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  1. On first glance I like the look of the original better, but will reserve judgment until I can try them on
  2. have wanted a stylish black shoe, and just walked another 9 holes in my XIs... one can dream
  3. Would taking some acetone to it do the trick of removing the paint fill so it all looks similar?
  4. Looking at a set of tour models for my first set of old school blades. They appear to be from ‘85 without the diamonds surrounding the face. My question is regarding the grooves, the 2, 6, 8, and PW in the listing look to have dirt in them, but the seller confirmed that he cleaned them again and saw no change. He also suggested that the grooves had paint in them that chipped off the rest of the irons... what do you guys think? Did grooves have black paint in them back in the day?
  5. Will they continue to have the V sole? That is the main reasons I was hesitant to try the Ft Worth’s. Would also love to see some old school lofts on these!
  6. I hadn’t caught up on the reservation news, so didn’t check NDC until a friend texted me about it. Turns out I got one but when I checked all that’s left is Men’s 6.5 and smaller, oh well not that upset because I’m not sure if I would wear them on the course.
  7. Played a classic set today, first set of hand me down irons and some woods that I fell in love with today! Got me thinking about getting a set of classic irons more suited to my eye, the Radials just have too much offset. MacGregor Nicklaus Muirfield 1, 3, 5 woodsHogan Radial 3-9 ironsVokey 58Wilson Sam Snead putter
  8. So these older shafts should be similar, just slightly wider weight tolerances?
  9. Hi all, looking into grabbing a set of classic blades to mess around with, specifically some Titleist tour models. I have the DG s300 and DG Pro s300 in my 3 iron and 4-PW respectively in my current irons, how different would the old shafts be from current offerings? Thanks!
  10. I really wish the T22 came in silver, because that Newport is STUNNING!
  11. Wore my cool grey XIs to walk 18 today and couldn’t be happier, comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn! Now may have to look at the other color ways...
  12. As a former baseball player, I get quite superstitious about what I keep in my pockets on the course: front right: ball mark repair tool, long and short tee, pencil, and ball marker back left: glove when off back right: yardage book/scorecard
  13. Could you post some pictures of the den caddy and headcover when they arrive? Just got an old Nike den caddy last year but this one is really starting to grow on me...
  14. I actually quite like the look, except for the Scotty Cameron on the front could be a smaller and smoother font. I actually like the Milled in the USA and the three button looking dots on the back. He made an effort to make it closer to what everyone wants, but it will never be exactly what we want since he can charge thousands for that.
  15. Weren't there issues with the red outsole of the Bred’s being damaged easily? Did anyone that has them experience that?
  16. Paid with credit card linked to Nike account, figured it’d only take a day or two, thanks!
  17. Had to return a pair of shoes to Nike (got a duplicate), and I just got my return confirmation email. How soon should I expect the debit on my credit card?
  18. 10 years ago I was not playing golf, but 5 years ago this is what the bag of hand me down clubs looked like: Hogan Driver, 3 wood and 5 wood with Apex 3 shaftsHogan Radial 3-E with Apex 3 shaftsVokey 58.08 with DG s200Wilson Sam Snead putter
  19. My friend and I were able to both get a pair as first timers on NDC, it very well could be a seniority thing so I’ll consider us likely this time. Not sure what I’m going to do with an extra pair that isn’t my size...
  20. It says on Nike dot com that I got them but have not gotten a confirmation email, is there usually a delay?
  21. When buying on Stock X, do the sellers have to show they already have the shoes before listing? If not what happens if they don’t get them on the drop and aren’t able to deliver? Thinking about grabbing a pair to avoid the mess on NDC
  22. > @Lesmond said: > Has anyone done a sole swap conversion through Govrn? Am thinking about doing one with some Jordan 4s
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