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  1. Hi all, recently put my original White Hot Rossie back in the bag and loving it, however I don’t have a headcover. On the Odyssey website the mallet covers don’t have a size option, but when I look on eBay they sometimes have the option of “Small, Standard, XXL” for mallets. I found one description of the small being 4” Wide x3.5” deep, which is perfect for my Rossie (4” x 2”).


    Does anyone have any info on these sizes, and is Odyssey just selling the standard size?

  2. 13 hours ago, rxk9fan said:

    The weight placement seems to have a lot in common with the Srixon ZX7/ZX5 line I currently play.  If I am right, I will love these as well!  I have always been a bit of a Ping fanboy and I would really like for these get my bag back to Ping.  

    A lot like the Nike Vapor Pro Combo shape too, may have to try these out when they eventually release!

  3. Hi all, first time dealing with rust so I apologize if this is a novice question. I did not immediately clean and dry my clubs yesterday and noticed some rust on my Mil-Spec for the first time this morning still in it’s damp headcover from the rain. I was able to rub some rust off but I am wondering if this will be a long term issue? I usually clean and dry my clubs after every round, don’t normally play in the rain, and will certainly pay more attention to wet headcovers for sure.

    I don’t see a restoration option on the Scotty Custom shop so is it worth sending somewhere else? Thanks for your help!





  4. - Driver: Cobra F9 with Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 6S
    - 3 wood: Cobra F9 with Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 7s

    - 3 iron: Nike Vapor Pro Combo DG s300

    - 4-PW: Nike Vapor Pro Combo DG Pro 120 s300

    - Gap Wedge: Vokey SM6 50.08F s200

    - Sand Wedge: Vokey SM6 54.14F s200

    - Lob Wedge: Vokey SM6 58.08M s200

    - Putter: Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec 340g 34”43DC0300-8747-47B8-8512-0CD89747D20A.jpeg


  5. I was looking for a more compact set of irons a few years ago to replace my TaylorMade Speedblades and wanted 3-PW. I told myself that if I can’t hit the 3 iron, than I need a more forgiving set. I decided to order a Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3 iron with an s300 for cheap, and quickly realized during my first round playing it that I had to have the rest of the set. Absolutely money off the tee and I am confident enough to hit from the fairway and the rough. I play the rest of the set with the stock DG Pro s300s and like them, but just not the same as the 3 iron!

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  6. Love my VPCs been playing them for almost 2 years now! Solid irons with some sharp looks, still not sure if I like the DG pro however. They always felt light and I never had an issue getting long irons in the air but now that my swing is improving I tend to balloon them, regardless love the irons!

  7. Thanks deejaid, lots of great input here! With the shafts decided it now becomes a debate between the Macgregor Muirfields and Titleist Tour Models... do you have any input on those two irons? If they are both mid-80s with True Temper Dynamic stiff shafts I figure they would play similarly.

  8. Hi all, I am looking to buy a cheap set of vintage blades to play with a set of Macgregor Muirfield woods that I recently fell in love with. I have seen sets with a Pro-Pel Action #2 Firm shaft and have read that it is comparable to a modern day stiff shaft. The woods have Dynamic stiff shafts and have s300 in my current irons, would it be better to go with irons with shafts I am familiar with? How would the Pro-Pel Action #2 compare to the Dynamic stiff or s300?


  9. The below thread references the full cord grip at 62g, and lists a few other weights as well for comparison. Hope this helps!https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1196312/updated-scotty-cameron-grip-weight-list

  10. Just about ready to pull the trigger on a mat for the yard, just have two questions:

    For those with a Rawhide mat, is the B grade that much better quality than a C grade?How much does rain affect a mat? Do you cover it if you know it will downpour?Thanks!



    XA2ULSX37U3I.jpegOnly two purchases, new 54° C-C I got for a steal and some NOS MacGregor headcover a for my Muirfield woods. Love the satin of the C-C compared to my SM6 and may look into a 50° and 58° if I can find them in good shape. Might look into a mat so I stop tearing up the yard!

  12. Do you plan on bending them to match the lofts of your current '99s? I am going to try the new Icon's regardless but have debated switching to a more traditional lofts to allow myself to keep a 3 iron and add a 5 wood. How do you think bending them week will affect the v-sole?

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