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  1. If it’s free give me three Every tour player
  2. I would expect a greater deviation from a weaker player. Better players can adjust, weaker players just hope.
  3. Porting is done today still and is used for swingweighting, especially on overlength builds.
  4. no idea- mine are fatty wingbacks done by DW as well and took 8 months. A buddies just got his DW and they took over 10 months. Be prepared for little to no communication and you asking for an update end of June/July/etc awesome clubs just wish they were upfront at how long they could take
  5. if you just ordered you have about 8-10 months to decide so no rush! mine are raw with white fill
  6. i wouldn’t even attempt to swing that as it’s a potential hazard to anyone and everyone within 50 ft if you including yourself.
  7. And yet the majority of golfers never hit it past the flag unless they blade it.
  8. Composite reduces vibration- light weight steel is still steel so what does that solve? I can’t do LW shafts but have had success with the following: MCI 120x, OTi black, SF125, Accra 125 For me weight is more important than flex- it can be 100X but I pull hook the crap out of it. 120+ and I can still hook but not a pull hook.
  9. Why did you do draw lead tape with only 1/4? Flawed testing IMO
  10. Gosh I would love for someone to blueprint a demo driver they’re testing, (actual loft, face angle, swingweight, length, CPM of shaft, etc) then order one that’s assembly line and built “custom” in Mexico and then blueprint the one they actually receive to compare differences. Lots of tour players winning on all tours weekly with “stock” shafts (sarcasm). If you’re not a tour player you need all the help in the world, but nobody will tell you how to spend your money so if you see value in Aftermarket shafts cool. Don’t? It’s okay, too. However I hope you’re playing knock off ProV1’s too.
  11. > @StillCantPutt said: > > @MattStrube said: > > If you’re in Bay Area CA happy to let you swing a few. :) > > Thanks for the offer but unfortunately I'm not - strange that for such a premium shaft offering, not many people have experience with these. Can only get these from High End Fitters and they’re not cheap. Majority of WRX guys seem buy hand me downs on here or fleabay and when it doesn’t work they spin the wheel again. I’d guess that due to exclusivity most people who have played these are getting fit for them and keeping them bc there is not much else like
  12. > @mylesb21 said: > > @naws-golfer said: > > they are really nice putters. > > please don't buy the hybe about grooves and roll though, the thing with rife and evnroll putters is the loft is spec'd at 2 degrees. if youve beenusing a ping, scotty, odyssey, or a TM chances are your loft was closer to 3.5 or 4. > > > > inserts are great for modifying feel, as do grooves, but im not sure grooves can straighten out a horrible path. > > > By the way, this poster was incorrect about loft. Evnroll putters have 3 degrees of loft. The grooves even o
  13. Use the grips and shafts you want and have them built to correct length. Doesnt make sense in doing all those other things when you can Order lighter sm7 heads, drill out hosel, and port the head to achieve lighter swing weights. Don’t ever add weight to the butt to trick the sw scale.
  14. > @RogerinNewZealand said: > Im in Sales...where ever i go i expect to pay fair and reasonable costs for mechanic coach fitter...high launch shafts that Stay in the Fairway! Save the $500 and hit 6 fairways a round....spend (Invest) the money in fitting/coaching and hit 12+ fairways per round and Love Golf.....and Praise The Fitter/Coach Yep- lessons ALWAYS work!
  15. Phat Chris- You can already do exactly what you’re saying at CC. Best thing people can do is be up front about their budgets, expectations, and goals before going into a fitting. Option #1-Order a la cartè aftermarket components built and spec’d by CC Option #2- Order built by the manufacturer (OEM) Option #3- Order built by manufacturer then rebuilt and spec’d by CC. Misnomers: #1Manufacturers set the prices for equipment- iron and woods are at MAP pricing. Same as you should see through authorized retailers elsewhere. #2 All products at CC are at MAP- putters MAP - wood shaft
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