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  1. Put some new (to me) wedges in the bag, a well struck persimmon is great no matter how cold it is! 1w, 3w, 5w: Macgregor Muirfield 3i-9i: Wilson Staff Tour Blade Fluid Feel Wedges: Vokey 50°, Miura 59° C Putter: Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec Ball: Pro v1
  2. Used rack score at the local big box store, first ever Miura and a pristine Vokey, somehow only $75 combined!
  3. Awesome thread, going to have to give it a read! My first hand-me-down clubs had Apex 3 so probably going to play them with the stock Apex 4, despite my love for the s300. Do you know off hand if the Personals have more similar specs to the Precisions or other early 80s Hogans? Haven’t had much success online and don’t have easy access to a loft/lie machine at the moment. Eyeballing it the Equalizer looks to be 48° comparing it to my Wilson Staff 9i and PW (46° and 50° roughly).
  4. As pretty as they are in the box, I think it would be a shame to not take them out to the course, at least a few times! Most likely not until next season though so have some time to admire them and reconsider.
  5. Saw these at the auction and couldn’t pass them up, to have them new in the box with all the original paperwork is unbelievable! May have to put some matching wrap grips on my Hogan woods, find a period correct sand wedge, and take these out to the course next season.
  6. Snuck out to play 9 holes with my vintage set, and I need to do this more often throughout the year instead of at the tail end of the season! One of my best rounds of the year, score and enjoyment wise. May be in need of a new bag since my ball pocket zipper broke, heard the Mackenzie bags are pretty nice... 1w, 3w, 5w: Macgregor Muirfield 3i-9i: Wilson Staff Tour Blade Fluid Feel Wedge: Vokey 58° Putter: Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec Ball: Pro v1
  7. Great shoes, and comfy despite being a smidge too big got me.
  8. Bought these over the weekend and played one round riding in the cart, decided I need to go a size down. Had them cleaned in the locker room after so I’d say they’re in great shape! Don’t have the box will ship them Asking $SOLD shipping included, absolutely willing to entertain reasonable offers!
  9. Hi all, recently put my original White Hot Rossie back in the bag and loving it, however I don’t have a headcover. On the Odyssey website the mallet covers don’t have a size option, but when I look on eBay they sometimes have the option of “Small, Standard, XXL” for mallets. I found one description of the small being 4” Wide x3.5” deep, which is perfect for my Rossie (4” x 2”). Does anyone have any info on these sizes, and is Odyssey just selling the standard size?
  10. A lot like the Nike Vapor Pro Combo shape too, may have to try these out when they eventually release!
  11. Hi @mbb14, you mention no tipping, is that 0" tipped or no additional tipping? I see Graphite Design recommends 0.5" tipping on a 3 wood, and have read that Taylormade tips 1" as standard on 3 woods, thanks!
  12. Hi all, first time dealing with rust so I apologize if this is a novice question. I did not immediately clean and dry my clubs yesterday and noticed some rust on my Mil-Spec for the first time this morning still in it’s damp headcover from the rain. I was able to rub some rust off but I am wondering if this will be a long term issue? I usually clean and dry my clubs after every round, don’t normally play in the rain, and will certainly pay more attention to wet headcovers for sure. I don’t see a restoration option on the Scotty Custom shop so is it worth sending somewhere else? Thanks for your help!
  13. Can confirm definitely a bit on the larger size, going to compare in the morning to my ADG1 and determine if I should go down a half size. Has anyone done an exchange with Nike? Or do you have to return and hope you can later purchase in the correct size?
  14. Grabbed a pair myself, still wear the original ADG in white most rounds alongside the cool grey XIs. Really want the black colorway for more color options but what harm will another pair of shoes do!
  15. Use a 20* Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3 iron and loving it, can hit consistently off the tee and the fairway if need be. It is perfect for when I can't stop duck hooking the woods and need something in play!
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