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  1. PXG & Cobra for me, they're just too loud & brash. They're far from the only loud & brash brands but for no good reason that I could give, they're the brands that bother me Ping is also a bit of a strange one for me, I've never taken to the look of their irons but really rate the woods & wedges.. yet I've never owned a Ping club
  2. Fingers crossed for you guys, hopefully your events go ahead!! Some amateur events over here scheduled for April have already been cancelled or postponed, the Brabazon is due to be played in May, expecting an announcement on that soon
  3. I was always searching for the next best technique, practicing on the assumption that there were secrets to striking it, hitting spinnier chips etc etc. The amount of videos I've watched on youtube is ridiculous (James Ridyard has a 40 minute + presentation which is an interesting watch, if a little bit slow) In the end the biggest leap forward in my short game was simplifying it. One ball position, two ways of releasing the club to hit it 'normally' or 'higher'. The 'higher' technique being pretty much the same as my bunker technique with less speed. @MtlJayMan spec
  4. A few quick thoughts without going in to technical ideas 1 - lower is usually better (not always) 2 - don't try to spin the ball 3 - develop a consistent strike
  5. This years season is somewhat up in the air in the UK We're still in lockdown albeit with dates in mind for various relaxations of restrictions depending on how well we manage the virus My only notable events will probably be limited to the Brabazon Trophy (18 hole qualifier & 72 hole tournament) and the English Amateur (36 holes stroke play, top 62 go through to matchplay) Wouldn't be surprised to see cancellations or postponements this year
  6. 'There are no straight lines in nature' seems like a bit of a lazy cliche to me - zero out your club path & face angles and the ball will go straight. I think shaping the ball all comes down to personal preference. Your shot pattern with any shape of shot will have a left miss & right miss. I tend to fall in the camp of its not necessary to shape it both ways but don't take any issue with those that like to move the ball both ways. At the end of the day the shape of shot you hit isn't that relevant, as long as its the shape that produces the tig
  7. 1 - 718 cbs (Serious regret selling them) 2 - 710cb 3 - 919 Tours
  8. The fix for problem 1 is to leave golfwrx.... this place is a terrible influence
  9. This thread has become very heated for a question that has a rather simple answer Most players have a tendancy to deliver a bit lower dynamic loft when hitting a draw/hook so the ball will have a bit less spin / go a bit further / roll a bit more compared to a fade. This isn't the case for everyone but a good rule of thumb. For the avoidance of doubt, whether your hitting a draw / fade you will still have a long left & short right miss within your normal shot pattern
  10. As a general rule of thumb, unless the greens are fairly big, I'll aim towards the middle of the green. I use Decade so its more precise than that, but i won't give away Scott's ideas as its how he earns a living
  11. Yeah he is good, comes across really well on podcasts & social media. He's just started his own podcast with Jon Sherman called 'The Sweet Spot' that I recommend as well (I've deep dived in to podcasts during our current lockdown in the UK). I've ordered his book, The Practice Manual, which is well thought of so looking forward to having a read of that!
  12. I probably grip down an inch for chips & pitches but no more really. I want to feel like there's enough room to turn the body & release the club through the ball, I lose this feel completely gripping down the club
  13. I think you've understood it correctly. Our brains stop learning after performing the same task a few times in a row, so it needs to be changed up. In practice it's probably enough just to change the target & club every couple of balls, as long as the focus & intent is there.
  14. Theres a really good podcast hosted by Scott Fawcett, Lou Stagner & Mark Crossfield featuring Adam Young that goes in to this sort of stuff and how it applies to golf Crossfield probably isn't everyone's cup of tea but Adam Young is a really interesting guy & it may help clarify some of the questions in here about the OP's video
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