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  1. Wonder how high it will jump in the rankings once it's no longer accessible to the public. A good bit I'd bet
  2. just watch Justin Rose’s swing. It may not fix your issue like it did mine but worth giving a try
  3. Might want to try rolling over your left foot on your follow through and then if that’s not enough twisting your foot/ankle left so the toe is pointing towards the target at the finish. Takes a while to do consistently but will lessen the torque on your knee. Fixed the same problem for me. Surprised this move isn’t advocated for more. Helps with hip turn and sliding as well.
  4. Thanks. Are the driving ranges and practice areas open to those not playing that day?
  5. anywhere in Carolinas is fine. Yes it does matter about mats a little bit thank you. It will be this weekend
  6. Looking to get away for a weekend and play and practice.
  7. Having Doak's name on it takes care of the competition aspect.
  8. I couldn’t open the documents either but it sounds like their explanation is that it actually is easier to shoot 5 below CR on a 150 slope than a 120 slope, which we all know isn’t true. They know they designed it incorrectly from the beginning but rather than admit to any kind of shortcoming they treat everyone like they’re idiots.
  9. I’ve already explained to you why this “issue” isn’t the same thing at all. Leads me to think that you still don’t get the actual issue.
  10. Yea I don’t think I’d be in favor of a wholesale change but I might be in favor of a smaller solution that mathematicians might be able to come up with.
  11. Good post. Your example wasn’t really “extreme” though, it just seems like it because you need to make it simple to be easier to understand. EVERY SINGLE under CR round is effected. If golfers are plus 4 or 5 handicaps it’s not hard to come up with an incorrect stroke given. The difference between a 145 slope and a 130 slope for a 5 under CR round is half a stroke in the direction it shouldn’t be. CR’s don’t actually have to be the same for this effect to occur.
  12. Im in the “this system has a clear flaw” camp. I feel like any other answer is just going to allow you to deviate the discussion from that like you want.
  13. No that’s not what I’m proposing. I’m saying the 125 doesn’t become harder than the 145 as someone gets better than scratch, which is what the system says now. Treating the 145 as more difficult would make more sense than the current treatment of the two. But it’s not a perfect solution.
  14. Okay for the golfers that are literally exactly 0.0 it’s treated the same. You got me. Are you still arguing a 125 should be treated as more difficult than the 145 for the plus golfer?
  15. We’ve slowly gone from “no that’s not illogical” to “it doesn’t need to be changed because the benefits don’t outweigh the costs” The latter I don’t have much of an issue with.
  16. no, no it’s not. You guys want to play mental gymnastics and pretend “slope” isn’t a way of measuring difficulty but we all know that it is. No one in their right mind would argue a 72/125 is meant to be more difficult than a 72/145. Rating and slope are supposed to work together to predict how a golfer will shoot.
  17. Of course. But on average it should even out across all golfers etc. Lots of red herrings being brought into the discussion. Theres no evening out treating a 125 slope as being more difficult than a 145 slope for plus golfers, when for every other golfer it’s treated as easier. And we know that’s not their intention. This flaw occurs for every single round shot under a CR.
  18. Those are great questions that finally acknowledge the issue. Would probably take people much better at math than me to find a solution if desired. I wouldn’t call the USGA handicap system simplified. It’s pretty complex.
  19. It’s crazy the hoops some of them are jumping through to avoid admitting the problem exists. I guess that’s just life on a message board.
  20. You think only .1% of golfers shoot under course rating rounds? Every single round under a course rating is affected by this. That will affect plus handicaps all the way to 3 and 4’s. Not significantly, but a flaw is a flaw and it’s much more widespread than you’re making it out to be.
  21. that’s not the same problem. The system is working as it’s meant to there. The courses have different course ratings which explains the difference. At a certain score the effect of the slope became greater than one shot (the difference in course ratings).
  22. I think he’s suggesting the 67 on the 125 slope could be the better round. Which of course makes no sense.
  23. There is no reason to think it’s harder to shoot a 67 on a 72/125 than a 72/145. Theoretically it may not be any easier but it certainly is not harder.
  24. you may want to do that calculation yourself. He gets a -4.52 differential and his friend gets a -3.89 differential. The -4.52 is considered the better round.
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