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  1. It depends.. I think.. I ordered good condition and got these..
  2. I am the OP.. Thanks for your advise. Yes. I got the most of my money back as a hot deal credit.. In fact I liked their customer service since they always tried to help.. But I think if the final checkout price is different from their system due to a price change the system should cancel the order instead of charging the increased green fee. I booked tee times more than 100 times using GolfNow last two years. I am a bit concerned since I usually don't review the final page and the final price. Their confirmation email don't even show the final price. This might not be the first incident..
  3. Last night I tried to book a hotdeal tee time for next Sunday using GoldNow. The green fee was $42 per person and I used two $10 credits (I am Golfpass+ member). The total was $148 on the screen. When I booked it, it was long hold and the confirmation page showed the total was $256. I found the green fee was changed $69/person. I seems the price was changed during the booking. I've never experienced the price change during the booking. It was like when I tried to buy a $148 putter and when I clicked the order button my credit card was charged $256. I called the member center this morning and e
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