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  1. If making no putts is purgatory then being a good putter from everywhere except inside 5 feet hell.
  2. Prefer single prongs but to each his own
  3. how champions think and most of rotella's stuff is pretty good
  4. he just released a third book lives of the stoics. The obstacle is the way is good.
  5. Getting hit in the head with a golf ball.... absolutely terrible experience.
  6. Vice Pro Plus is a good ball (slightly below a 1x) IMHO. I've only played snell mb's that i've found but I was REALLY impressed with the MTB.
  7. In a practical sense, Write in rain pads work well for me... easy to keep in golf bag and water resistant. Check pad before range session, round, practice, etc.
  8. Gents I'm not entering but would say that the orange spins a little more than you may like. Driver SS 102-105. Have a low spin head but was getting 2500-2700 with a pretty neutral AOA. Hope it helps.
  9. Thank you GolfWRX and Mitsubishi Chemical for giving me the opportunity to test the new Tensei AV Raw series. Variables in the test are obviously human error and a lingering left wrist injury, which is effecting my total swing speed. After some deliberation, I decided upon the AV Raw Orange 75s. I outfitted it with an Iomic sticky 2.3 and fitted it to an Epic Sub Zero (9*, -1/N). It was butt trimmed to play at 44 inches and has no sort of tipping. The shaft is slightly shorter than my current gamer, which is a Kiyoshi White 65s. I was fortunate enough to compare both shafts on trackman and
  10. Still a top 5 in my 30 for 30 ranking. He might be the outlier when you look at CC. CC's in better shape now after retirement.
  11. I bought a blast motion and it definitely helps me maintain a solid tempo throughout the stroke. It gives excellent feedback. An eye-line mirror can be good for set up and posture. As for putting thoughts, I wanna make sure I have some hit and an abbreviated follow through with a long stroke. Oddly enough Ive been going through something similar where I couldn't hit water if i fell out of a boat. The last few rounds have been a little better with the putter.
  12. I'd probably put 130s in the traditional wedges. I prefer the wedges heavier.
  13. Current wedges? SM7s 52 F Grind 56, 60 M Grind.What conditions do you play in (soft, average, firm)? all three.One thing that would improve your current wedges? more of a dig grind that could still be opened up with relative ease. Seem to loose a little flighting the ball on fuller shots. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Of course.Do you agree to write a review on Cleveland Golf's website? Yes.
  14. D grind that good? I was looking at wedges and thought that it would be perfect. Unfortunately, I bought sm7s last year and the D I didn't see offered until I bought them. Good looking WITB.
  15. +1 to the half set idea. You get imaginative and creative. I do it often when I want to take a walk. Sometimes I play cheap skins games with a half set. As for the crown idea, I'm not convinced. I had three beers today and lost 4 balls trying to hit extremely high lob shots from suspect lies. It definitely doesn't always lead to good judgement.
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