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  1. TSI3 is a hair lower spinning (not that they couldn't fit him into something to optimize his flight in a 2 style head. Those techs can probably find a shaft that works.) It's a more traditional club head shape which fits the rest of the bag minus the putter. He may have had more confidence in it. Who knows?
  2. Good dude but the bottle and a plethora of other substances over a lifetime can do that to ya. Sadly he lost his boy a few years back. S*** takes a toll.
  3. Feherty called BDC "Mongo" on 18 tee. Might have been the funniest thing I've heard all day.
  4. All three of those are options. 54,58 is another option. You can learn to take some off that GW. 48* is my pw. I bent everything one degree weak. I go 52,56,60. The 60 at times seems redundant. I almost wish that I bent the whole bag 1 degree strong and went 50,54,58. A 60 is a fickle beast at times. The 58 seems to work a little better for me as a higher lofted option. I'd say get on grass and figure out what works for you and the turf conditions that you play on regularly.
  5. Yeah I think most people go through periods of heightened or decreased interest in the game. Not to be armchair shrink but if you don't worry about the result and enjoy being in nature, it always seems to make me appreciate it. Quiet is hard to find in this world. As a society over stimulation seems to be a problem at times and golf is much more focused.
  6. Everything you said is pretty spot on but I've gotta say that picture is just so awesome. just so sweet!
  7. Just wanted to give this a bump with regards to storage space. Yes I know it's called mnml. I'm curious what you put in your bag? Just to see if the storage is gonna be a deal breaker.
  8. About a month ago I watched Sneed - Hogan on YouTube.... it's damn good entertainment. Sentiments are with Brooksy.
  9. Whatever one is in my hand for that particular golf shot. On a serious note, typically the putter but that's gotten better. I'd say the 60.
  10. I was gonna say he was exposed to gamma rays in Dubai and subsequently channeled his inner hulk. Well played sir! lmao.
  11. Not to make you and STU feel old but those were my dads favorites before discontinued. (The ones with the small gold golf pride lettering?)
  12. Care Package? You mean like this?!?! To be honest it will attract some for appearance fees and money but golf is only relevant 4-6 times a year. Presidents Cup is iffy. (4 Majors, R.C., Players) Even the playoffs can be kinda iffy from an interest perspective.
  13. At one point, it was NDMCCs then Iomic Stickys but I have a gripe. The first set of Iomics were unbelievable. It was 2013 and I swear these grips lasted for 3 years (At least 80 rounds a year + beating balls, etc). It sounds unlikely but I didn't change grips until I changed irons. Since then, I've found the new formula seems to wear a lot faster and may be a tad less tacky. I found the same thing with hydro flask water bottles. The first one I had was in 2016 and this damn thing used to keep a drink cold for like 20 hours. So I bought another one from amazon for convenience and it is not nearly as effective. It also has a rough texture v. smooth. Point being, after a product gets a reasonable amount of recognitions, it seems that a company may try to cut costs to maximize profits and in turn the quality suffers. In returning to grips, I may go back to NDMCCs because you save $6 a grip and I play less.
  14. I'd say this pretty accurate IMO. It's a putter shaft. If you want a finish, the ct tour is a reasonable upgrade. $50ish v. $200-400. Unless its your day job, something like this is overkill-ish. I don't know what it was but the weighting on the stability shaft just agreed with me that day but for the last few months leading up to that day, I could've putted with a croquet mallet and it wouldn't have made a hell of a difference. That day it just smoothed out my stroke and the quirks that I was having.
  15. There are certainly wedges that make sand play easier. People always say eye2s are money and Callaway developed sure out. Cleveland is the smart sole but I'm not sure if that's for easy sand shots or chili dip sort of thing. From a technique perspective, I've always thought it was really important to have a stable base (lower body), consistent setup, along with the other things that were mentioned above. Essentially dig your feet in until you feel solid and that they're close to the same level. Something fairly simple to think about that you can do every time.
  16. The way I understand it, pure-ing was valuable when graphite shafts were inconsistent. Apparently, the tolerances are now more precise. Just my .02.
  17. Typically deep fryer, god knows this year, might go out to eat.
  18. Not to be that guy but this is the definition of a first world golf problem
  19. For the sake of brevity, @Elee913 I edited your initial post but I'm gonna give it a bump. I'm curious about the same questions, so hopefully we will get some answers.
  20. Nice Bag, like the headcovers (you must be a lakers fan?) 7 wood and Apex 3i must overlap so I assume you swap depending on where and when?
  21. I'm gonna second this. I don't have one in play currently but I tried a local pro's Del Mar with a stability shaft and was impressed. I don't feel the need to justify the upgrade as I have other golf needs and that's more a want but I was impressed.
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