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  1. Use it to get clubs with similar build to feel the same. Like your 5 iron to feel similar balance wise as your 9 iron considering they both have the same shaft and grips. When you start comparing clubs with different shaft weight or grip weight, or even comparing woods to irons, swingweight should be taken with a grain of salt.
  2. So are you saying the velocore being forgiving is just hype?
  3. As mentioned, there is no right answer. Total weight plays just as much of a part in how a club swings and feels. The flaw in swingweighting is the fulcrum is 14 inches from the butt end. So grip changes will affect it. You dont hold the club at the fulcrum though. The value in swingweighting is to get similar build to be consistent in feel, (like you 5 iron to feel just like your 9 iron). But it doesnt work when the build is different, like a iron with 100g shaft and 80g grip swingweighted at D3 will feel massively different from a iron with 130g shaft and 30 gram grip swingweighted at d3. Wh
  4. Only loft down if the launch numbers supports such a move. Do you know them? Also check strike of course. Last, the TS3 isnt the best head for low spin. The (4) is their low spin head, you might give that a look. I found the (3) 400-500 rpms more spin than my current gamer SIM. You can use lead tape to change cog and spin properties but you would need to add a significant amount (10g or so) low and forward near the face, but also at the same time removing the rear weighting to counter that. This move will also decrease dynamic loft as there will be less shaft deflection. You will lost a bit of
  5. Your numbers are close to ideal. You dont have a “flip”, but its more of a “tilt”. The angle of attack is quite high, usually dont like to see that is it presents clubface control issues in most players. If you bring that down a few degrees, the loft will come down as well, and you may even need to add loft, to counter it. But if you arent having issues left/right, the ventus numbers look very optimized.
  6. Another thing to note is its already happened to an extent on the womens tour, ei, brooke henderson. If they can do it, im not sure why men arent capable or wouldnt want to as well.
  7. First of all dustin johnson isnt 6’4”. More like 6’3”. Second of all, the getting longer trend has to do with in my opinion recent statistical analysis like strokes gained that basically says distance is such HUGE advantage. Bryson has pushed envelope and has everyone scratching and clawing for everything yard they can muster. If you are static you will be left behind. There is a panic at this, with all the recent rollback push. I do think ams should play shorter driver lengths, but anyone with some skill, low cappers included should push the envelope and go longer. Again, people try it for a
  8. Alot of things could be at play here, swing, mentality, equipment. It would be nice to see more data from the launch monitor if you can provide it, that would help decipher whats going on.
  9. The trend is getting longer on tour for sure. I think 45.5 will be average soon enough with some playing 46+. I think you will also see a shift in equipment, shafts and heads to accommodate this as well. As far as head size, 30ccs imo isnt much in the grand scheme of things
  10. Not a knock on the zx7s, but yea that video showed just how close everything really is and it just comes down to looks. Still think the 620cb doesnt get as much love as the t100, but fine by me.
  11. Lets try this again, apparently one of my old ads wasnt locked and this got removed. Oops! 2021 Betti SS 17, 34” Standard L+L. Just carpet rolled a few times, mint new-like condition! Comes with limited release HIVE Waste management “party on” headcover. Only trade id consider is a queen B 12. Otherwise asking $old
  12. 3000 isnt too far off optimal for your speed. Higher spin can help lower speeds because it creates lift. Id say you would prob be better off with the tsi1 than the tsi4
  13. This is a good topic. It would be player dependant because we really dont know how good of a driver or putter you are. But all things being equal, from a statistical perspective i would think a good driver fitting in the end would have a bigger impact, unless you 3 putt ALOT. I would try to find a fitter that offers waiving fitting with minimum purchase. You could get the whole bag fitted and just meet the minimum purchase threshold. The fitter should be able to tell you which he thinks would have a better impact.
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