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  1. Possibly Fall... I haven’t heard anything concrete about that one yet.
  2. anybody have any experience with the heel and trailing edge grind on the Low Bounce K grind??
  3. Visually I’d saw the biggest difference is the blade length. Compared to all the other MB’s currently on the market the blueprint blade length is visibly shorter. I don’t think many people appreciate how small the blueprint really is. Top line compared to iblade isn’t super noticeable because of the finish. I think the iblade proportionally is very similar to blueprint which while noticeably larger makes the transition work.
  4. That’s what happens when your 17 and work at a golf store
  5. Season is over now here in Canada so thought I’d put together a wish list for the off season! Driver- Taylormade M5 10.5* set at 10* Project X Hzrdus smoke black 70g 6.0 tipped 1.5 inch Golf Pride Z-cord standard +3 wraps Best driver I’ve ever gamed. Tried everything out there last year including SIM with Ventus black 6x but couldn’t be the combination of distance and accuracy. The SIM combo was 10 yards longer however. If I could keep the accuracy of my M5 with the distance of the SIM that would be a game changer. I tried g410lst with Hzrdus Green 70TX for a bit and found it
  6. Ping blueprint... and its not even close.
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