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  1. Here's what ive got ... 3 rounds in w the Xstiff & 3 things ... 1) This head w heavy wt in toe & stiff shaft is a phaser (not taking user error in to account) 2) I've hit 2 of my longest drives of the yr w this setup (don't get me wrong I've hit skankers) & 1 w the stock 60 Diamana 3) The 0811x proto is just a helluva deal if you're in market for a new, long, adjustable driver I'm happy ... just need to start off loading sticks
  2. I don't think you know just how many of us nutjobs have followed your year long odyssey ... I am sorry its over as well You've given putzers like me hope that one day we will get the stones to just go & do it But ... In the meantime we are expecting one helluva novel like recap Thank you @philsRHman
  3. New day tomorrow 1st round w Red Tie X 6Q3 finally in play ...
  4. Just curious how far back did you book?
  5. Was fit for the oban devotion few yrs ago ... got the Accra bc I liked the heavier wt & the stiff profile (imo)
  6. Good question ... I always end up back at 1/2 places (my oban or my accra) but I'd rather find one that already has that pxg adapter on it I am open to suggestions
  7. Rds 3-6 ... bye bye stock diamana 60 just need to determine what I want (need)
  8. Round 2 ... Heavy weight in toe & Proto is fairway finder for me on decent+ strikes ... it has become fairly easy for me to hit straight to baby fade & have it 2 of my longer drives of the year when nutted ... problem is it cant cure the old quacker caused by my gut wrenching swing ... it's definitely a deal if you're looking for driver
  9. Guess I'll be going back to Maxfli Tours since Snell yellers again SOLD OUT! Stop buying my golf balls damit That is all
  10. I'm admittedly NOT a range guy ... 1st round inconsistency was rough BUT few good ones were just what I wanted ... long laser like straight or baby fade (sigh) I think next round will be flat setting as I need to get rid of that overdraw permanently (I wish)
  11. Proto is on the way ... wanted to try it as result great reviews for dispersion adjustability etc ... going to try w stock diamana shaft but that has me worried ... looking for fairways but would never turn away any distance help
  12. It def does happen ... had 2 GHIN profiles bc my new club didn't search my existing profile Was an ez fix w a direct email asking my St assoc to merge &/or shut one down I discovered it bc my "club" index differed frm my "pre-club" index Unfortunately I wasn't winning net events like I was Cantlay (or maybe fortunately)
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