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  1. I might tune in before the tournament starts to see if any info can help the bet sheet or if its an unfamiliar course. Other than that, I don't tune in much. I'd rather sit on the porch and watch the sky with a beer.
  2. Not to be that guy but I think LST stands for Low Spin Tech. If youre looking for something in a 460cc head that is low spin, its probably more shaft. Just get the right shaft and you may be able to get something solid. 2400ish.
  3. God I hope you used Titanic Thompson
  4. Something tells me you don't work in advertising. From a insight perspective she doesn't bring much. Better than looking at Damon and Tripp or DD for a few hours. Though, DD is by far my favorite golf channel correspondent.
  5. Sort of kind of gave up skiing. I guess they don't really intersect but life got in the way of the slopes. I've been fortunate enough to have a few days where I've skied in the morning and played golf in the afternoon. Those were good days. I've given up the game at different points for one reason or another but seem to find a way back to it. Haven't played much since the beginning of May, just life stresses and such.
  6. If I had to work in the industry, I'd choose not to work in the industry. If I was old, retired and financially secure, it'd be a starter. When I was a younger lad we had this starter, he was your typical snippy, grandfatherly character that you never really envisioned having but you're damn happy was a part of your life. He'd roll around on his cart and get snippy about pace of play while enjoying a good view and playing more golf then he could handle.
  7. I don't disagree with you at all. Just saying, they could've even looked at top quality new builds. Stuff opening yearly. It would generate interest. They could've done big break streamsong or big break cabot.
  8. They have to have horrible people that negotiate their deals. They need a week at a place and they need to interrupt regular play for probably half a day... From there they need someone to scout talent and a host & cohost plus production. In return they give a top quality place free advertising, etc.
  9. I think they cancelled the big break because it was getting stale and they were running out of ideas to keep it interesting. The first few seasons were really good with Tony and Gipper. I thought the show was better when it was just ams; guys who were on the cusp but hadn't committed to the grind. Feherty might have taken a dip in ratings and was cut back. It was nominated for an Emmy. I'm not certain. Article on the end of Feherty is posted below, its kind of obscure on citing a reason. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/01/15/david-feherty-golf-channel-show-ending/
  10. I've seen a few cart wrecks in my day but I've never seen someone leave one in a pond.
  11. About $20 an hour now for demo day reps and some sort of travel reimbursement I would guess at this point.
  12. thats kinda a cool conversation piece didn't know Toulon reproduced it...
  13. First and foremost, that is well put. You could extrapolate a counter argument that with the growth of the game over the pandemic and the influx of new people now would be the only logical time to possibly retool the programming to try and capitalize on the current state of things. (I'd like to say I don't have any statistics regarding growth only hear say.) Other than tiger there haven't been a whole lot of things that have bolstered golf in the last two to three decades. Its kind of like crossing the Rubicon, you either take chances or watch a possible regression in interest. Obviously most
  14. Connecticut or NY, A friend of mine from childhood has tried to get a TV show produced and it was an extremely difficult slog. Golf Channel is supposedly the worst when it comes to content production and budget.
  15. Don't think there has or ever will be a golf show that gets nominated for an Emmy but if there was one it would've been in the 1960s with Jackie, Marilyn and some other ole bomb shells. Don Draper would've been the host. The youtube stuff is ok. Guess you could do a golf betting show but they've already morphed that in with morning drive and to be honest their experts suck at golf betting.
  16. Dude on golf pass does this, Don Saladino? I think thats his name. Its not different players regiments but rather a golf workout show. Big Break was fun, especially when it was Ams.
  17. Can I get a thread moved from tour talk to general golf? Thread is titled Golf Programming. Misplaced it.
  18. It's kinda true. The show would probably highlight a lack of innovation in equipment but you could highlight things like direct force or garage brands like xenon, Tyson lamb, etc. Talk about and test the obscure fringe stuff. I'd find the apples to apples launch monitor thing somewhat enjoyable but you best have a gorgeous co-host for ratings. I don't tune in that often but the programming can be a little rough when you can't watch live golf.
  19. I applaud golf channel for attempting to include more amateur and college golf programming on their network (thought this should've happened 5 years ago), the network programming still feels stale. You can listen to morning drive for 2-3 hours or maybe pick up an interesting nugget from Hall or Como but for those that don't find that entertaining what would you want to see?
  20. Think Callaway did it first with the PM grind.
  21. Most people can't fathom shooting 65 for four days straight. I include myself in that.
  22. if he putts like he did on Saturday and Sunday.... No. Had him picked from Wednesday of last week and he was the best player tee to green. To sum it up...
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