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  1. Great walking course. Minimal green to tee box spacing. My favorite good walk. How were the greens holding up?
  2. What are the “outdoor recreational facilities”?
  3. Great write up. Very detailed! Two follow ups.... How crowded was the resort? Did you make Any changes to your rotation or was this your original order?
  4. What is better Arthur Hills. Virtues or Stonewall Orchard?
  5. Charley the head groundskeeper is a good guy. Met him a couple times. He cares about the place.
  6. Awesome review! Super thorough. What raingear did you bring? And overall how did you play?
  7. When I was a kid we used to call that place “the home of the six hour round” Guess things haven’t changed in 40 years.
  8. Indeed. I have to play 5 wood into the big landing area. Can’t trust my draw to stay out of the water short of the trap.
  9. You would think there could be some middle ground. Seems like the end of day tee times get to play on better conditions then the early ones where it is soaked. My favorite example is the 6th hole. At 9am the landing area is lift clean and place.
  10. Used to like the holes on the north side of 159th street.
  11. Great recap. Did you use a caddie and of the rounds?
  12. You are hitting some of the best we have to offer in Chicagoland. The only one that I could add would be Shoreacres. I hear that is a gem! Can’t wait to read your recaps.
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