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  1. Sim2 10.5, Ventus Black 6X tipped 1", 45.5" end of grip, sleeve set to lower. typical shot shape is a slight push draw with miss being a push out to the left (lefty). Picked up significant (3-5 mph) in club speed and ball speed over my M5. Dispersion is a little all over the place at the moment with many shots tailing to the right. Been in places on the course this year that I've never been before as far as distance goes though. Sim2 to me is much more forgiving than the original Sim.
  2. Yes... I did that for mine. 10.5 set at lower, graphics are all lined up.
  3. Its actually the new glide forged pro wedge which looks a lot like the zipcore. Has been playing the G425 hybrid with Ventus Blue 10X since it launched on tour at the ZOZO. He's back in C taper 130X with I210's. And Smoke Green 70TX 44.5" in G425 LST. Prime Tyne C putter.
  4. Possibly Fall... I haven’t heard anything concrete about that one yet.
  5. anybody have any experience with the heel and trailing edge grind on the Low Bounce K grind??
  6. Visually I’d saw the biggest difference is the blade length. Compared to all the other MB’s currently on the market the blueprint blade length is visibly shorter. I don’t think many people appreciate how small the blueprint really is. Top line compared to iblade isn’t super noticeable because of the finish. I think the iblade proportionally is very similar to blueprint which while noticeably larger makes the transition work.
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