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  1. Up until recently I had an all Titleist bag but have made a couple of changes JPX 919 tours have replaced my 718 CBs. I kind of regret it, the 718s were great and I prefer their smaller more compact look at address. Its very possible that I cave in and get fit for new irons in the new year! A Taylormade Sim has replaced my old 910 driver, I did try TS series but they weren't for me. I've always felt a loyalty to Titleist after their rep helped me out with some clubs when I was just a kid working in a pro shop, it wasn't something he had to do and it mean
  2. Haha I've just re read it and I sounded so flippant apologies!! What i mean is, we get so caught up in swing theory and technique that we often forget strike is the most important thing!
  3. You don't hit the ball well enough, improve your strike
  4. I've started trying to do some of this guys stuff, he has loads of videos on more specific mobility issues and areas of weakness too. He does a great hip mobility video which is good for golf Only issue is its generic, we all have our own weaknesses and limited ranges of movements that we should work on.
  5. I made it four pages in before getting fed up of the whining & skipped to the last page to see what the bump was! Its a bit rubbish if you've got to get your buggy back by a certain time but if that's the rules then tough cookies
  6. How do people find the time to be nasty to others on an online golf forum? They're talking to strangers
  7. Have you had the lofts & lies checked?? Make sure they're actually at 50 & 54 as clubs aren't always perfect from the factory & will change over time through use. I'm going to have to edit this as I've just re read your post and seen you check your lofts and lies monthly - apologies, I've just come off of night shifts and have some brain fog going on!! Maybe its not a problem that needs solving, you can take one of your wedges out the bag as they're essentially the same club and it frees up a bit of room for something else?
  8. I've been trying to move away from just beating balls to a slightly more efficient way of practicing, especially around our on / off lock downs over here in the UK. I try to plan my range sessions or atleast make a note of what I want to acheive before I start and then try and break each session down in three stages 1 - technique work 2 - skill development 3 - competitive games Stage 1 is a focus on the basics, getting your set up / alignment correct and working on any swing drills / feelings you've got from your instructer Stage 2 is w
  9. Yeah definitely, I want to release the club a bit differently on different shots Lower shots / bump & runs - I go for a weaker grip for less wrist action through impact Higher or spinnier / bunker shots - a more neutral grip so I can release the club a bit more They're not dramatic changes for me, just enough of a change to give me a slightly different feeling in the hands of how I'm going to be able to release the club through impact
  10. What has their handicap got to do with the point you're making? Let's try not to shame or belittles people point of view based on handicaps. I can understand both points of view, mudballs are unpredictable and, quite frankly, is very bad luck but.... isn't that just golf in a nutshell? If we allow pick & place for mudballs as they represent bad luck or, as another way to quanitfy it, 'an unfair outcome given the quality of the shot' where do we draw the line? How much mud does there need to be for it to be declared a mudball? I feel much
  11. We're in another lockdown here in the UK and I happen to have Thursday to Sunday off work, every cloud has a silver lining! Watching the pros get absolutely drenched instead of me is just the icing on the cake!
  12. I'm over in the UK & find it almost comical how much distance I lose as it starts getting colder & I play a bit less Around half a club shorter in the short to mid irons and progressively a little bit shorter as you go through the bag
  13. It changes a lot for me - currently working on staying in posture more on the downswing so my current swing thought is 'bum back' during the downswing.
  14. Cheers, its unusual for Scottsdale not to offer custom orders. A bit off topic but have you ever had your Titleist gear fitted at their fitting centre in St Ives? Great experience if you haven't!
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