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  1. This one hurts me to sell. Ordered brand new through Bettinardi in March to my specs. I fell in love with the copper like finish and the feel. Unfortunately I have just never putted well with blade putters, and I’ve faced that harsh reality that i need to go back to a face balance mallet. I gave it a shot, 4 rounds played, about 2 hours or so on a practice green and another couple of hours on an indoor putting mat. You are basically getting a good deal on a brand new condition putter. 9.9 out of 10, I babied it. Specs are, 35”long, 68* lie angle (2 flat). Grip is standard Lamkin sin
  2. Bummer. Would you say the UT is just an extension of the iron shafts? So if im reading reviews of the iron shafts that same will apply to the UT? Or is it different?
  3. Anyone else put this in a driving/utility iron? Comparisons? Seems hard to get. Anyone know where to buy a 105tx?
  4. Yep, the further out the c dim, the harder it is to close the face down. It will also droop more too. Just goes to show you there are alot of factors to consider when picking or getting fit for an iron, and why their ratings are disputed to a degree.
  5. Yea a cowbell putter doesnt sound appealing! Makes sense, it saves weight but still acts like a buffer. Thanks!
  6. Cdim is the measurement from the inside hosel to the sweet spot or center of gravity. In theory the lower that measurement, the harder the iron is to hit because to hit this spot you are getting closer and closer to the hosel the smaller the number. Two things impact this. A big tungsten toe weight can increase the cdim. The larger the blade length, the larger the cdim will be naturally. vcog, or vertical center of gravity is just how low the cog is. Helps get the ball airborne easier and is generally more forgiving on low strikes. rcog or rearward center of gravity, is h
  7. Will listen to any offers, regardless of shaft/build!
  8. Alright, hit em all just about. Im still somewhat torn. Looks- p790 hands down first, srixon zx distant second, u500 and sim udi tied for 3rd. The u500 was about tied with second but on the 2 iron i can see that matte finish on the back and it was a putoff. On the three iron i didnt notice it. performance- P790- what a bomber. Highest ball speed average and my top ball speed of the day by a whopping 5 mph. Put several out there at 270 on the monitor. Really had no issues elevating off the mat, and that was the theme for all of these i hit. When i mishit the p7
  9. I rolled these and the vintage today. Really really good. Thoughts: of the 3d putters the agera was my favorite, very very stable through the stroke. Looks better in person than in pics. However i see why some are concerned with the chrome type finish on some of the top parts. Could be distracting on a sunny day. I actually liked the vintage nova the best of all. Felt a little light so i would probably order some weights. The feel on all these putters is spot on for me. How i would rate the feel from firmest to softest from what i rolled today: evnroll betti queen b scotty
  10. Very interesting, they have replaced the cb/mb every 2 years since 2010. Well i guess my 620 cbs are secure now lol
  11. I have a few questions as im very interested in these! Will aftermarket weights be available for these just like the vintage line? Second, tech wise, what does the 3d printing actually offer? I believe claim is weight saving, but wouldnt a hollow, or nothing where the 3d material is be even better? Not to sound critical, just trying to understand. Does it offer better feel? I think the 3d printing is cool just trying to understand more about it. Last, more of a custom options question. The agera is available as “one length” (37.5”). Would it be possible to get the supernova in that
  12. Yea i think it would probably just depend on the conditions. If its calm, wet and soft, the 5 wood probably will be longer or as long, with high launch and carry. But if its dry and windy, hands down the udi would be longer. Kind of the idea to change em out based on conditions. Summer here is driving iron time.
  13. Going tomorrow to test. I think the srixon zx, titleist u500, TM p790 udi are at top of my list, and maybe a SIM udi would get a consideration. Thanks for all the suggestions, i will update my thoughts
  14. Ill have to look into the NL u01, although if i cant see it in person or hit it, might be a no go. The SIM udi is nice too, i actually had a gapr lo for a while but got rid of it because it was just so ugly. Hit it well though. I know most utilities hit it much lower than most hybrid/woods, but some of them nowdays have so much chunk in the soles and lower cg, it starts blurring the lines IMO. damn, if i could hit a 2 iron at 70, id be estatic!
  15. Ah thanks. I guess ill need to look for myself. Not a fan of huge bladelengths in my irons.
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