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  1. I am looking for a grip with the same specs as the stock grip on my 2020 Newport 2. I believe it is the pistolini plus. I want to put it on my Odyssey Protype, so id rather not a Scotty branded grip. Does anyone know the golf pride or ping version of the same grip?
  2. I play KBS Tour Flt 120 S in my P770 irons. I had the same shaft in my P790 3iron last year and i liked the flight. However I sold the 3iron in favor of a hybrid and am regretting it. I could go with the same shaft but I was hoping for a slightly lighter graphite shaft to produce more speed but still a similar flight if not a tiny bit lower. Driver club speed~105mph PW carry 130. 5i 185 Moderate Tempo. Straight to slight draw ball flight and higher than average apex. I play diamana D+ 80g stiff in my 16.5* 917F2 and it is my favorite shaft o
  3. Any Canadians here have any information on whether golf is allowed or not? Is there a difference between public or private courses? Its soon time for my club to open but we haven't heard anything.
  4. I am 46* 51* 56* 60* Would only require bending the gap wedge 1*. Nice to leave the 56 alone if it's higher bounce and you use it for shots that require that bounce. Bending it stronger will reduce the bounce. The gap wedge would be 6-8* of bounce anyway (most likely) so you won't notice the additional 1* by adding loft.
  5. I am aware of that, but good call. I have it adjusted now to slightly upright with the same loft. I cut off 1/2". Thanks guys
  6. Thanks. I wasn't sure if they were the same as the driver.
  7. Does anyone have a chart or can explain how to adjust the lie and loft?
  8. I did my TV360's on my woods in 2.5/5/7.5/10 inch increments and measured in 3 places with a caliper. It was dead on to my plus4 tour velvet grips on my irons. The wood shafts were slightly larger than my iron shafts in the butt so I guess that made up for the difference (I really did a plus 3 on my woods). Probably wouldn't notice less than half a mm anyway.
  9. Sorry to hijack, but for those of you that played Southern Dunes, how did you find the pace of play? How long was your round?
  10. Excellent, thats good to hear. We figured we would be ok but it is one of the best courses on our trip so we didn't want to play 18 in the dark. lol Staying in Haines City, actually about 20 mins south of the course.Awesome photos. Thanks!
  11. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this course. We have a time booked at 1:46 and are wondering if we are in danger of not finishing. From what I read, the pace of play there is phenomenal and sunset is around 6:20 PM. Just hoping someone from the area could confirm that we should be ok.
  12. Nice, have seen that before. Instead of going 1* weak on the 5i I was going to go 0.5* weak and also strengthen my 4i to 20*. Currently I also have a 3i but I am going to sell that and the 4i will be close enough. Slightly larger gaps and it will make room for my m3 hybrid.
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