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  1. Thank you @Howard_Jones @paperclip very much for the feedback. I like the idea of shaft weight progression. Thank you! @ChipNRun - looking at that set now. Think it may be time to get her swing speed tested but I doubt it is above 80 - I have no doubt that she can get it above 80 eventually.
  2. Hey all - First of all, I am new to the DiY club making conversation so please forgive me if this is a no-brainer to those vets here. Here is the situation - my wife is picking up the game and has a set of very old clubs that we want to upgrade. Problem is she is about 4'11" and finding "petite" clubs has proven to be difficult especially finding one with the right setup in a quality brand. So would it harm the clubs playability at all if I invest in a good brand and in the setup we want and cut 1" - 1.5" inches off the top of the shafts then regrip them? If I am goin
  3. Well.. I am going to try and get out to Bay View tomorrow early afternoon and will update this thread with my opinion.
  4. Surprised Baylands hasn't made the list for anyone here. Unless I missed it. Baylands in Palo Alto is about 30 minute North of SJ but worth it and they've had plenty of carts. If you miss out and don't get an electric cart, you can get a rental push cart. The course is EASY to walk and a lot of fun since the remodel. Maybe I'm biased as it is my home course. It can be tough to get a morning tee-time though. Plan ahead. If you're stuck in SJ/South Bay then everything everyone said above is accurate. One thing to note with Coyote Creek Valley - it is a fun and good track, but mostly
  5. Bay Area Golfers - I never played Summitpointe in MIlpitas and really never heard anything good about the track. Now that it has been "renovated" and "rebranded" as Bay View Golf Club, I am hearing and reading some pretty decent things. Shorter course by todays standards but greens are supposed to be outstanding. It still seems to be one of the few places you can get a same day tee-time these days. Just curious on this groups thoughts on the course. Has anyone played the NEW Bay View? Thoughts?
  6. My last round as a member was when they were breaking ground for those houses at the end of the range...I've hooked a few in that area for sure!
  7. That's what I was basically dealing with at Stonebrae coming from Redwood City. Love the course though. When I left they were just talking about breaking ground on a new building just between the parking lot and the 18th green. Has anything happened to that space yet?
  8. Sorry I may be naïve - what good does a item number do us if we cant see it online? If they are in Cal - I am in Costco almost daily stocking up on water for the COVID19 outbreak....be prepared!
  9. Guess we just need to work on our games and make the tour for cool TP stuffs.
  10. Santa Clara is where I passed my Players Ability Test many moons ago. Are we getting a TopGolf in the SF Bay Area????
  11. Yah I saw that last night after i posted this. Bummer for all the folks who bought homes in Diablo Grande for the golf courses.
  12. I think Diablo Grande is now officially closed - since October 2019 no more Ranch course. So they are down to zero holes.
  13. Stevinson Ranch in Stevinson, CA. Growing up in the Central Valley this was the absolute mecca for us. Even when I moved out to Bay Area the 2 hour drive was well worth it. RIP Stevinson Ranch a victim of the recent California drought. As was Diablo Grande's Legend Course. Good course brought to an early grave. RIP (they should've put a fork in the Ranch course and kept the Legends IMO).
  14. Hear, hear for Freewheel! Get a carne asada regular burrito next door at Los Gallos and a pint of Freewheel English IPA or Mind the Gap. Good post-round treat. Sometimes if you are lucky the grocery store Delucchi's in the same parking lot has bottles of Freewheel beer - enjoy.
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