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  1. Excited for Friday. I've been playing around with all these different options and weights, jumping on a GCQuad and trying to figure everything out myself. I'm heading into the Callaway Performance center in Carlsbad to try and figure everything out. Going to try 2 different fittings. I switched out my SIM adapter and put my old Epic Flash in so it will work with their new drivers. I'm going to get fit for the Autoflex and see the stats with the right head/weight combo. Then I'm going to go through as if I had nothing. This way I can see once and for all is the Autoflex a better fit for
  2. So I was thinking of tinkering with the SIM setup to maybe get a few 100 RPM's down on the spin (would love to drop about 200-300). I know the rear weight is 12g and the slider is 10g. Moving the mass forward should help. I was going to pickup a 18g front slider weight and a 5g rear weight to try it out. But I read that the SIM is set up to have the heavy weight in the back for engineering purposes, and not recommended to change it. That kinda makes sense...then again if it has a screw in weight in my mind it's meant to be configurable. Anyone try this? Trying to keep the s
  3. I saw the Shiels video and I agree that you can't just take a random club and put the shaft in for amazing results. I bet if he was using the same head and the shaft came from Auto Flex, the swing weight was all off. I tried mine at first that way and the results weren't optimal. I was tinkering with the shaft trying to optimize it and I found that the wrong setup was HORRIBLE with the shaft. I noticed in my SIM driver it was launching a little high for me and I was hoping to get some more roll. I switched out the adapter and put my PXG Proto driver head on that was 9 degrees.
  4. I would say yes. Granted I got the shaft cheap because the person didn't realize what he had and it was right after the 1st video came out and not nearly the amount of buzz about the shaft. The way I look at it is I play golf because I enjoy it and like to have fun. I have more fun hitting the ball farther and in play more often. I'm saving golf balls, cutting strokes off my handicap, winning more money in the weekly games. Golf isn't fun when you stand on the tee not knowing where it's going to go. Now I have a one way miss, and don't miss as often. The course feels huge and
  5. Finally had some time to take the GC quad out of the pro shop and use it on the range. I was pretty surprised with the numbers. I warmed up and hit a bunch with my old gamer (green Hzrdus). I didn't have the stickers so just relying on some of the ball data and not the swing speed or club data. Old Shaft: 10.5 Sim, 147 Ball Speed, 12 Degree Launch, 2100 Spin, AutoFlex: 9.75 Sim (lofted down one click), 155 Ball Speed, 15 degree Launch, 2200 Spin I was a little surprised. I knew it was launching higher as I could see from the flight. That's why I lofted it
  6. It CAN make a difference more than an inch and a half longer shaft. It's not all just distance. The shaft isn't for everyone as some people don't like it. It's no magic wand to make you a better golfer. I found I'm getting 5-10 yards in extra distance (not too bad but not earth shattering). The difference for me is I'm hitting more fairways and played my 4th round now without losing a ball off the tee which I have never done at my home course. I know someone else who was using it and i personally saw an added 20 yards distance easy from his swings. People spend $600 on a new
  7. I went with the 505 since I have more a smooth tempo. I was told the 505x would work but it's more for an "aggressive" swing
  8. Autoflex was uncut at 45". I had the standard SIM 10.5 driver head. So the extra 1" in length moved me up 6 points but the lighter shaft dropped me 1 point. So I had to account for 5 points to get it back to standard D5. Then down another 3.5 to the optimal D1.5. I went with a heavy grip (added about 15 grams), 3 wraps as well to make the grip bigger (oversize tend to be lighter so went midsize with the wraps), and then used the lead tape under the grip. Acts as a sort of counterbalance. I tried taking the 9g sliding weight out of the clubhead but that made the club too light
  9. SIM 10.5 lofted down to 9.75. I had it lofted lower down to 9 but I felt like it was launching too low and I wasn't getting as much roll out. Now the ball is coming off a little higher (longer) with the extra pop off the face.
  10. I got mine about a week ago and so far loving it. I have a swing speed about 105 MPH so tend to be right in between stiff/ x-stiff. I would say I'm getting an increase of 5-10 yards off the tee which is great. I haven't gotten it on a trackman or anything yet for actual data but using my eyes on where it's landing on the range switching back and forth with my Hzrdus Hulk shaft. For people getting the shaft, make sure to get the swing weight set up. My brother in law reached out to the company after trying mine and they recommend a D1 - D1.5 swing weight for optimal results. I had to go g
  11. Got my Proto delivered yesterday and was able to get to the range today. I may get back out later today as well for more range time. I thought it was pretty interesting. I have a Ping G410 LST 9 degree that's been my current gamer. I had a Gen 2 9 degree driver as well that I just never fully loved. I brought the head out to hit with the new Proto and used the same shaft for comparison. The 2 PXG's were using the Project X Yellow 60g and the Ping was using the Project X "Hulk" 60g (and was 1" longer"). My swing speed is around 100-105 MPH, but I typically need a shaft for an "aggressive
  12. Mine took 2 days in Final Inspection as well. Wasn't actually shipped out yesterday. They send the shipping info yesterday but didn't have it picked up until this evening so now it's set for Saturday delivery. May not get out to the range until next week but once I do I will post the reviews of range/on course feel.
  13. Yeah I will never understand their orders and how it works. I just got the email that my Driver shipped and should be here Friday by the end of the day. I was wrong and I ordered it Wednesday the 13th (not the 11th) so it's in line with the 7-10 buisness days they're quoting. But not sure how mine is coming in before others who ordered sooner. Maybe they got a custom shaft upgrade or something that wasn't in stock. I made sure to ask when I ordered over the phone if they had the pieces I wanted in stock. If it comes in Friday I should be able to use it over the weekend and will let people
  14. Looks like the build times are speeding up. I ordered my Proto on Wednesday the 13th and was told 7-10 days. I checked the build link for my order when I got it and was scared when I saw that they were going to "Start Building" May 28th. Then a few days later it said June 12th. I called and they said the Proto and Gen 3's were not following those time frames and to ignore it. Checking today it now says final inspection so should be shipped soon. I had a Gen 2 but wasn't too happy with the results. It was too low of a ball flight and relied on getting huge roll out for the distance. I di
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