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  1. Welcome back, i had the same story, stopped playing in 08 and came back in 2018. The replies so far are pretty accurate in my experience. You will want to start with the driver and 3 wood. One thing thats changed i feel like is you have 7-8 solid choices, because all the brands make really really good stuff now. (Titleist, TM, Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, Cobra, PXG, even Tour Edge) Dont be afraid to grab a year or two old used driver, thats where you can get amazing value. Id then go with new wedges with fresh grooves. Id do irons and putter last, that really hasnt changed much. There is a trend
  2. They have a very very good product. They have some quality control issues they need to work out though. Fragile face, shoddy paintfill, crooked grips. Even so, i still would buy mine again, its been that good and pleasing to putt with.
  3. Id say ventus 10tx and mmt 125 tx should be in consideration, or just an $ taper to match your irons
  4. Well sure if we are comparing mishits to one another, the water is muddy now. My specific experience was comparing flush hits with one another, similar swing speeds, path, aoa, but several mph less ball speed. Maybe i got a dud head or something, who knows.
  5. Couple of goodies for sale: 1: Fujikura Ventus velocore black 6x untipped. Taylormade adapter, golf pride TV +4 grip. Bought brand new and played 5 rounds with it. Plays about 45.75” in my SIM. $old 2: Titleist T100 4 iron with Modus 130 stiff shaft, standard length (38.5”), new GP NDMC. Excellent condition. There is a small cosmetic ding on the badging from me being an idiot and pressing on lead tape with a flathead screwdriver. Tried to capture in pics, purely cosmetic. $retracted 3: Superstroke Traxion tour 3.0 putter grip. Bought new, blown on and playe
  6. despite the face contact, the speed, and path shouldn't change much. If you are saying something is better or faster because you flush it vs mishitting another, that isn't really an apples to apples comparison...and i would think one would take that into consideration.
  7. You need to throw in a 620 cb and mb in there too. And vokeys
  8. Just curious how something can be faster for one person but not the next...?
  9. Not sure what to make if this... alot of hubbub over removing badging on the back. They look closer to the ap2s now imo. Actually, with these pics, the t200 had me more intrigued.
  10. Well we wont get started on mgs, they have lost their way too. So no arguments from me there. I do have my own experience with the st200 head that i shared, and yea i was hitting out of the middle. And someone else in the thread called it better/faster.
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