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  1. Have played with my new TSi3 for the last 2 days/rounds. Previously fit 2 weeks ago with titleist staff and other TSi influencers. Fit into 6x Ventus Black and TSi3. previously gamed all major brand drivers this year. This is a combination of them all. You can certainly make a case that mavrik SZ and SIM could be faster. Ping g410 could be more forgiving. But nothing combines it quite like this. Played my first 2 rounds with it and still haven't missed a fairway on a tight course. Trackman confirms the previous fit numbers at BS 186-187, spin 2200-2300 and have been a few places on our course
  2. TSi hybrids will be fit at the end of january. delivered in february. TS product is basically non-existent in china from a manufacturing standpoint so they decided to just move it up due to no new TS product available currently
  3. You would be correct in saying that 5mph doesn't equal 4 yards. But remember, I am comparing averages and not unicorn swings. I have plenty of unicorn ball flights with the mavrik SZ that launch at 14* and spin at 1900 but it is a pull or something that I cannot reproduce consistently with occasional fairway but also a spinny (3200) heel miss that is right and makes numbers pull back to avg 2300. This distorts the averages considerably with a small sample size of 20 swings per shaft(3 shafts-Tensei raw white TX, ventus black, GD IZ) plus current gamer setup of SZ with black ventus.
  4. I went straight to the 8* in A1 setting. Face is slightly open. New lofts are 8,9,10 as standard if I remember correctly
  5. We had every option on their shaft matrix. I don't know which will be the "off the shelf" option but if you get fit into it then you have your choice. Looks like in years past that it has been the 55 option. Another guy who was fit along side me was fit into the 65 raw blue
  6. Was fit yesterday along with some titleist staff members for the TSi3. Play a 7-10 yard fade typically. compared to my current gamer of mavrik SZ (9 turned down to 8*), ball speeds differences were 181 (SZ) to 186 (TSi3). Spin 2300 (SZ) and TSi3. Dispersion much tighter on TSi3. Gained approx 4 yards. Swing speed differences were 4 in favor of TSi3 but was on trackman so radar may have skewed based how it reads the different heads. Sound is pure and sets up perfect if you like slightly open to neutral. Fairway metals couldn't beat out my TM Ti SIM 3wood but very similar. New balls have u
  7. Keith plays with HZRDUS T1100 with front/toe hotmelt. He had the highest average swing speed on tour last year
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