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  1. Read that and it seems contradictory because the single diamond is supposed to present a neutral or draw shape... somebody will have an insight, a lot of gear heads on here.
  2. Looking for some help, what are the differences between the 440 and Subzero models at this point? Does the subzero sit more open? I was looking at a single diamond Mavrik 440.
  3. Gonna give this one more bump because its a good topic, I'm not anti-tinker but do understand the value of fitting. The whole bag in the signature is built tinkering. I think I did pretty well minus the SW and LW, which were thought out for different conditions. The baby blades are a chore when it comes to ball striking but that's me not the build or club. Woods work pretty dang well, maybe I could pick up some yardage but I don't mind a little extra spin.
  4. Nix gets at the essential points in this thread. Is it necessary? No, its not necessary and if you get a poor fitting it can be detrimental. You **** away money and get a crappy product. It also has its benefits. It can be beneficial if you've never had a fitting and get a quality fitting. It can be beneficial if you get a really good fitter who can use numbers to optimize what you are already working with and tailor clubs to your swing and the numbers.
  5. When you say fitting keep in mind that's a very broad term that encompasses a lot of services.
  6. Theres a lot of bad feelings in golf. I don't know if I can comment on what is the worst: 1) El hosel 2) Being hit by a golf ball. 3) Hitting a blade thin when its cold 4) Super heavy iron shot 5) Not being able to cover a bet (I've avoided this one so far) 6) Getting the club stuck inside
  7. Doesn't seem to be that type of dude.... it doesn't fit his personality. I think he's confident which is respectable but nah. Self belief makes dreams possible.
  8. Ping bag is fire with the copper eye2s and persimmon. Everyday bag is pretty awesome as well. Whats the club logo?
  9. Hot Stix and Cool Clubs around Phoenix
  10. Not sure it's the adjective that I'd use but it certainly clashes.
  11. That is correct. I've never had a good command of the English language, nor am I adept at proofreading. Sometimes you make a typo
  12. 1) First off, this is golf not combat. It's not a mortal kombat tournament where the losing team takes over the opposing country or countries until the next set of matches. 2) Lefty got snubbed after winning a major championship and being the second best player of the last quarter century. Simply put, Reed didn't do enough to make the team from a merit standpoint and secondly, he didn't fit Stricker's model well enough to earn a pick.
  13. Old schoolmate used to say, it helps if people like you.
  14. Wrists and hand injuries suck in the sense that you have a lot of small fibers, bones, etc. Problems around the hands, fingers take forever to heal and its not hard to re-aggravate them. Just golf man, that's all that can be said. Karma is an overrated metaphysical idea in my humble opinion when it comes to something as trivial as a common golf injury.
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