (matrix maybe) & steelfibers ... they went striagt-up straight-down ... he got the shafts im in now to lauch high & carry distances i liked I spent hours on outside trackman It was def worth it to me but i dont change clubs very often
  12. Lol ... seriously ... so hed have to but on his readers
  13. What was the reason you got fit? I got fit end of 2018 ... after baselining my existing clubs my fitter said something like "strike pattern is ok dispersion is ok distacnce is ok BUT apex is horrible how do you ever hold a green" Ive always played 1.25"+ length & i have always monkeyed w shaft weight ... heavy lite steel graphite blah blah blah ... after hitting 1,000 balls & what seemed like 100s of shafts i ended w Kbs130s +1" ... all shafts the same ... he gapped every head throughout ... my distances are about 1/2 longer (maybe 6-8 yds) per club # I guess
  14. Yes sir 16* w original steel shaft ... gaps perfectly for me between my 3w (Tm 200 steel) & 4i Can hit frm anywhere too
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