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  1. Apex tcb or 2022 t100. 620cb honorable mention
  2. Id experiment more with the lighter shafts and give it some time to get used to. Also, when you go lighter shafts, try a heavier swingweight, i find that helps transitioning from a heavier shaft. It will sound ridiculous but i went from 130g shafts to 110 gram shafts and had to add about 3 swingweight points to d7 before it started to feel right and click. There is some resources on this somewhere, i think wishon, something to do with the overall moi of the club. It would also be a wise idea to get on a launch monitor and find out why the distance drop. Is it speed? spin?
  3. I think thats a bit knee jerky. They will do fine. Im not a fan of these, but havent really been a fan of any of the mizuno irons for at least 12 years now (bigger bladelengths, thicker toplines, more offset than other blades to name a few reasons) But, there are a lot of people who love the newer stuff. And lets be honest, How the back looks only matters to a few people..and if thats how you choose what you play…
  4. How about we just etch the distance we hit each club in the bottom. All that matters
  5. Good question, i assumed mine was made of aluminum but It sticks so it must have some steel. But it doesnt have to be stuck to the cart, it will stick to an iron head even.
  6. I think what he means is you cant decipher two well struck shots with two different clubs. We detect the sound difference. Put some earmuffs on and let us know how that goes. EDIT: seen above post and we seem to be in agreement.
  7. Ive pretty much done a 180 and have come to these realizations: 1) like what your looking at 2) when you find find a putter that works, stick with it, no matter what it is or isnt (what you envisioned) 3) fit the driver for ball flight optimization 4) shafts- does it feel right? (flex-weight-swingweigth, kick) Sounds pretty simple but thats the only only thing equipment wise i think truly matters. Here is something i did just recently and I absolutely love it: the unlikely combo- yep thats right, a 2021 blade combo’d with a 2007 cb. Cause who freakin cares, its pleasing to ME.
  8. Yea but if you go look at the 221 it has the same beefiness in that sole that the 223 does, especially the short irons. Thats what i was initially talking about.
  9. All that talk about the script…. and the real story is in that sole/mass design
  10. Even so, thats really interesting, pushing mass that far back on an mb. Not sure what that does in terms of performance, or what their aiming to achieve with that. Moi?
  11. Good pics of the 221 in the keith mitchell WITB thread… whats up with the soles??? Its either really deceiving or thats the chunkiest looking blade sole ive ever seen..
  12. Opposite, had a c130 14 way, loved it, never had tangle. I rode and walked with push cart. Wasnt in love with the color and sold it. Temporarily using a 6 way titleist stand bag and absolutely hate it. Every shot feels like a scavenger, clumsy in and out. I do miss having the ability to stand, thats it tho.
  13. Magnetic strap. Fast and convenient. https://www.amazon.com/Craftsman-Golf-Universal-Magnetic-Rangefinder/dp/B082NVMRF8/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?crid=2JFT2XS2T9E2V&dchild=1&keywords=magnetic+rangefinder+strap&qid=1633475927&sprefix=magnetic+range&sr=8-5
  14. Look at all that fancy 600 dollar tech!
  15. I think you answered your own question really. Usually that decision is made based on speed, launch and apex, but if your strictly talking in that situation you may want to have the hybrid. Another option would be learn to take off bit with your 4 hybrid. Choke down. 90% swing type thing.
  16. Of the more commonly found mainstream brands… callaway apex and srixons feel the best to me, but its splitting hairs. If you want soft, play a soft ball, the you can play any blade you want.
  17. Im not a callaway driver expert, so maybe someone else can help you out there. Thats the only drawback to diamond drivers, hard to find them to try before you buy unless you get fitted by someone that has them.
  18. The problem with callaways is most are draw biased unless you get into the diamond heads.
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