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  1. Without a doubt, the best for toe hits: 1a-ping g410 1b- TM SIM g410- high moi, toeside cog and moveable weight. SIM- twistface, toeside cog and moveable weight.
  2. Do you mean 962, rather than 692? the “b”versions of both the 962 and the 990, might be the hardest to hit clubs in the last 25 years. I can game almost any blade, but these were were on another level
  3. They literally look identical at setup. Fractionally larger with the t100 but again most people wont notice. The biggest difference for me, is the feel. T100 has that hollow pop feel too it. Cb is more solid feeling like a blade type feel.
  4. If im ranking current players cavities offerings: 1. Titleist 620cb 2. Mizuno Mp 20 mmc 3. Taylormade p7mc 4. Srixon zx7 5. everything else
  5. Titleist has some great stuff, no doubt, but they dont pay me, so i play stuff that gives me the best fit and performs. I probably could be all titleist with the exception of my SIM and the putter.
  6. Yep regular SIM, the shallower face is a perfect recipe for more forgiveness on low strikes.
  7. Found it. Dont see any testing against other shafts, unless i missed it. i have some questions about this chart: how do you achieve a 1.2 torque through this wide range of weights and flexes? Whats the reasoning? Wouldnt you want some torque for lower speeds? How did you determine those backspin numbers?
  8. It says your page is unavailable
  9. Dannnng shots fired... props to you for coming here to defend. Txg is great but they walk that line on products good or bad, at least publicly. Id like to see some actual testing and photos of the build.
  10. So ill take a stab at this but maybe @labgolfcan clarify. I think its mainly a custom fit. The axis putters achieve their balance by the shaft axis intersecting the putters cog perfectly due to the hosel and counterweight. Same concept just different way of getting there. I could be wrong but i dont think you get a custom lie with axis. You cant bend the lie because it will throw the balance off. You cant do this with LAB putters either but they can make them balanced to the specs you want. Lie angle is a big deal if you dont fit into the standard lie. Im usually toe up with standard and oft
  11. Dreaming for the day callaway comes back with an 07 endo x forged. Sigh.
  12. SIM is a bad boy. Just blew out my ruckett net... oops.
  13. The good ol motore fc 7.3 tour spec is amazing in it for me.
  14. Very little tour presence mainly because the big brands pay the top players.
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