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  1. I went and grabbed mine to double check. Looks identical to mine in shape and markings. I purchased my Santa Fe in 1999 or 2000 from a pro shop and been gaming it ever since. It’s had many different grips but still the same ol’ Cameron. I’m no expert in counterfeit Scottys but this looks like the real deal, although not very well cared for.
  2. I’d echo postfold’s comments, especially since they are closest in proximity and good quality, but I’ll also yell you that if you expand your drive time to an hour each way, it opens a bunch of great options. - Heading north on the 31 corridor from Muskegon there are many good courses including Thoroughbred Golf Club, Grand View, Oceana, Colonial, Old Channel Trail - Pilgrim’s Run north of Grand Rapids, a favorite of many in West Michigan and on these forums, as postfold mentioned - Many public options in metro GR including Kaufman, Thornapple Point, etc - Back south is
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