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  1. Sounds like a reasonable progression. I'd just prefer steel only because it's a bit easier to work with for club making.
  2. I feel that. Wedding band impacted my game too. Played a number of really good rounds after I got married this past year. Ballstriking is off recently though, so I'm making a change to silicone wedding band. Lighter weight I'm expecting a nice accuracy improvement...
  3. I've got my utility iron shafted with a Recoil 95 in F4 and I'm really liking it. Wanted something a little easier swinging in the utility and it feels smooth but stable. My question is for anyone who's also got a Recoil in their utility/driving iron, what are you playing in your irons? I shafted my set of JPX 850 Forged with KBS Tour 90s in S but swing is a bit different than when I did that about 2 years ago and I like them but the kick is really pronounced. 7-iron swing speed was measured at about 82-83 mph and my tempo is fairly smooth. I may get fitted sometime or at at le
  4. FWIW, driving irons are generally hollow, not a single piece forging like traditional blades or cavity backs. They will inherently be different. That said, my U85 feels fantastic.
  5. Upgraded from my Ping G5 hybrid to a Mizuno CLK purely for the flatter lie angle. Upgraded from my MX-23s to JPX 850F last year purely because I wanted shiny new(ish) sticks. No kidding myself about magical improvements, and these were 10+ year jumps in equipment advancement...but the JPXs do get up better on thin strikes.
  6. No, it's not ok. I can help, mail me the stealths. Kidding of course. You're a club junkie in the making, so what? Look, since you're new, you may not have noticed, but the new club "Tech" stories are generally overstated and especially when it comes to wedges. They're a hunk of metal, very little fancy construction, so it's going to come down to new grind offerings, improvements in face/groove millings for spin characteristics and maybe some COG differences. The best thing to do is test them. Getting fitted outdoors for turf interaction is tough for a lot of folks. Buying a bunch of t
  7. I thought the e12 soft was essentially a lower compression version of the old e6? The old e6 I thought was like a goldilocks between e12 soft and e12 speed, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Yeah but the ball they brought back is completely different than the E6 that was a hit. Might have been the 2016-2017 time frame or something like that? Basically the ultimate all-arounder for a mid handicap player that doesn't really want to pay for premium, but can benefit from a good ball. I have an unopened box in the garage that I'm quite hesitant to put into play. Now it's a 2-piece low cost distance ball.
  9. I'd be more concerned with the tip being a mess. Clearly it was previously tipped (poorly) hopefully the shaft wasn't compromised when it was hacked off.
  10. A few months back I bought a 10000000000000 pack of plain wash towels from costco. I keep one in the bag for during a round, and 2 in the garage for cleaning clubheads and grips. Nothing fancy, works well with a little dish soap.
  11. Mizuno CLK is neutral and flat.
  12. I have a somewhat wider foot and I love my Nike Lunar Command 2's. They looked to have a slightly wider toe box so I gave them a try and liked them so much, I got a second pair. I ordered the Wide sizing btw. As far as looks go, I'm not a sneakerhead, but I am very picky about sneakers and this bleeds over to golf shoes.
  13. I don't think you're crazy. While gear junkies may have an interest in equipment development, they also can really appreciate standout models. I think you'll find that cult classics such as MP-32's and Z745s in good condition sell quickly just because so many people loved those models.
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