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  1. A lot like the Nike Vapor Pro Combo shape too, may have to try these out when they eventually release!
  2. Hi @mbb14, you mention no tipping, is that 0" tipped or no additional tipping? I see Graphite Design recommends 0.5" tipping on a 3 wood, and have read that Taylormade tips 1" as standard on 3 woods, thanks!
  3. Hi all, first time dealing with rust so I apologize if this is a novice question. I did not immediately clean and dry my clubs yesterday and noticed some rust on my Mil-Spec for the first time this morning still in it’s damp headcover from the rain. I was able to rub some rust off but I am wondering if this will be a long term issue? I usually clean and dry my clubs after every round, don’t normally play in the rain, and will certainly pay more attention to wet headcovers for sure. I don’t see a restoration option on the Scotty Custom shop so is it worth sending somewhere else? Thanks
  4. Can confirm definitely a bit on the larger size, going to compare in the morning to my ADG1 and determine if I should go down a half size. Has anyone done an exchange with Nike? Or do you have to return and hope you can later purchase in the correct size?
  5. Grabbed a pair myself, still wear the original ADG in white most rounds alongside the cool grey XIs. Really want the black colorway for more color options but what harm will another pair of shoes do!
  6. Use a 20* Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3 iron and loving it, can hit consistently off the tee and the fairway if need be. It is perfect for when I can't stop duck hooking the woods and need something in play!
  7. Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec i picked up from the Classifieds, best putter I’ve owned and seems to have staying power in the bag.
  8. Went to Golf Galaxy to get some more balls, ended up trying a 3 wood on the used rack since I’ve been struggling overdrawing/hooking my current 3 wood and driver. The numbers never lie! M5 Titanium with Tour AD DI 7X going into the bag for Sunday
  9. - Driver: Cobra F9 with Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 6S - 3 wood: Cobra F9 with Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 7s - 3 iron: Nike Vapor Pro Combo DG s300 - 4-PW: Nike Vapor Pro Combo DG Pro 120 s300 - Gap Wedge: Vokey SM6 50.08F s200 - Sand Wedge: Vokey SM6 54.14F s200 - Lob Wedge: Vokey SM6 58.08M s200 - Putter: Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec 340g 34”
  10. Did not get to watch Tiger in his prime, so it has to be the 2019 Masters victory!
  11. I was looking for a more compact set of irons a few years ago to replace my TaylorMade Speedblades and wanted 3-PW. I told myself that if I can’t hit the 3 iron, than I need a more forgiving set. I decided to order a Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3 iron with an s300 for cheap, and quickly realized during my first round playing it that I had to have the rest of the set. Absolutely money off the tee and I am confident enough to hit from the fairway and the rough. I play the rest of the set with the stock DG Pro s300s and like them, but just not the same as the 3 iron!
  12. Love my VPCs been playing them for almost 2 years now! Solid irons with some sharp looks, still not sure if I like the DG pro however. They always felt light and I never had an issue getting long irons in the air but now that my swing is improving I tend to balloon them, regardless love the irons!
  13. Thanks deejaid, lots of great input here! With the shafts decided it now becomes a debate between the Macgregor Muirfields and Titleist Tour Models... do you have any input on those two irons? If they are both mid-80s with True Temper Dynamic stiff shafts I figure they would play similarly.
  14. Hi all, I am looking to buy a cheap set of vintage blades to play with a set of Macgregor Muirfield woods that I recently fell in love with. I have seen sets with a Pro-Pel Action #2 Firm shaft and have read that it is comparable to a modern day stiff shaft. The woods have Dynamic stiff shafts and have s300 in my current irons, would it be better to go with irons with shafts I am familiar with? How would the Pro-Pel Action #2 compare to the Dynamic stiff or s300? Thanks!
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