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  1. Man, J.D's been telling people that for years. His method won 2 majors. I'll say this about Bryson its not the method, its his delivery of the message.
  2. Golf equipment ebbs and flows. One company innovates than another improves that technology or designs something new. Taylormade used to be one of my favorite brands until they decided it was necessary to have three release cycles in a year and produce crap. Since TMAG dissolved the product has made a comeback. I've never used cobra and thats not a bash just never did. Most of Scotty's modern stuff doesn't interest me unless its a Circle T or limited release. I think his stuff is not the quality that it used to be.
  3. Scotty makes an oil can cloth, wipe em down + oil, steel wool or redo the process are all options. Just find out what works.
  4. Happy he's ok and his quality of life won't be diminished long term. It would've been more fitting if it was a Cadillac. Little bit of historical deja vu.
  5. Played a 910D3 for 7 years. Along a similar tract with a GBB Epic Subzero, think I could squeak out 5-10 more with a fitting but hit it far enough and the baby cut is solid. Also it doesn't normally go too far left.
  6. 46* is close to a stock PW. They can take off 5 yards with relative ease. Also it may be bent to 47. 52,56,60 is a common 4 wedge set.
  7. Faldo can be a tad bit egotistical but knowledgable, Nobilo is alright. I enjoy Immelman. I've never understood why golf announcing is so chatty yet silence is golden on the course. I'm completely cool with with hearing the birds, a practice swing, the wind or the sound of a tee shot. Better yet, I enjoy the player, caddie dialogue. Bones and John Wood will both get better. Some announcers need to take a page out of the Joe Buck and Troy Aikman play book.... On second thought return that margarita machine.
  8. Fellow WRXers As the title states looking for a bertha mini driver 12*. Would prefer it to be in good condition, shaft isn't necessary. Last 6 months, I've been thinking about building a half set. Thanks
  9. 4i (24*) in a baby blade 200-205. Anything lower is a little too hairy.
  10. without a doubt. I used to do a decent amount with odyssey, also putted with two see-more models.
  11. You're in Texas, id think about an Artisan fitting if you really wanna get a phenomenal product. Its a chunk of change but an option.
  12. He's been play PX 7.0s since his Titleist days.... maybe just tinkering, its too early to speculate.
  13. I dont work for flightscope , I just asked the same question yesterday evening.
  14. Hello, Thank you for your interest in FlightScope. The Mevo+ will not measure swing speed without a ball being struck. This is only available in our higher end launch monitors. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. FlightScope Mevo Sales ^^^^ nope got this this morning. ordered a PRGR instead.
  15. Solid 4 woods from TEE
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