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  1. This whole thread reminds me of something Karl Morris said in a seminar to my golf club "on the first tee when you play with your friends you wish them luck / to play well, but woe betide if they actually do!"
  2. Seven iron going nine iron distances? Yeah loving it
  3. I think I'll just about manage it this year, this is the first time I've felt settled on the bag for a long time. The only club at risk having struggled with it a bit recently is the 3 wood. I've considered something a bit bigger, for more help, but I'm hoping a bit of swing work will sort this out Taylormade Sim 10.5 Titleist 910F 15 Titleist 910 Hybrid 19 Mizuno 919 Tours 4 - PW SM7 Vokeys 51 / 55 SM8 Vokey 60 Yes Callie putter
  4. He also has a putting book but as far as I'm aware he's not got anything out for the long game. Its a shame as I like his style too!
  5. Mizuno 919 Tours (current set) Callaway x tours (my first forged set) Titleist 710 CBs (The middle years)
  6. I'm just about managing to stay around +2 / +3 on similar practice time with a bit less playing time, you've just got to be clever with how you practice. Try and prioritise your weaknesses, my strokes gained weakness areas are driving & putting at the moment so most of my practice is focused there and I try to follow a structure of block practice followed by experimental practice then some sort of competitive game at the end. My swing practice may look something like 20 minutes block - focusing on getting the set up correct (using feed back i.e mirrors / alignment sticks) followed by slow swings working on technical feels 20 minutes experimental - shaping shots, high / low, hard / soft. Anything goes really, but really trying to exaggerate the feels whilst hitting shots. 20 minutes of competitive games - Ten balls between two narrow targets, 5 fades / draws in a row. There's loads you can do, try to record the results too. Personally I find it really hard not to get sucked in to constant block practice, especially when I dont perform well in the experimental / competitive parts. The hardest concept I still struggle with is that poor performance in practice can lead to improved performance on the course.
  7. Glad to see so many of you have had a great year! This year has been a write off for me. All the events I was going to enter have coincided with hospital appointments or sickness (fortunately nothing serious, but enough to be an inconvenience!) I won the club champs & scratch match play at my home course. The only amateur event I made it to I shot 78 (in horrendous conditions, 36 holes reduced to 18 as the course had flooded) and missed the cut by two to go through to the match play stages. Good luck to all who have a few more events coming up!
  8. I can vouch for this, anything that brings spin down is a nightmare for me.
  9. The daily mail isn't worth reading, it's not a paper we are proud of at all
  10. Must admit I'm really looking forward to the Morikawa / Hovland match, two of my favourites at the moment
  11. Do you guys get prize money (pro shop credit / vouchers) in America for winning club events We do in the UK... except at my club only the net winner of the club champs gets vouchers, the gross winner of the club champs doesn't get anything
  12. This is my frustration with it as well, the description of the experience is too vague to compare to a St Ives fitting. If you compare to the Mizuno experience for the same money your clubs get built on the same day in the tour truck (Obviously you have to pay for the clubs on top of the fitting fee)
  13. This is a new fitting centre over here in the UK, anyone can go there if you book, the fitting experience costs £500 ($700? Not sure what the exchange rate is right now) It's something I'd love to do one day but I wish the website gave a bit more away about what the difference is between here and one of the national fitting centres. From the website the only clear difference is the grass range. I'm sure there are differences but would love to know / it to be more obvious before spending all that money Link below for reference https://www.titleist.co.uk/golf-club-fitting/performance-centre
  14. Possibly the best advice you never took Jokes aside this is a good post Sometimes you just need to try different coaches to get a feel for them, see if you click with them and find out whether their coaching style works for you.
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