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  1. My 5W bit the dust recently. Shaft started splintering randomly but the head is intact. I'm looking to get fitted for a 5W but with lead times the way they are, I'll be without one of my favorite clubs for the better part of 3 months. So a holdover may be to buy a shaft and install in the head to hold me over. I play a Tensei AV Blue 65S in my driver (Cally GBB) and am wondering what works in a FW for those out there playing a similar driver shaft. Thanks!
  2. It's hard to feel sympathy for successful athletes and celebrities but when it comes to mental health issues, nobody is immune and nobody finds it easy to deal with. It's got to be compounded for him by the fact that he has fortune, family and talent and those are very good excuses to minimize the struggle one can feel. Being optimistic is great, but not at the expense of acknowledging your own issues and burying them. That was my problem. I knew how I felt but I knew what I had in life. It was more than enough to think "what have you got to complain about? think about the b
  3. Are you trying to free up a spot for a club? I could get by without my 58 but there may be times when Id miss it. For a while I went without a 4 iron and carried 13 clubs but there were a few times I wish I had it for a tee shot. So now I have a U85 as a 4. I’m allowed 14 clubs so I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I feel the same way about the 58 since I play a lot of low risk bump and runs with the PW or 7i. If I need to get the ball in the air it’s 54 or 58.
  4. I did a little shaft testing over the summer and bought a Tensei AV Blue, Aldila Xtorsion copper, and Matrix White tie each at under $100.
  5. I'm lucky in that I'm a shorter guy and like playing my driver around 44.5", so Ping is actually really appealing because of this. I would just install my shaft to get to 44.5-44.75" and see where that lands swing weight wise. Just ballparking it, I don't think too much lead tape or hot melt would be needed to get to my preferred D3.
  6. Thank you for the reply and it looks like you have some great companions! Luckily I used to shoot a compound bow so I get the feeling you’re talking about. Took a few swings inside today and kind of felt like my arms were a little more in line with my shoulders and hands felt a bit deeper. I’ll have to get in front of a mirror though, we all know feel isn’t always real.
  7. Third driver video is a pull fade. And a 7 iron for swing reference. IMG_2226.MOV IMG_2224.MOV
  8. Haven’t practiced a ton, but I have tried to focus a bit on getting my hands moving down and not out at transition. Got some video this past weekend and wanted to follow up on my previous post. A bit of a different issue, but it’s building off feedback @Valtiel had given. My miss I’m is getting steep in the downswing. Also I think it looks like I start rotating my hips a little early, haven’t quite reached the top of the swing yet. first video (2228) is straight. second video (2227) is a straight fade. will need to do a second post due to file sizes. IMG_2228.MOV IMG_2
  9. Well these responses are interesting. At least it reduces the temptation to pick up a set of shafts I "think" would fit me and wait to try a few out.
  10. Sorry dude, I play these irons and they are just as consistent as YOU can be with them. They provide help, but not a ton. If you're all over the face then yeah, you'll see a couple 'fliers' which are actually you hitting the center of the face and getting your full distance out of them. Otherwise, you can easily get 10-15 yard drop offs. The undercut cavity is primarily for removing mass to lower COG, no trampolines and 'speed' pockets, or fairway wood style construction. These are constructed with consistency in mind. Have you tried impact tape or foot spray to see where you're hitting t
  11. That's very surprising to be honest. If anything I thought it would be the 105.
  12. Sounds like a reasonable progression. I'd just prefer steel only because it's a bit easier to work with for club making.
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