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  1. Im actually slicing now with this swing, without casting or over the top…
  2. Ball flight is a fade or straight very rarely draw or hook.
  3. I believe I am doing the same swing, theres no wrist rotation I can see and at the top the angles look similar… Mines plenty long and relatively consistent but still a work in progress.
  4. Thanks so much for the info... BTW, at the top of the swing the back of my hand does not match the clubface... can this be a problem? Thanks JC
  5. Hello Guys, Trying to correct collapsing wrists and cupped wrists the latter is an effect of the former... I must add I don´t really fill this collapse that brings the club way past parallel... Any tips to fix this? I am a 14HC been playing for 2-3 years now, any other comments on my swing are welcome. Thanks JC b7be5dc5-83e1-4982-a8ec-ec491b98ea23.MP4 87a8387e-97c2-4105-8843-eb1d6e6b0c3b.MP4
  6. Ok so I went a bit further... cut my irons to correct size and this is what I came up with.
  7. OK... so I did most of the measuring... and I come up with some surprising facts... My Irons (Ping G425) were custom ordered but they got the order wrong and are all of them .5 inches longer than I requested... Wedges are at requested length as well as woods and hybrids which are stock. Removed attachment.
  8. Howard thanks so much for your reply, this is sticky material... lol Thanks! JC
  9. Thanks Howard (¡Gracias!), What info should be relevant then? total club weight? Thanks JC
  10. Hello Guys... So starting to tinker and got the SW of all my clubs: Wedges & Irons 58-D5.5 52-D3.5 U-D3.3 PW-D3 9-D1.5 8-D1.5 7-D0.3 6-C9 5-C9 Hybrids 4H-D1 3H-D2 Woods 3W-C8 Driver-D1 Measurements are with CP2 Pro midsize grips, so actual swing weight is about 2 points more. 105-110 Driver Speed Struggle most with 3W and 5 Iron. Thanks! JC
  11. You didnt give me the finger… Sorry… I know the way out…
  12. Shoot me what you've got… Thanks JC
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