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  1. I agree with this as well. Also worth mentioning for getting better at two-putting is to practice from 4 - 6 feet - for those lags that dont really "lag". I think there is a difference in getting better at "lagging", and getting better at two-putting. Honestly, it is a darn hard thing to consistently putt the ball within a 3 ft (or less) circle from 40+ ft. Work on getting down in two from there and draining even those second putts that end up 4, 5, and 6 ft away. This will also help with saving pars from around the green - not every chip has to be tight.
  2. I carry a 60 and am likely going to sub for a 58 soon to deal with yardage gaps in the higher clubs. I figure 1) I NEVER hit a full shot 60 LW - they tend to balloon and go too right of my target. So I use 60 for when the shot calls for it. Delicate bunker shots with limited green to work with. Chips into super fast greens where I need to land it on the green. Etc. I think what a lot of people may be over looking is not only the loft but the bounce and grinds of your wedges. Different bounce and grind combos help create different type of shots around the green and within <70 yards. a 56/58 degree wedge with low bounce and a tight grind can hit a really nice lofted and spiny shot the same as a stock 60 can. Just need to practice. My new wedge setup may look like 51 (P-770 GW), 54 (weakened to 55),58. Should true up some of the gaps and still give me that touch.
  3. I've never used Rakuten. May have to check them out - I mean I end up spending the extra $10 rewards from GG and PGATSS on stuff I'd rather buy at Carl's anyhow. Thanks, MPA
  4. I spend half my paycheck at Carl's. It is my online retailer of choice. Only wish they had a loyalty program like Golf Galaxy and PGA TSS.
  5. Thanks! This is fascinating stuff, even if way over my head (especially the tutelman study). Fun reading about impact and fiction though. Played around a bit with the Flightscope model and plugged in my 7-iron numbers - it got pretty dang close. Only thing is I do not have the same stats on the rest of the set or my wedges. Was hoping for more of a 2 + 2 type of equation. Guess I'll have to get fit for wedges once I get the 770s and truly measure yardage gaps.
  6. Maybe it covers also the rake that goes in that bunker.
  7. I just ordered a new set of fit P770s. During the fitting process I only hit a 7-iron an my carry was 180 yards (33 degree) and my current gamer carry is a 170 yards (34 degree i think). The new 770s come with a PW (46 degree) and GW (51 degree) So, I figured I will have some new gaps to true up through the remaining wedges. My current gamer wedge set up is PW = 46 @ 140 yard, GW = 52 @ 125/130 yards, SW = 56 @ 115/120 yards, Lob = 60 @ 100 yards (dont like to full tilt lob though so usually use a 75% 56 degree for 100). Here is my problem, I need a way to predict my carry yardages with the new lofts for my wedges. Anyone know any mathematics that can help out here? Should I just estimate an average of 10 yards steps from 7 iron down through wedges? Or are there maths I can apply going by my ball speed and carry from 7 iron? P770 Lofts: PW = 46 @ 150 yards (estimate), GW = 51 @ 140 yards (estimate) and was thinking I need SW and Lob...thinking 54 = 130 (or 54 with 1 degree weaker loft for an affective 55 degree @ 125 yards) and 58 = 120> (or 58 with 1 degree weaker loft for an affective loft of 59 degree @ 115/110 yards)
  8. Don't worry about hijacking the thread. All good! My fitting was amazing! Walked out with a great feeling and ordered a set of P-770 irons. Wasn't even on my list of possibilities when we started, but the tight dispersion was a game changer! I think the problem with your fitting is you got one of the "sales"/"floor staff". In my experience they are not great with the fine tuning (nor the customer service) aspect of the fitting process. Ask them to ring you up or help finding balls, shirts, headcovers, gloves, etc and they will be a rockstar. If you want a fitting experience - schedule one with one of their licensed fitters.
  9. Pretty sure you are correct! This isnt the color Zals was wearing but same style. Thanks, JRS1939! https://www.titleist.com/product/green-out-tour-semi-curve/230HA1T.html
  10. All the snapback Titleist hats I've found have been mesh and/or trucker hat-ish. This is clearly neither. Likely tour issue, but if you find it send us a link. I also struggle to find hats that fit my fat head.
  11. I am seriously thinking about joining this, some serious cool gear. I am curious if TBC members get any sort of first dibs on tee times/deals once the course is built (whenever that will be)? Sorry if this is a naïve question or was covered already in the thread - haven't read the entire thing.
  12. Was just fit for: P-770 | 33 deg | Modus 3 (and S300) Carry: 180 avg
  13. Just ordered my P-770s after a great fitting session at PGA Tour Superstore. The main reason this iron won out against the JPX 921 Tour and Forged as well as the Titleist T100s was simple - dispersion. Much tighter dispersion on this irons. I am a true Mizuno honk and have played exclusively Mizuno for as long as I can remember. Going into this fitting I was almost convenced I'd be walking out with a Mizuno. Decided to order the P-770s as the performance was undeniably better for me. AND no rogue jumpers as with the P-790s. So my MP-64s will be giving up their bag space for my new P-770s in about 6 - 8 weeks (or months). The only down side I found was the extended wait time for the Nippon Modus 3 shaft - wait time was out until 7/15! So I decided to go with trusty Dynamic Gold S300s (which I also hit and same dispersion, just lacked the Modus feel) and will likely replace them with the Modus 3 shafts later in the season. Great irons, TaylorMade. Well done!
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